You Found Me

Author: Keith M. Robinson
Publisher: Gospel Light Publications
ISBN: 0830770364
Size: 40.23 MB
Format: PDF
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By the time Keith was 17 years old, his rap sheet included DUI, possession of narcotics and intent to distribute (that’s drug dealing). He was emaciated from drug use, dirty and rumpled, and under house arrest awaiting trial. That’s when a stranger paid him a visit, sitting down in his filthy room to touch his gaunt shoulder and pray. Maybe you are facing circumstances even worse than Keith’s. Maybe you’ve made choices that have hurt you and the people around you. Maybe your family has failed or damaged you, leaving scars you’re sure will never heal. Or maybe you just can’t bring yourself to care anymore, because you’ve forgotten how to dream big. How ever lost you are, you have not been abandoned—a relentless God is pursuing you. You Found Me is Keith’s story of a tragic life redeemed, but it’s more than that: It’s the story of anyone willing to be found.

Surprised By Grace

Author: Tullian Tchividjian
Publisher: Crossway Books
ISBN: 9781433507755
Size: 37.98 MB
Format: PDF
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"In this outstanding book Tullian Tchividjian helps us see that there is something of Jonah in all of us, and that we stand in need of the same grace of God every day. I was both convicted and encouraged by this book, and highly recommend it to every Christian." Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness "Tullian's masterful retelling of this familiar story will fill you with awe and wonder at God's startling grace and his tender heart toward us, his lost and rebellious children." Sally Lloyd-Jones, author, The Jesus Story-Book Bible "A much-needed reminder that we should never get over the gospel, or try to move beyond it." Randy Alcorn, author, Heaven and If God Is Good "Tullian's heart to see rebels-as well as cold-hearted Pharisees-transformed by the gospel of grace shines through on every page." Joshua Harris, Pastor, Covenant Life Church, Gaitherburg, Mary-land; author, Dug Down Deep "A crash course on the outrageous mathematics of God's mercy and grace. The same God who pursues violent pagan kings also pursues his smug, self-righteous sons and daughters." Scotty Smith, Pastor for Preaching, Teaching, and Worship, Christ Community Church, Franklin, Tennessee "If you need to remember that God is greater than your sin, that his purpose to bless isn't really dependent upon your goodness, and that he will accomplish all his purposes no matter what, this Christ-exalting book will serve you well." Elyse Fitzpatrick, author, Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life Many of us think we know God's heart better than we do. We think we have a good handle on what should and should not be acceptable to God. But God has never conformed to our faulty assumptions about his character. Indeed, his compassion and pardon are utterly shocking in their lavish abundance---a lesson learned the hard way by one man who kept resisting God's grace in whatever way he could. The man's name isn't new. It's Jonah, the famous Old Testament prophet. We find his story compelling because all of us hesitate to follow God from time to time. Jonah's story has been our own. However, Tullian Tehividjian shows that the emphasis of our story is not on our disobedience, but on God's persistent grace. This powerful journey through unforgetable events and imagery reveals how God relentlessly pursues rebels, a category that ultimately includes everyone. though he has every right and plenty of reasons to give up on us all. Encounter the story of Jonah in a gripping presentation that will open your eyes wider than ever to God's relentless, purposeful, and inexhaustible grace.

Relentless Pursuit

Author: Ken Gire
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 0764208837
Size: 13.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Popular author uses stories from the Bible and his own life to teach about God's love for those who feel like outsiders"--Provided by publisher.


Author: Jud Wilhite
Publisher: FaithWords
ISBN: 1455547263
Size: 45.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Christian faith isn't blind obedience to a set of rules and regulations; it is entering into a relationship with a God who pursues us-not to punish, but to love. As the leader of Central Christian Church in the self-proclaimed "Sin City, U.S.A.," Jud Wilhite has seen it all, and he knows that no matter how far someone has strayed from God, God always remains in passionate pursuit. Using the biblical prophet Hosea's marriage, commanded by God, to an unfaithful prostitute as a metaphor for God's unwavering love, PURSUED compellingly illustrates God's plan for every person-to be freed to become his or her own unique self through intimate togetherness with the living, loving God.


Author: John Bevere
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
ISBN: 0307457761
Size: 48.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Using examples from the Bible and Scriptural quotations, the author discusses the need for perservance and vigilance in the face of unexpected obstacles and challenges.

