The Science of Attraction: Flirting, Sex, and How to Engineer Chemistry and Love

The Science of Attraction: Flirting, Sex, and How to Engineer Chemistry and Love Author Patrick King
ISBN-10 1543149278
ISBN-13 9781543149272
Year 2017-02-16
Pages 204
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Subconscious and psychologically proven methods to attract the opposite sex spark chemistry and create feelings of affection and love There is a definitive science to attraction and it turns out weve been doing it wrong or doing it right for all the wrong reasons This book is your textbook and field manual for 1 how to flirt better 2 have better sex and 3 plant the seeds of romantic love in whomever you want Understand the instinctual triggers of attraction The Science of Attraction is an in depth look at human attraction and what draws people together It dives into peer reviewed research combined with the insightful and straightforward observations of a renowned dating coach Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and acclaimed speaker and coach Together this book is the ultimate guide to inform diagnose and recommend highly actionable steps to take your dating life to the next level Be prepared to charm every type of personality Too often we rely on our own experiences with a sample size of one or advice from friends that are perpetually single Theres a better way looking at the research and evidence about what we really want not what we think we want Youll learn why we like who we like and what to do about it How will you learn to scientifically attract the opposite sex The three types of touching you should strategically use How four evolutionary types of attraction are still highly relevant What the chase is and how to win at it What your flirting style is and how to take advantage of it Find the shortcut to powerful chemistry Whether you should date someone similar or complementary to yourself How a focus on chemistry and love might be hurting you How to know exactly what you want in a partner The origins of kinky sex and how to have better sex Become irresistible to the opposite sex without them understanding why they are so drawn to you Thats the promise of The Science of Attraction because its an inevitable side effect of a deeper understanding of human beings as animals Its an introduction to how people think and what drives them which makes this equally applicable to married and single people This is how you transform your dating life and find satisfaction with yourself Start planting the seeds of love now and scroll to the top of this page and click the BUY NOW BUTTON

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