Author: Yonah Alexander
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0415441633
Size: 37.67 MB
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How do democratic societies maintain the balance between civil rights and security while continuing the fight on global terrorism? This work raises this issue and presents one country, Turkey, and its struggle to implement laws to combat terrorism and comply with the European Union’s civil rights standards. A collection of materials that reflects the legal responses in combating terrorism is an essential volume in any academic and professional collection as it provides a case-specific reference point in the fields of EU politics, law, and international relations. Turkeycontains translations, contextual notes, and explanations from the editors of over 112 Turkish and EU documents ranging from martial law, PKK terror, Turkey-EU relations, human rights, and Turkish reforms. This resource book enables the reader to gauge Turkey’s prospects for success in establishing an effective government that at the same time protects the rights of the individual. This book will prove a valuable source for students and researchers of international politics, international relations and security studies.

New Perspectives On Turkey Eu Relations

Author: Chris Rumford
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317850130
Size: 62.60 MB
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This book makes the case for looking afresh at Turkey-EU relations in order to appreciate the richness and complexity of a relationship which is now more than 50 years old and is still not close to reaching fulfilment. The contributors challenge conventional attempts to understand Turkey-EU relations, revealing that EU integration studies has been rather poor at understanding the global context within which Turkey-EU developments take place. More surprising perhaps, EU integration studies has also struggled to give sufficient weight to the potential of Turkey’s domestic politics to shape EU enlargement. The volume attempts to correct these imbalances by offering both a global context and new perspectives on the drivers of domestic politics. It represents a shift from a narrow EU integration/enlargement agenda. Turkey’s position vis-a-vis the EU cannot be adequately captured by simplistic notions of conditionality, harmonization, and an uncritical interpretation of Europeanization. A more rounded view of Turkey-EU relations is advanced based upon a broader context of European and global transformations. The contributions, collected here, offer an interpretation of Turkey-EU relations from a novel perspective, utilize a new framework of theory, and draw upon insights and perspectives from disciplines underrepresented in mainstream study of Turkey-EU relations. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Contemporary European Studies.

Institutional Change In Turkey

Author: L. Piran
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137298103
Size: 11.93 MB
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How do state institutions reform themselves in the face of outside pressures? This study undertakes an in-depth analysis of the institutional and human rights reform process within the Turkish National Police, which faces pressure from the EU as part of Turkey's EU membership process, and examines the challenges and consequences of the process.

Turkey S New European Era

Author: Burak Akçapar
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742554016
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Turkey has long been a bridge between East and West, but nowhere is this dual role more apparent than in the complex negotiations surrounding Turkey's desired accession to the European Union. Turkey has recently begun negotiations with the EU on the most stringent, demanding and subjective terms ever faced by any EU candidate. The next decade, in which Turkey will negotiate its accession, will be momentous. The fate of Turkey's bid for membership will be closely watched in Europe, the United States, the broader Middle East, the Muslim world, and Eurasia. While the reforms Turkey will make to adjust to the EU will be largely domestic, foreign and security policy on both sides will help set the tone for the accession period. As Turkey learns to play within the EU mindset and procedures, so must the EU become accustomed to marriage with a geopolitical heavyweight. In this timely and important book, diplomat Burak Akcapar suggests a strategic framework for thinking about the foreign and security policy of Turkey, Europe, and the United States. If Turkey joins the EU, this multiregional actor will help connect various strategic basins and cultures, generate a credible pull factor for benign change in its neighborhood, assist Europe in its aspirations to become a global actor, and fulfill the United States' quest to find a credible transatlantic partner. Everyone who is interested in peaceful relations between East and West should read this book to better understand Turkey's bid for EU membership.

Tourism And Terrorism

Author: Derman Kucukaltan
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595389988
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The rapid change in consumer preferences pertaining to tourism brings an increase in demand elasticity together. Besides, the fact that security gradually gains importance in tourism has become an important factor that affects demand. Global terror, which gains impetus with the globalization across the world, has been affecting tourism where the effects of globalization are felt the most. Seasonality of tourism and frequent occurrence of crises led by terror have caused tourism to rank first among sectors with high venture in terms of both business and tourism. Although tourism and terrorism are completely different concepts, they are mentioned together in public opinion in recent years. Economic, political and social chaos that is brought about by the partnership of terrorism and tourism reflects upon not only national but also international context and that extends the activity and run of terrorism while it decreases the activity of tourism.

About Turkey

Author: Rashid Ergener
Publisher: Pilgrims Process, Inc.
ISBN: 9780971060968
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The United States And Turkey

Author: Morton Abramowitz
Publisher: Twentieth Century Fund
ISBN: 9780870784798
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The second, revised volume of Turkey's Transformation and American Policy examines the changing relationship between these two countries, taking into account the continuing crisis in the Middle East and west Asia, the uncertainty over Cyprus, and the massive Turkish depression.

Human Rights In Turkey

Author: United States. Congress. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
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