Author: Jen O'Sullivan
ISBN: 9781719596633
Size: 22.66 MB
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To receive a free recipe eBook along with several other valuable bonuses, please email your verified purchase receipt to [email protected] O'Sullivan is one of the most trusted resources for essential oil education with five best-selling books on aromatherapy and one of the largest free educational groups available. This book will help all users, from first-time Premium Starter Kit owners to seasoned Young Living veterans. It will answer most of the questions you have and many you never thought to ask. This book will help you make the shift to a healthier lifestyle. It is filled with recipes and fun topics that will get you excited about the journey ahead. Included with this book are several online resources to help you grow. Here's to a life filled with more wellness, more purpose, more abundance, and more vitality!"If you are looking for impeccable oil information or resources for teaching, look no further than Jen O'Sullivan's VITALITY book. Jen is well known for her extensive knowledge of essential oils. The VITALITY book follows in the fabulous footsteps of her many other books and will likely become another favorite on your beloved oily bookshelf." Lucy Libido, best-selling author of Lucy Libido's "There's an Oil for THAT" and "Betsy Bosom's Baby Book"."Jen O'Sullivan has done it again! She is a master wordsmith and a powerful researcher. In VITALITY, she has put together an overview of every product Young Living carries as well as a free online class with graphics and text for 35 posts. She makes sharing easy! You have no excuses to not educate your friends when you use Jen's materials! I will definitely be using this with my team! Jen's resources are simple, powerful, duplicatable, and accurate. Share and grow!"Sarah Harnisch, best-selling Amazon author of "Gameplan" with more than 1.5 million copies sold, and her latest best-seller, "Fearless".

Essential Sharing

Author: Life Science Publishers
ISBN: 9780999092002
Size: 34.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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America S Star Entrepreneurs

Author: Pat Sampson
Publisher: America's Legacy Library
ISBN: 1641364874
Size: 63.51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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YOU will love this book! If you open your mind and heart to receive it, it will give you priceless hours of inspiration and knowledge and hope. These rich deposits of experience have new and vital significance for a time when millions of people are in need of courage and peace of mind to maintain an abiding belief in the future. We can think of no time in history more important for people of like-mind to connect and communicate. These extraordinary people, passionate advocates of positive thought, speak to the strength of our diversity. Many you meet for the first time, while others are universally recognized: Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, Denis Waitley ~ and more ~ along with my interview with the late Maya Angelou, all bear the same message in one form or another ~ to give your life joy, meaning, and purpose, focus on the goodness in your life, to create more of it. They all share their life experiences and knowledge (often learned the hard way) to positively impact the lives of others. Because they believe that great things can happen, they pursue a more peaceful world by building bridges instead of walls, and in the healing power of love. You will read stories that will give you a new sense of well -being and optimism through their remarkable range of shared experience that brings the understanding that any goal can be realized, if you are committed to make a difference, and willing to pay the price to attain the true riches of life. Share this book with those you love. I would love to hear your story. Love & Gratitude, Pat Sampson [email protected] To Be Continued. . .

God S Health Plan The Audacious Journey To A Better Life

Author: Ricki Pepin
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1602666989
Size: 34.97 MB
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After 12 years of disabling, undiagnosed sickness for her son, the author had all but lost hope. She began her own research to find relief for her child, and the solution to her sons dilemma came through prayer, study, and application of seven biblical principles shared in this volume. (Practical Life)

Young People Living With Cancer

Author: Anne Grinyer
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335229786
Size: 50.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"This book is shouting out to every person who is involved with young people's cancer. I hope they listen." Macmillan Cancer Support "This is an absolute 'must' read for all those who care for young people with cancer, including the patients themselves, parents, doctors, nurses, psychologists and all of the caring professions." Professor Tim Eden, Christie NHS Trust, Manchester, UK "I particularly liked the layout of the book and the initial chapter is called 'setting the scene'. It does just that and informs the reader of services available and leads the reader into the remaining chapters about diagnosis through to sexuality and finally implication for policy and practice.I would recommend this book for everyone involved with cancer care. As a nurse I found it excellent. As a mum of two young people I found it very emotional." Jan Stevens, Nurse Coordinator, Hospice at Home "This book should be compulsory reading for all healthcare professionals who work with young people with cancer and especially for all professionals who may, at some stage, meet a solitary young person with cancer." Sue Morgan, St James's University Hospital, Leeds, UK What issues are of most concern to young adults living with cancer? How can a supportive care setting be established? How can we offer the optimum age appropriate care? This book uses original data gathered from in-depth research to present an account of what it is like to be an adolescent or young adult living with cancer. These first hand accounts contribute to the insight necessary to the provision of age appropriate quality care. The implications of these research findings for policy and practice are also related to NICE Guidance (2005). Though primarily based on a thematic analysis of interview data, the book also provides contextual and statistical information on the current incidence of cancer in young adults. Young People Living with Cancer is essential reading for health professionals engaged in the care of young adults with cancer, support workers in the health services, young adults with cancer, their families, academics and students. The text offers a contribution to policy and practice that may enhance compliance and consequently improve outcomes.

