The Old Car Nut Book 2

Author: David Dickinson
ISBN: 9780989806510
Size: 32.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Written by old car nuts from across America"--Cover.

Strange But True Tales Of Car Collecting

Author: Keith Martin
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 1610587596
Size: 70.88 MB
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DIVMost car collectors exhibit a healthy enthusiasm for their favorite hobby, a tendency to dig into their favorite marques, chase parts, swap stories, and generally live the car-guy life. Some, however, step over that fine line between enthusiasm and obsession—and that’s the place from which spring the legendary car-collector stories./divDIV /divDIVIn Strange but True Tales of Car Collecting, Keith Martin and the staff of Sport Car Market Magazine recount the wildest car-collecting stories of all time, focusing on tales of the most eccentric and over-the-top collectors and collections. Have you heard of the fellow who squirrelled away dozens of Chevelles, Camaros, and other classic muscle cars in semi trailers? How about the president of Shakespeare fishing rods who in the 1960s sold 30 now-priceless Bugattis for a mere $85,000? The English nobleman who cut up and buried his Ferrari horde in an elaborate insurance scam? Or how about the Duesenberg abandoned in a Manhattan parking garage for decades and uncovered by Tonight Show host Jay Leno?/divDIV /divDIVThese are just a few of the amazing stories explored in this entertaining book, a must-have title for any car enthusiast. Both car collectors and fans of outrageous classic car, muscle car, and sports car stories will find entertainment in these tales of collectors who’ve gone off the rails./div

Old Car Detective

Author: Bill Sherk
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459717694
Size: 47.74 MB
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In this hilarious collection of old car stories, Canada’s very own "Old Car Detective" Bill Sherk presents 80 of his favourite stories from all 10 provinces, spanning the years from 1925 to 1965. In this book you will meet the man in New Brunswick who chopped the top off his 1927 Whippet sedan in honour of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; the young fellow from Kingston, Ontario, who thought his 1937 Ford coach looked better with all four fenders taken off; the owner of a 1947 Hudson that burned so much oil he had to wear a snorkel mask while driving it; the father who borrowed his son’s hot-rodded ’53 Monarch (built only in Canada!) and got pulled over by the police for street racing; and the grandmother who moved from England to Canada and drove her Morris Minor on the wrong side of the road. Behind every old car there’s a story waiting to be told, all the way from your grandparents’ Model T Ford to the Mustang you drove in high school. All the stories and photographs in this book are in chronological order from 1925 to 1965, giving you a 40-year journey through Canada’s rich automotive heritage and brought to life by the people who owned and drove the cars of yesteryear – and some still do! PART ONE (1925 to 1942) takes you from the middle of the Roaring Twenties to February 1942, when the Second World War brought automobile production to a halt for three long years. PART TWO (1946 to 1965) takes you through the Baby Boom years when cars driven by Canadians went through many exciting changes in styling and engineering. If you have ever owned (or still own) a car that was built between 1925 and 1965, turn to the last page in this book to see how you can send in your story for Bill Sherk’s next book.

History S Greatest Automotive Mysteries Myths And Rumors Revealed

Author: Matt Stone
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760342601
Size: 43.87 MB
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"The automotive world is filled with crazy stories, mysteries, myths, rumors, and legends. This book compiles them all, from subjects such as racing, manufacturing, crime, pop culture, and mechanical, explains their origins and where the truth lies"--

My Dad Had That Car

Author: Tad Burness
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 0316506958
Size: 23.32 MB
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This one-of-a-kind, massive illustrated history of more than 10,000 American automobiles is perfect for the millions of classic car enthusiasts. With more than 1,300 pages and 12,500 illustrations covering 70 years, this may be the most complete visual history of the American automobile ever published. Nowhere else are there so many collector, luxury, sporting and every day cars assembled with fascinating information about original prices, engine sizes, horsepower, and other specifications. The pages are packed with genuine, factory-fresh photographs and drawings taken from contemporary advertisements, catalogs, and brochures. More than 250 manufacturers and hundreds of individual models trace the evolution of the American automobile, from the millions of Model Ts that rolled off Ford's assembly line through the art deco streamliners of the '30s, to the tail-finned land yachts of the '50s and muscle cars of the '60s and '70s up to the early SUVs of the '90s. Throughout author Tad Burness adds handwritten details not found anywhere else, including pointing out unusual options and differences found within a model. Automotive journalist Matt Stone provides a new general introduction and one to each era within the book.

