This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty

Author: Heidi Rose Robbins
ISBN: 9780991078905
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Poetry by Heidi Rose Robbins. Heidi is a poet, speaker, astrologer, and one of the founders of the Hello Love Experiment, a radical, joyous practice about greeting others with love. She regularly offers Radiant Life Retreats in Ojai, California, where she teaches groups of women to live more full, passionate and expressive lives. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Andrew Heffernan, and their two children, Kate and Dylan.

Policy Development And Nigerian Education

Author: Amiel M. Fagbulu
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1524632600
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The evolution of policy in education has been very important in determining the direction and the rate of its spread in Nigeria. As one moves from one area or era to another, weak policy or lack of policy has created unforeseen problems that have had long-lasting consequences that color how much and what type of education was deemed suitable for a milieu. A lack of understanding of the role of policy has been responsible for many failed interventions in education. This book traces the evolution of policy and attempts to show the correlation between clearly articulated policies and the suitability of the output of the system to respond to the needs of the society.

Liturgy And The Beauty Of The Unknown

Author: David Torevell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351921827
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Contemporary culture is rediscovering the importance of beauty for both social transformation and personal happiness. Theologians have sought, in their varied ways, to demonstrate how God's beauty is associated with notions of truth and goodness. This book breaks new ground by suggesting that liturgy is the means par excellence by which an experience of beauty is communicated. Drawing from both secular and religious understandings, in particular the mystical and apophatic tradition, the book demonstrates how liturgy has the potential to achieve the one ultimately reliable form of beauty because its embodied components are able to reflect the disturbing beauty of the One to whom worship is always offered. Such components rely on understanding the aesthetic dynamics upon which liturgy relies. This book draws from a broad range of disciplines concerned with understanding beauty and self-transformation and concludes that while secular utopian forms have much to contribute to ethical transformation, they ultimately fail since they lack the Christological and eschatological framework needed, which liturgy alone provides.

A New Land Beckoned

Author: Chester William Geue
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com
ISBN: 0806309814
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German Immigration to Texas, 1844-1847.

Beckoning Horizon

Author: Viscount William Wedgwood Benn Stansgate
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Author: April Lindner
Publisher: Texas Tech University Press
ISBN: 9780896724846
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Haven’t we all been told how beauty is thin as truth? And don’t we believe and disbelieve this “lie we’d carve and starve for. / We’d suck it till the juice ran down our arms”? Skin compels us, repels us. Beauty may be only skin deep, a fine covering—sensuous, at times translucent, almost transparent, and yet so obdurate. Skin insulates, guarding its vital organs just beneath this surface that teases us to peek, to try to penetrate. We call this desire by many names, the best of which is love. April Lindner’s sensuously orchestrated collection of poems conveys the beauty and truth of love, how we know it to be paradoxical, obsessive, fearful, rapacious, holy.—Robert FinkFontanelHere’s the ravine, a stretch of skinspanning the breach like a footbridge.Canvas-thin, it trembles with the bloodthat runs beneath. Something less tangiblecourses there too, a whitewater flumeof images: the stretching housecat;car keys that sing and catch light;floorboards knotted with dark, animal eyes;the window with its shifting square of sky.All things equal, each thing startling,and everything unmediated by the mind’shabitual grapple with whyand so what. You frown at a fadedwallpaper pineapple, and the membraneflutters harder. I’m carefulwhen I comb your sparse brown hair.When I sing your name I borrow a liltI’d never use in speech. The wordsdon’t matter; I’m saying drink me while you can,like milk. Let me be flesh and flannel,hands that loosen your tangled blanket.Know me by scent before you learn my name,before doorknobs turn into doorknobs,before the gates knit shut.