Variable Income Equivalence Scales

Author: Carsten Schröder
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1.1 A Brief Overview An extensive body of empirical and theoretical literature deals with the mea surement of social welfare. This body can be decomposed in several different but related topics, all of which have implications for empirical studies in wel fare economics. One of these topics are household equivalence scales which help to compare welfare levels across households that differ in composition. An equivalence scale relates the income of any arbitrary household type to the income ofa referencehouseholdsuch that both households are equally well-off. Differences in household needs arise from differences in the households' de mographic composition which is, for instance, given by the number, age, and sex of the household members. The increase of household needs is not neces sarily proportional to the increase in the number of household members. Such a non-proportionality, for example, results from differences in the needs of adults and children, economies ofscale arising from the division of fixed costs among the household members, welfare gains from household production, and from common consumption ofcommodities bearing a within-household public good component.

Amartya Sen S Capability Approach

Author: Wiebke Kuklys
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Kuklys examines how Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen’s approach to welfare measurement can be put in practice for poverty and inequality measurement in affluent societies such as the UK. Sen argues that an individual’s welfare should not be measured in terms of her income, but in terms what she can actually do or be, her capabilities. In Chapters 1 and 2, Kuklys describes the capability approach from a standard welfare economic point of view and provides a comprehensive literature review of the empirical applications in this area of research. In the remaining chapters, novel econometric techniques are employed to operationalise the concepts of functionings and capability to investigate inequality and poverty in terms of capability in the UK. Kuklys finds that capability measurement is always a useful complement to traditional monetary analysis, and particularly so in the case of capability-deprived disabled individuals.

Contributions To Modern Econometrics

Author: Ingo Klein
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The field of econometrics has gone through remarkable changes during the last thirty-five years. Widening its earlier focus on testing macroeconomic theories, it has become a rather comprehensive discipline concemed with the development of statistical methods and their application to the whole spectrum of economic data. This development becomes apparent when looking at the biography of an econometrician whose illustrious research and teaching career started about thirty-five years ago and who will retire very soon after his 65th birthday. This is Gerd Hansen, professor of econometrics at the Christian Albrechts University at Kiel and to whom this volume with contributions from colleagues and students has been dedicated. He has shaped the econometric landscape in and beyond Germany throughout these thirty-five years. At the end of the 1960s he developed one of the first econometric models for the German econ omy which adhered c10sely to the traditions put forth by the Cowles commission.

Handbook Of Income Inequality Measurement

Author: Jacques Silber
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792385745
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Amartya Sen "Equality," I spoke the word As if a wedding vow Ah, but I was so much older then, I am younger than that now. Thus sang Bob Dylan in 1964. Approbation of equality varies not only with our age (though it is not absolutely clear in which direction the values may shift over one's life time), but also with the spirit of the times. The 1960s were good years for singing in praise of equality. The spirit of the present times would probably be better reflected by melodies in admiration of the Federal Reserve System. And yet the technical literature on the evaluation and measurement of economic inequality has grown remarkably over the last three decades. Even as actual economic policies (especially in North America and Europe) have tended to move towards focusing on virtues other than the avoidance of economic inequality, the professional literature on assessing and gauging economic inequality has taken quite a jump forward. A great many different problems have been addressed and effectively sorted out, and new problems continue to be posed and analyzed. The Contents: A Review Jacques Silber has done a great service to the subject by producing this collection of admirablyhelpful and illuminating papers on different aspects of the measurement of income inequality. The reach of this collection is quite remarkable. Along with a thorough overview from the editor himself, the major areas in this complex field have been carefully examined and accessibly discussed.

Inequality Mobility And Segregation

Author: John A. Bishop
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1781901708
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This volume honors the lifetime and continuing contributions of Professor Jacques Silber. The book contains 15 papers, which were presented at the Fourth Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality, Catania, Sicily, July 2011. Theoretical topics covered in Volume 20 include measuring segregation, welfare and liberty, the use of influence functions in distributional analysis, and the axiomatic approach to multidimensional inequality. Empirical studies include occupational and residential segregation, regional convergence, impact of variable of equivalence scales on income inequality, earnings and educational inequality and mobility, poverty transitions, and welfare reform. These empirical studies examine a variety of countries and cultures: Afro-Latinos, Italian immigrants, and Indian states as well as the European Union and the United States.

Varieties Of Economic Inequality

Author: Sebastiano Fadda
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317402146
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Recently, the issue of inequality has regained attention in economic and political debates. Although this interest is welcome, the debate is still mostly focused on income or wealth distribution, which is an important aspect but does not present a complete view of inequality. Most of the theoretical and empirical studies produced by economists concern personal income distribution or factor income distribution. This is more evident in the studies of the evolution and characteristics of contemporary capitalism and globalization. Varieties of Economic Inequality considers both theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence of aspects such as income, gender, race, technology, power, region, education and class. Ultimately, this text rejects the idea of supposed long run constant factor shares, the positive effects of inequality and the greater importance of absolute level of income compared to its unequal distribution, and instead reveals the structural inequalities that exist within societies. This book advocates a move away from the focusing on inequality at the level of the individual and suggests policy for eradicating these various forms of inequality. It is suitable for those who study political economy, social inequality as well as economic theory and philosophy.

When Marriage Ends

Author: Hans-Jürgen Andreß
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1848447205
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When Marriage Ends offers a comprehensive and insightful contribution to the study of economic effects of divorce and it also contributes to the comparative study of family policies and family law regimes in Europe. The book can be recommended not only to students and researchers interested in family studies but also to legal and public policy practitioners. Jana Chaloupková, Central European Journal of Public Policy This is a double-faced book, which should be read by everybody who is concerned about the societal effects of divorce. It shows that divorce has negative economic and social consequences, not only in the Anglo-Saxon countries, but also in the most generous welfare states of Europe, where divorce is widely accepted. Moreover, these effects are more negative for women than for men, even in the most gender-equalitarian welfare state. But it also shows that social policies can mitigate these negative consequences. Jaap Dronkers, European University Institute, Italy In recent decades the probability of divorce and separation among married and cohabiting couples has increased significantly in most European countries. Focusing on both economic and social aspects, this comprehensive volume explores the consequences of partnership dissolution at the individual level. The contributors use personal characteristics, properties of the partnerships and the institutional context to explain coping behaviours. The book comprises reports on eight countries, which have tentatively been classified as: the male breadwinner (Belgium and Germany), the dual earner (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), the market (Great Britain) and the family model (Spain and Greece). It also contains four cross-national comparative studies addressing the wider impacts of divorce, including labour force participation, residential mobility and housing, household income, and poverty and lifestyle deprivation. Complemented by the editors authoritative introduction, this timely study will prove invaluable to graduate students and researchers interested in the economics and sociology of the family. Legal and public policy practitioners will also find the book an insightful addition to the current literature.

The New Palgrave Dictionary Of Economics

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The award-winning The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition is now available as a dynamic online resource. Consisting of over 1,900 articles written by leading figures in the field including Nobel prize winners, this is the definitive scholarly reference work for a new generation of economists. Regularly updated! This product is a subscription based product.