The Bathroom

Author: Charisse Marei
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1946414026
Size: 53.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This whimsical yet informative guide is not just your typical design book—it was created to help you unveil your unique personal style and authentic flair! Author Charisse Marei helps you focus on achieving the home of your dreams, starting with creating a sanctuary in one simple room: the bathroom, where you begin and end each day. With its interactive workbook and countless eco—tips, recipes, and shopping lists, this book will gently encourage you to: - Remove toxins from your life - Design with purpose - Declutter, organize and tidy to create harmony - Manifest a treasure chest of well-being - Do breathe-able cleaning - Share stories - Welcome greater purpose Along the way to self-discovery you will acquire the tools of the trade to be the interior designer and client of your own project, discover new words to replace the negative word “stress,” and uncover the five keys to staying on the clutter-free path. Transform your wishes and desires into an action-inspiring journey to Release, Renew, Revitalize (3 Rs) yourself, your home, your furry friends, and our Earth.

Author: Χάνια Γιαναγκιχάρα
Publisher: Metaichmio Publications
ISBN: 6180309663
Size: 27.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Τέσσερις φίλοι και συμφοιτητές μετακομίζουν, μετά την αποφοίτησή τους, στη Νέα Υόρκη για να φτιάξουν τη ζωή τους – άφραγκοι, χαμένοι, με μόνο τους στήριγμα τη φιλία τους και τις φιλοδοξίες τους: Ο ευγενής, ωραίος Γουίλεμ, επίδοξος ηθοποιός· ο Τζέι Μπι, ζωγράφος από το Μπρούκλιν, που προσπαθεί να κατακτήσει τον καλλιτεχνικό κόσμο∙ ο Μάλκολμ, αρχιτέκτονας σε μια σημαντική εταιρεία∙ και ο Τζουντ – ο ιδιοφυής, αινιγματικός Τζουντ. Όπως περνούν οι δεκαετίες, οι σχέσεις τους βαθαίνουν, αλλά και σκοτεινιάζουν, καθώς τις χρωματίζουν ο εθισμός, η επιτυχία, η περηφάνια. Ωστόσο η σπουδαιότερη πρόκληση, συνειδητοποιούν όλοι, είναι ο ίδιος ο Τζουντ, πλέον ένας απίστευτα χαρισματικός δικηγόρος μα και ένας άνθρωπος ολοένα και πιο διαλυμένος, με το σώμα του και τον νου του σημαδεμένα από τους ανείπωτους τρόμους της παιδικής του ηλικίας – κυνηγημένος από τραύματα που φοβάται ότι όχι μόνο δεν θα ξεπεράσει ποτέ, αλλά και θα τον ορίζουν για πάντα. Με πρόζα πλούσια και λαμπρή, η Γιαναγκιχάρα γράφει έναν τραγικό, υπερβατικό ύμνο στην αγάπη, μια αριστοτεχνική απεικόνιση του σπαραγμού, της τυραννίας της μνήμης και των ορίων της ανθρώπινης αντοχής.

Scented Adventures Of The Bouquet Sisters In Fairyland

Author: Susan Liberty Hall
Publisher: Inkwell Productions
ISBN: 098332476X
Size: 38.61 MB
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Scented Adventures of The Bouquet Sisters in Fairyland is an interesting combination of both Fairy Tale and True Life! Your Children will be delighted to share the mystical adventure of “The Bouquet Sisters,” as they fly around the World on their very own magic flying carpet. They are instructed by a beautiful team of Fairies called “The Pretty Fiery Lights,” who take them to learn from the “Good Doctor” (Gary Young) at his farm in Utah. The children learn about the Essential Oils and are sent on seven Missions to anoint the Children of the World and pray for the Miracles needed to heal our World.