My First Car

Author: Matt Stone
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760335346
Size: 25.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Collects nostalgic celebrity anecdotes about their first-car experiences while providing accompanying photographs, in a volume that includes contributions by Mario Andretti, Patrick Demsey and Danica Patrick.

The Little Bastards

Author: Jim Lindsay
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781494356736
Size: 54.78 MB
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Sonny Mitchell and his friends are blue collar boys who are bursting out of the restraints of tame suburban life. They yearn for action, fast cars, and something more. A bond forms between members of his club as they progress from bicycles to hot rods, and take on experiences of white-knuckle street racing, beer guzzling...and girls. But as these kids approach adulthood, a dark edge jeopardizes lives as some take these new exhilarations too far. It will be up to Sonny to stop a tragedy that could destroy the girl he loves and alter the course of his life forever.


Author: Beverly Rae Kimes
Publisher: Automobile Quarterly Publications
ISBN: 9780971146815
Size: 62.48 MB
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Only the legendary Packard could command a book of such scope and expense. This monumental work has required ten years of research, documentation and photography. It represents many more decades of collecting Packard automobiles, facts, photographs, technical data and information to record for all time every aspect, every model, every achievement of the Packard motor car and the men who made its name an emblem and international byword for taste and refinement in automotive design and engineering. Over three years were spent in intensive writing, checking, cross-checking, rewriting, coordinating, editing, and winnowing thousands of rare and unpublished historic photographs. This volume represents the scholarly efforts of sixteen contributors and was written by ten highly qualified authorities on Packard lore.Winner of a Cugnot Award.


Author: Gregory Long
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781505388824
Size: 71.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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UPDATE on the UPDATE: August 27th, 2015, TOM COTTER, Author of the wonderful 'The Cobra In the Barn' series just wrote a Foreword for the book! "I have it easy; I drive down country roads, find old cars, meet the owners and write the stories. Actually, the stories almost write themselves; I'm just a catalyst who types words into the computer. In FOUND, though, Greg Long has taken a much tougher path in telling the stories of lost and forgotten cars; they are all products of his fruitful mind. His ability to develop scenarios and characters, while weaving in the histories of interesting and curious cars, is amazing. Short-story after short-story that seemingly have no connection with one another, all come together in the final chapters to form a logical and pleasing conclusion. Long has done his homework, whether it's describing mechanical details of an obscure vintage Citroen to a vintage racer. Guest appearances are also made by some of the most fabled and elusive cars of all time, including Steve McQueen's Bullit Mustang and James Dean's "Little Bastard" Porsche 550 Spyder." UPDATE: July 26th, 2015: International Automotive Media Awards: It was announced last night during the Concours d'Elegance of America at St. John's, Plymouth, Michigan that my book FOUND The Lives of Interesting Cars & How They Were Discovered. A Novel. won a Silver Medal in The International Automotive Media Competition--"a program to recognize and encourage excellence in all forms of automotive media. From works published, aired, or broadcast January 1 - December 31, 2014." In a word: Psyched!! Now back to your regularly scheduled short book description... From meeting a young bikini clad Jane Fonda look-alike waiting in the driver's seat of your brand new '65 Shelby Cobra in Malibu, to searching for a long lost '50 Tatra Tatraplan in an overgrown blackberry bush and coming across an even more amazing discovery, FOUND - The Lives of Interesting Cars & How They Were Discovered - brings you stories of other such amazing cars as a '67 Jaguar XK-E, '71 Hemi 'Cuda, '61 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato, '48 Tucker Torpedo, '57 Ferrari Testa Rossa, '53 Corvette, '74 Land Rover Series III, '63 VW Westfalia and dozens more extremely interesting cars. But what do they all have in common? Read FOUND to find out!

Amazing Barn Finds And Roadside Relics

Author: Ryan Brutt
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760348073
Size: 67.91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Musty Mustangs, Forgotten Ferraris, Hidden Hudsons, and Other Lost Automotive Gems