The Nazi Rocketeers

Author: Dennis Piszkiewicz
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811733878
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Explores the development of the V-2 rocket A sobering testimony to the consequences of corrupted genius Wernher von Braun is known to many as the brilliant pioneer of rocketry who left Germany after World War II to lead the United States' space program. Until now, few have realized the bloody legacy he left behind in the ruins of the Third Reich. The Nazi Rocketeers tells the story of how von Braun and his fellow rocket scientists postponed their initial dreams of space travel to create weapons of terror and mass destruction. Not only were they ambitious members of the Nazi movement, but they also, Piszkiewicz argues, collaborated with the SS in exploiting slave labor to build the V-2 rocket.

Breaking The Chains Of Gravity

Author: Amy Shira Teitel
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472911199
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NASA's history is a familiar story, one that typically peaks with Neil Armstrong taking his small step on the Moon in 1969. But America's space agency wasn't created in a vacuum. It was assembled from pre-existing parts, drawing together some of the best minds the non-Soviet world had to offer. In the 1930s, rockets were all the rage in Germany, the focus both of scientists hoping to fly into space and of the German armed forces, looking to circumvent the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. One of the key figures in this period was Wernher von Braun, an engineer who designed the rockets that became the devastating V-2. As the war came to its chaotic conclusion, von Braun escaped from the ruins of Nazi Germany, and was taken to America where he began developing missiles for the US Army. Meanwhile, the US Air Force was looking ahead to a time when men would fly in space, and test pilots like Neil Armstrong were flying cutting-edge, rocket-powered aircraft in the thin upper atmosphere. Breaking the Chains of Gravity tells the story of America's nascent space program, its scientific advances, its personalities and the rivalries it caused between the various arms of the US military. At this point getting a man in space became a national imperative, leading to the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, otherwise known as NASA.

German Rocketeers In The Heart Of Dixie

Author: Monique Laney
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300198035
Size: 48.28 MB
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This thought-provoking study by historian Monique Laney focuses on the U.S. government-assisted integration of German rocket specialists and their families into a small southern community at the end of World War II. In 1950, Wernher von Braun and his team of rocket experts relocated to Huntsville, Alabama, a town that would celebrate the team, despite their essential role in the Nazi war effort a decade earlier, for their contributions to the U.S. Army missile program and later to NASA's space program. Based on oral histories, provided by members of the African American and Jewish communities, the rocketeers' families, and co-workers, friends, and neighbors, Laney's book demonstrates how the histories of German Nazism and Jim Crow in the American South intertwine in narratives about the past. This is a critical reassessment of a singular time that links the Cold War, the “Space Race,” and the Civil Rights era while addressing important issues of transnational science and technology, and asking Americans to consider their country's own history of racism when reflecting on the Nazi past.

Kundalini Tales

Author: Richard Sauder
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813619
Size: 79.63 MB
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Sauder continues his studies of underground bases with new information on the occult underpinnings of the US space programme. The book also contains a breakthrough section that examines actual US patents for devices that manipulate minds and thoughts from a remote distance. Included are chapters on the secret space programme and a 130 page appendix of patents and schematic diagrams of secret technology and mind control devices.

Us Presidents And The Militarization Of Space 1946 1967

Author: Sean N. Kalic
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 1603446915
Size: 59.55 MB
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In the clash of ideologies represented by the Cold War, even the heavens were not immune to militarization. Satellites and space programs became critical elements among the national security objectives of both the United States and the Soviet Union. According to US Presidents and the Militarization of Space, 1946–1967, three American presidents in succession shared a fundamental objective of preserving space as a weapons-free frontier for the benefit of all humanity. Between 1953 and 1967 Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson all saw nonaggressive military satellite development, as well as the civilian space program, as means to favorably shape the international community’s opinion of the scientific, technological, and military capabilities of the United States. Sean N. Kalic’s reinterpretation of the development of US space policy, based on documents declassified in the past decade, demonstrates that a single vision for the appropriate uses of space characterized American strategies across parties and administrations during this period. Significantly, Kalic’s findings contradict the popular opinion that the United States sought to weaponize space and calls into question the traditional interpretation of the space race as a simple action/reaction paradigm. Indeed, beyond serving as a symbol and ambassador of US technological capability, its satellite program provided the United States with advanced, nonaggressive military intelligence-gathering platforms that proved critical in assessing the strategic nuclear balance between the United States and the Soviet Union. It also aided the three administrations in countering the Soviet Union’s increasing international prestige after its series of space firsts, beginning with the launch of Sputnik in 1957.

Wernher Von Braun

Author: Dennis Piszkiewicz
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 9780275962173
Size: 77.90 MB
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Explores declassified army documents, war crimes trial transcripts, and Von Braun's personal papers to record the life and accomplishments of America's leading rocket expert who was also responsible for creating Hitler's most advanced terror weapon, the V-2 rocket

Ian Fleming S Commandos

Author: Nicholas Rankin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199912025
Size: 49.66 MB
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In 1941, the United Kingdom faced its darkest hour: it stood alone against the Germans, who had chased British forces out of France, Norway, and Greece. All it had left were desperate measures--commando raids, intelligence coups, feats of derring-do. Any such "novel enterprise," wrote Admiral John Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence, required "an officer with drive and imagination of the highest order." He found one in Commander Ian Fleming. In Ian Fleming's Commandos, Nicholas Rankin tells the exciting story of a secret intelligence outfit conceived and organized by Fleming. Named 30 Assault Unit, the group was expected to seize enemy codebooks, cipher machines, and documents in high-stakes operations. Assault unit commandos fought in the North African campaign and the invasions of Sicily and Italy, poked over the bones of bombed Pantelleria, and liberated Capri. Rebranded '30 Assault Unit', they went ashore on D-Day, heading for rocket-sites and radar-stations. They helped liberate Paris (including the Ritz Bar and the Rothschild mansion) and then set out to steal scientific and industrial secrets from the heart of Germany. Their final amazing coup was to seize the entire archives of the German Navy's three hundred tons of documents. Ian Fleming flew out in person to accompany the loot back to Britain, where it was combed for evidence to use in the Nuremburg trials. Based on incisive research and written with verve and insight, this new paperback edition of Ian Fleming's Commandos brings to life a long-obscured chapter of World War II and reveals the inspiration behind Fleming's famous fiction.

From Nazi Test Pilot To Hitler S Bunker

Author: Dennis Piszkiewicz
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Size: 21.11 MB
Format: PDF
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Hanna Reitsch was a women who excelled as a test pilot. She succeeded in an environment that was extremely repressive to women - Germany before and during World War II. Hanna Reitsch's story is that of one of a handful of women who achieved personal success in male-dominated Nazi Germany. Hers is the story of a woman who escaped the culturally defined role of wife and mother to live her passion for flying.


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