The Oddfits

Author: Tiffany Tsao
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN: 9781503952621
Size: 25.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Eight-year-old Murgatroyd Floyd doesn't fit in--not as a blue-eyed blonde living in Singapore, not in school, and certainly not with his aloof expatriate parents, who seem determined to make his life even harder. Unbeknownst to him, there's a reason why he's always the odd boy out: he is an Oddfit, a rare type of human with access to the More Known World, a land invisible to most people. Yet unfortunate circumstances keep Murgatroyd stranded in the Known World, bumbling through life with the feeling that an extraordinary something is waiting for him just beyond reach. Seventeen years later, that something finally arrives when a secret organization dedicated to exploring the More Known World invites Murgatroyd on a mission. But as the consummate loser begins to grow into the Oddfit he was meant to be, the Known World becomes bent on exterminating him. For once in his underachieving life, will Murgatroyd Floyd exceed expectations and outsmart those trying to thwart his stupendous destiny?

The More Known World

Author: Tiffany Tsao
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN: 9781503935983
Size: 27.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3845
The Quest of the quirky Oddfits continues--and this time, beyond the Known World lies something unspeakable... Two years after Murgatroyd Floyd joined the Quest to understand and catalogue the wonders of the More Known World, the rash-prone, blue-eyed Oddfit starts having doubts about his exploratory skill. And while that's enough to give his mentor, Ann Hsu, pause, it's not what's bringing the Quest to a grinding halt. Blame that on a series of murders that sends Ann and Murgatroyd to a strange new Territory to investigate. Cambodia-Abscond, awash in shades of red, can drive outsiders crazy. With its vermilion foliage, crimson trees, and garnet soil, it screams carnage. Fitting, considering that its settlers are a shady bunch with catastrophic histories who live in a society where no questions are asked, and the official language is silence. Fitting, too, that Cambodia-Abscond is where Ann's recollections of her own nightmarish past seem to come crawling back out of the bloodwood. Apparently, there's more to the More Known World than Ann and Murgatroyd expected. And if their Quest has a dark side, the two Oddfits have found it.

The Lion And The Rose

Author: Riccardo Bruni
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN: 9781503948327
Size: 13.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 7777
In sixteenth-century Venice three bodies surface in the dark waters of the Canal Grande. Entrenched in a terrible war with the Turks and caught in a political struggle between power-hungry Pope Alexander VI and the newly elected Doge Loredan, the people of Venice fear that a demon has come to exact divine punishment for their sins. Doge Loredan is determined to find the real culprit before the Pope can turn the people against him. To do so, he hires unorthodox German monk Mathias to investigate the murders. Soon Lorenzo Scarpa, a young printer and nephew to one of the victims, joins in the search. The mystery leads them into Venice's underground printing industry, where they learn of a dangerous book hidden somewhere in the city, a book whose secrets could determine the destiny of the Republic--a book that others are more than willing to kill for.

Acheron Falls

Author: D.E. Lewis
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0988883511
Size: 51.69 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5001
Of the many words Elizabeth Dane would have used to describe her life, 'posthumous' was probably farthest down the list. So it came as some surprise to her when a fateful car accident vaulted it right to the top, not to mention vaulting her right into Heaven. Not one to be deterred by something as inconvenient as death, Ellie quickly sets about looking for a way back to her mortal coil. The path back appears in the unlikely form of William Granger, an angry 'Cast Aside' with his own axes to grind. Despite an instant wedge of mutual dislike between them, the two form a tenuous alliance, each agreeing to help the other get what they want. Armed only with their inability to get along and a plan that involves breaking the one rule that Heaven actually has, what could possibly go wrong? ------ This story started some eighteen years ago with the movie Titanic. As anyone who has seen the movie will recall, in the final scene the main character Rose walks up the Grand Staircase of the Titanic to a smiling, waiting Jack, surrounded by applauding passengers and crew. Roll credits, cue lights, and everyone leaves the theater or ejects the DVD in tears. The implication being of course, that Rose has passed at the end of the movie and this is Heaven where she is finally re-united with her one true love. That ending never sat well with me. The character of Rose was married. It was there for anyone paying attention – her granddaughter traveling with her, then the brief scene where she arrives via helicopter and the salvage team talks about her background: she was married to ‘a guy named Calvert’ who is now dead. Most people gloss right over it as it’s entirely tangential to the story. She would have been married to Calvert for forty, maybe fifty years? As I watched the ending of Titanic, I couldn’t help but imagine this Calvert fellow sitting there in Heaven patiently waiting for his wife of fifty years to cross over so that they might be together again – only to have her finally get there and go straight to... Jack? That seemed... well... just completely brutal and so it simmered on the back burner of my subconscious until this story eventually worked its way out.

