Unsaturated Soil Concepts And Their Application In Geotechnical Practice

Author: David G. Toll
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401597758
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model. They conclude that the models using three fitting parameters provide the best fit over a wide range of suctions. Models for soil-water characteristic curves are only useful if we have experimental data on which to base them. Agus, Leong and Rahardjo (Singapore) present a large number of experimental soil-water characteristic curves determined for two types of residual soil from Sigapore. They present data for eight different sites. This data set allows them to relate the parameters of the soil-water characteristic curves to index properties. They conclude that the relationships derived are suitable to pro vide a quick preliminary estimate of a soil-water characteristic curve. The importance of soil-water characteristic curves is emphasized by another con tribution dealing with this topic. Aung, Rahardjo, Leong and Toll (Singapore) inves tigate the relationship between mercury intrusion porosimetry measurements and soil-water characteristic curves. The porosimetry measurements are presented as soil-air characteristic curves. The slopes of the soil-air characteristic curves are found to be similar to the slopes of the soil-water characteristic curves. The equiv alent pore diameters calculated from the mercury entry value and the air entry value appear to be related. Therefore, it is suggested that porosimetry data can be used to construct an estimate of the soil-water characteristic curve.

Unsaturated Soils Advances In Geo Engineering

Author: D.G. Toll
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780203884430
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Unsaturated Soils: Advances in Geo-Engineering comprises 136 contributions from leading international researchers and practitioners, presented at the First European Conference on Unsaturated Soils (Durham, UK, 2-4 July 2008). The papers report on the latest advances in geo-engineering aspects of unsaturated soils. It is the first collection to focus on research developments within Europe, where a resurgence of interest in unsaturated soil behaviour has lead to major advances. The volume is divided into five sections: - Advances in testing techniques, - Engineering behaviour, -Constitutive modelling, - Numerical modelling, -Case histories. The areas of application include slope stability, foundations, dams, contaminated land, landfill and nuclear waste repositories. The section on advances in testing techniques includes recent developments in high capacity tensiometers, spatial Time Domain Reflectometry and Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy. The section on engineering behaviour includes the latest findings concerning factors affecting the water retention surface; volume change of soils during wetting and drying; peak, ultimate and residual strength of soils; small strain modulii and shear wave responses. The sections on Constitutive and Numerical modelling address major developments in coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical elasto-plastic models. Unsaturated Soils: Advances in Geo-Engineering contains 90 papers from 15 countries within Europe with a further 46 contributions from 15 other countries, and is a comprehensive collection that will be essential referencematerial for geo-engineers around the world.

Handbook Of Tropical Residual Soils Engineering

Author: Bujang B.K. Huat
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203098323
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Residual soils are found in many parts of the world. Like other soils, they are used extensively in construction, either to build upon, or as construction material. They are formed when the rate of rock weathering is more rapid than transportation of the weathered particles by e.g., water, gravity and wind, which results in a large share of the soils formed remaining in place. The soils typically retain many of the characteristics of the parent rock. In a tropical region, residual soil layers can be very thick, sometimes extending to hundreds of meters before reaching un-weathered rock. Unlike the more familiar transported sediment soil, the engineering properties and behaviour of tropical residual soils may vary widely from place to place depending upon the rock of origin and the local climate during their formation; and hence are more difficult to predict and model mathematically. Despite their abundance and significance our knowledge and understanding of these soils is not as extensive as that of transported sediment soil. Written by residual soil specialists from various parts of the world, this unique handbook presents data, knowledge and expertise on the subject. It provides insight into the engineering behaviour of tropical residual soils, which will be applicable to small or extensive construction works worldwide on such soils. This book covers almost all aspects of residual soils, from genesis, classification, formation, sampling and testing to behaviour of weakly bonded and unsaturated soil, volume change and shear strength. It features chapters on applications in slopes and foundation, as well as dedicated parts on residual soils in India, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. A large number of graphs, tables, maps and references throughout the text provide further detail and insight. This volume is intended as a reference guide for practitioners, researchers and advanced students in civil, construction and geological engineering. Unique in its coverage of the subject, it may serve as a standard that benefits every engineer involved in geological, foundation and construction work in tropical residual soils.