Do I Know God

Author: Tullian Tchividjian
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 030756181X
Size: 19.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6376
As the grandson of Billy and Ruth Bell Graham, Tullian Tchividjian grew up hearing the Christian faith preached to millions. Yet he struggled to come to faith personally. His first book, Do I Know God? captures the sincerity and intensity of his own spiritual quest, and shows the way for a new generation of seekers. Combining careful thinking, warm personal story, and an exceptional grounding in biblical truths, Tullian delivers trustworthy answers to the questions you’ve been asking: ·Is it really possible to know God? ·Is being “spiritual” or “religious” the same thing as having a relationship with God? ·What is the relationship between saving faith and good works? ·How does believing God’s promises assure me of salvation? ·How do my feelings for God affect my relationship with him? ·How can I trust that God is present when I feel only his absence? ·Can a relationship with God assure me of a future with him in eternity? Do I Know God? was written with a wide range of readers in mind: those outside the Christian faith, newer Christ followers who feel confused about their relationship with God, and long-time Christians who have never gotten clarity on key questions like eternal security and assurance of salvation, faith and works. Tullian shows readers how to discover a genuine, vibrant and enduring relationship with God. And it all begins with the vital question: Do I Know God? From the Hardcover edition.

The Sacred Journey

Author: Brian Simmons
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC
ISBN: 1424550815
Size: 79.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4697
To some, the Song of Songs is a simple love story of a man and a maiden. But for those with enlightened hearts, it becomes the key that unlocks the treasure chest of God’s divine love. No other portion of Scripture has such power to reveal the journey of those longing to know Jesus like the Song of Songs, Solomon’s great prophetic epic that Jesus himself sings over you. The Holy Spirit has hidden within the Song of Songs an amazing journey. Unlock this mystery as you read The Sacred Journey, a verse-by-verse commentary on the Song of Songs that will lead every hungry soul to discover God’s fiery heart of love.

A Love Story How God Pursued Me And Found Me

Author: Samantha Ryan Chandler
Publisher: CrossBooks Publishing
ISBN: 9781615077588
Size: 73.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7054
Those who grow up with the knowledge of God's love know that He is there to guide them in their life. Even in bad times, they know that God will help them see things through and come out better when the trials have ended. But what about those who have not been raised with God in their lives? Samantha Ryan Chandler knows about living without God. Or at least she thought. In A Love Story: How God Pursued Me and Found Me, she tells her story of love, hatred, abuse, forgiveness, betrayal, greed, enlightenment, and fear. Born to a pagan mother and a former altar boy living in a land of denial, she recounts how God was involved in her life even before she knew who He was. She shares the story of her trip to the Holy Land and how her prayers at the Wailing Wall were interrupted because of a hamburger. Yes, despite her tribulations, her life has had its funny moments as well. You'll find inspiration in A Love Story: How God Pursued Me and Found Me and like Chandler, you, too, may find themselves pursued by God.

God S Pursuit Of Man

Author: A. W. Tozer
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 1600669115
Size: 70.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3043
Salvation is from our side a choice, from the divine side […] a conquest of the Most High God. – A. W. Tozer With words like these, Tozer shakes the soul. He crumbles the lies we believe and calls us to the more sure way. In these pages, Tozer says what it means to truly be saved. It is not merely to assent to Jesus and go on our same old way, but to be conquered by the Almighty God and invaded by His Spirit. A saved person is a transformed person. Let Tozer upend you in this moving prequel to The Pursuit of God. And being upended, may you be found standing upright in an upside-down world.

God S Patient Pursuit Of My Soul

Author: Chris Manion
Publisher: Redemption Press
ISBN: 1683140680
Size: 37.70 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3964
What happens when a powerhouse businesswoman meets God? When high achiever, direct-selling superstar, Chris Manion, encountered the idea that Jesus could be her best friend, she was stunned. This set the inspirational natural leader and award winner on a winding path of spiritual discovery that changed her life. “Do you dare enter the pages of peace and holy intimacy? Join the journey that can lead you closer to the still, small voice that hovers near your bandaged places, looking for where the light can get in.” Beyond a business memoir, this is a vulnerable, compelling story of one woman’s response to God when He started talking to her, and the difference this made in her personal life, her career, and business. A gorgeous memoir of literary sophistication. This lyrical, intelligent, self-effacing writer just blew the roof off my house! I could not put it down. I believe it will change lives.” Suzanne Kingsbury, editor, author of award-winning The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me, and The Gospel According to Gracey.