Richly Parameterized Linear Models

Author: James S. Hodges
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439866848
Size: 10.87 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7580
A First Step toward a Unified Theory of Richly Parameterized Linear Models Using mixed linear models to analyze data often leads to results that are mysterious, inconvenient, or wrong. Further compounding the problem, statisticians lack a cohesive resource to acquire a systematic, theory-based understanding of models with random effects. Richly Parameterized Linear Models: Additive, Time Series, and Spatial Models Using Random Effects takes a first step in developing a full theory of richly parameterized models, which would allow statisticians to better understand their analysis results. The author examines what is known and unknown about mixed linear models and identifies research opportunities. The first two parts of the book cover an existing syntax for unifying models with random effects. The text explains how richly parameterized models can be expressed as mixed linear models and analyzed using conventional and Bayesian methods. In the last two parts, the author discusses oddities that can arise when analyzing data using these models. He presents ways to detect problems and, when possible, shows how to mitigate or avoid them. The book adapts ideas from linear model theory and then goes beyond that theory by examining the information in the data about the mixed linear model’s covariance matrices. Each chapter ends with two sets of exercises. Conventional problems encourage readers to practice with the algebraic methods and open questions motivate readers to research further. Supporting materials, including datasets for most of the examples analyzed, are available on the author’s website.

Samantha Watkins

Author: Aurelie Venem
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
ISBN: 9781503952997
Size: 47.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6096
Young librarian Samantha Watkins has always been perfectly content with her humdrum existence. Never easily fitting in with anyone anywhere, she feels most at ease in silence, among stacks of books. Sam believes in leaving fantasy and drama to the characters in her beloved novels. But one night when she leaves work late, she finds herself center stage in a tale of vengeance and terror. Samantha is rescued from a gang of vampires by Phoenix, a mysterious and otherworldly man. Suddenly her paranormal adventures take a far more extraordinary turn than any story she's ever read. Phoenix, her savior, is actually a vampire as well, tasked with stopping his peers from killing. With no possibility of returning to her former life, Sam becomes his assistant. Together they investigate a series of mysterious disappearances and attempt to save the human race from a horrible fate. Battling vampires thrills and empowers Sam, but where does she stand with supernatural Phoenix? Could Phoenix, through their work together, become a different man?

A Mist Of Prophecies

Author: Steven Saylor
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 9781429908672
Size: 13.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6754
During the Roman Civil War, as the forces of Pompey and Julius Caesar fight a series of battles in the provinces over control of the Republic, Rome itself is a hotbed of intrigue as those left behind wait for word. In this tentative and treacherous environment, a beautiful young seeress is murdered in the marketplace. Possibly mad and claiming no memory of her own past, Cassandra - like her namesake - is reputed to have had the true gift of prophecy and, as a result, she became a confidante of the rich and powerful. Gordianus the Finder, who had become obsessed with the woman and her mystery, starts to investigate her murder. As the political situation in Rome continues to decay, the citizenry veers towards ruin, and everyone waits for word out in the far off fields of war, Gordianus begins to peel away the veils of secrecy that surround Cassandra's life and death. What lies underneath involves one, possibly many, of the most powerful women in Rome and the truth could not only put Gordianus's life in danger but affect the very future of Rome itself.

Against The Odds The Odds Series 2

Author: Amy Ignatow
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1683350677
Size: 13.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 770
In the second title in the slam-dunk new series from bestselling author Amy Ignatow, the Odds are back and trying to figure out just who inflicted these lame abilities on them in the first place. Nick can still teleport four inches to the left, and Farshad’s thumbs are still super strong. Cookie can still read minds, if they’re thinking of directions, and Martina can still change the color of her eyes. But now, Martina can see the invisible, and when Nick is super stressed, he can move a lot farther than four inches. As their powers evolve in possibly dangerous ways, the Odds are even more determined to solve the mystery of their origin, but it means interacting at school—a serious social risk to popular girl Cookie. Soon, it becomes clear that Auxano, the chemical company that employs half the town, is involved. With the help of some renegade Amish teenagers and Ed, the invisible bus driver, this unlikely group of companions will uncover a nefarious experiment in which they’ve become unwitting test subjects. They’ll also begin to become something even more incredible—friends.

Gateway To Fourline

Author: Pamela Brondos
Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing
ISBN: 9781503948358
Size: 52.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1105
Years before, a gateway opened between their world and ours. Sending one young woman through may be the key to survival for the kingdom of Fourline. Strapped for cash, college student Natalie Barns agrees to take a job at a costume shop. Sure, Estos--her classmate who works in the shop--is a little odd, but Nat needs the money for her tuition. Then she stumbles through the mysterious door behind the shop--and her entire universe transforms. Discovering there's far more to Estos than she ever imagined, Nat gets swept up in an adventure to save his homeland, an incredible world filled with decaying magic, deadly creatures, and a noble resistance of exiled warriors battling dark forces. As she struggles with her role in an epic conflict and wrestles with her growing affection for a young rebel, Soris, Nat quickly learns that nothing may go as planned...and her biggest challenge may be surviving long enough to make it home.

The Capital Of Latecomers

Author: Nina Nenova
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN: 9781503947078
Size: 16.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3300
Local folklore tells the story of an ancient people wandering through the desert, discovering an oasis-like paradise. But they stayed for too long, and when they returned home all their loved ones were dead. These people are forever known as the "latecomers." Now an exclusive compound providing residents with complete and utter privacy stands on the site where their village once was. Rhein, a thirty-year-old former darling of the art world, has lost his confidence and chosen the life of a recluse. When a body turns up in Rhein's studio, he has no choice but to come out of his yearlong seclusion to prove his innocence. More deaths occur, and the evidence incriminating Rhein is so convincing he honestly doesn't know what to believe. Working with his eccentric neighbors, all of whom are also hiding from their pasts, he finds that the path to the truth careens through tribal folklore and quantum physics, and nothing is as it seems.