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics In Engineering Practice

Author: Delwyn G. Fredlund
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118133595
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"Here is the definitive guide to unsaturated soil by the world's expert in the area of unsaturated soil mechanics. This volume features the latest information and replaces the leading text in the field, also written by this author team. The text offers state-of-the-art information to deal with the practical engineering problems resulting from unsaturated soil. Greater emphasis has been placed on the using the soil-water characteristic curve in solving practical engineering problems, as well as the quantification of thermal and moisture boundary conditions based on weather data"--

Proceedings Of Geoshanghai 2018 International Conference Multi Physics Processes In Soil Mechanics And Advances In Geotechnical Testing

Author: Liangbo Hu
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 981130095X
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This book is the second volume of the proceedings of the 4th GeoShanghai International Conference that was held on May 27 - 30, 2018. This conference showcased the recent advances and technology in geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering and transportation engineering. This volume, entitled “Multi-physics Processes in Soil Mechanics and Advances in Geotechnical Testing”, covers a wide range of topics in soil mechanics, focusing on the behaviours of partially saturated soils, combined effects of multi-physics processes in geological materials and systems, and emerging methods and techniques in geotechnical in-situ testing and monitoring. This book may benefit researchers and scientists from the academic fields of soil and rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, transportation engineering, geology, mining and energy, as well as practical engineers from the industry. Each of the papers included in this book received at least two positive peer reviews. The editors would like to express their sincerest appreciation to all of the anonymous reviewers all over the world, for their diligent work.

Geotechnical Engineering

Author: Jean-Louis Briaud
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118415744
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Written by a leader on the subject, Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering is first introductory geotechnical engineering textbook to cover both saturated and unsaturated soil mechanics. Destined to become the next leading text in the field, this book presents a new approach to teaching the subject, based on fundamentals of unsaturated soils, and extending the description of applications of soil mechanics to a wide variety of topics. This groundbreaking work features a number of topics typically left out of undergraduate geotechnical courses.

Soil Mechanics For Unsaturated Soils

Author: D. G. Fredlund
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471850083
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Phase Properties and Relations - Stress State Variables - Measurements of Soil Suction - Flow Laws -Measurement of Permeability - Steady-State Flow - Pore Pressure Parameters - Shear Strength Theory - Measurement of Shear Strength Parameters - Plastic and Limit Equilibrium - Volume Change Theory Measurements of Volume Change Indices - Volume Change Predictions - One-Dimensional Consolidation and Swelling - Two- and Three-Dimensional Unsteady-State Flow and Nonisothermal Analyses. Appendices. References. Index.

From Soil Behavior Fundamentals To Innovations In Geotechnical Engineering

Author: Roy Edwin Olson
Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers
ISBN: 9780784413265
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From Soil Behavior Fundamentals to Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering GSP 233 honors the technical contribution of Roy Olson Ph.D. P.E. NAE Distinguished Member ASCE. This Geotechnical Special Publication contains a total of 51 papers 21 authored or co-authored by Prof. Olson along with 30 peer-reviewed contemporary invited or submitted papers. Olson's early work dealt with clay behavior consolidation analyses and compaction of unsaturated soils. His later work focused on applications of soil behavior in foundation and forensic engineering including axial capacity of piles in sand and clay pull out capacity of suction caisson foundations and failures of excavations and bulkhead structures. Contemporary innovations discussed in papers contributed to this volume include developments in consolidation analyses modeling of shear strength measurements of permeability and interpretation of in-situ tests.Lessons learned from failures along with recent developments in foundation engineering such as characterization of energy piles calculation of settlement from dynamic soil properties developments in finite element modeling of foundations mechanism of failure of jacked piles mitigation of piling noise and field load tests on a variety of foundations are also included. From Soil Behavior Fundamentals to Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering contains practical and technical information on soil behavior fundamentals and current applications in geotechnical engineering that will be of interest to educators researchers and practicing geotechnical engineers.

Soil Mechanics

Author: William Powrie
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466552093
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Instead of fixating on formulae, Soil Mechanics: Concepts and Applications, Third Edition focuses on the fundamentals. This book describes the mechanical behaviour of soils as it relates to the practice of geotechnical engineering. It covers both principles and design, avoids complex mathematics whenever possible, and uses simple methods and ideas to build a framework to support and accommodate more complex problems and analysis. The third edition includes new material on site investigation, stress-dilatancy, cyclic loading, non-linear soil behaviour, unsaturated soils, pile stabilization of slopes, soil/wall stiffness and shallow foundations. Other key features of the Third Edition: • Makes extensive reference to real case studies to illustrate the concepts described • Focuses on modern soil mechanics principles, informed by relevant research • Presents more than 60 worked examples • Provides learning objectives, key points, and self-assessment and learning questions for each chapter • Includes an accompanying solutions manual for lecturers This book serves as a resource for undergraduates in civil engineering and as a reference for practising geotechnical engineers.

Who S Who In Computational Science And Engineering

Author: Saxe-Coburg Publications
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The achievements and biographical details of nearly 1,500 key researchers and practitioners in the fields of computational mechanics, applied mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, aerospace, aeronautical, chemical, civil, environmental, mechanical, and structural engineering are included in this directory.