The Miracle In The Middle

Author: Charlotte Gambill
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 071801121X
Size: 19.84 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Find strength in the struggle, passion to persist, wisdom when you're weary, and joy for the journey. If you've ever been on a long trip with small children you've no doubt heard, "Are we there yet?" Maybe you've even said those exact words or felt that same way as you have journeyed with God. Midway is where these feelings of frustration and impatience are most commonly felt. It's also where our hidden doubts find their voice. Where most beginnings start with energy and expectation for all that is ahead, and endings bring the joy of completion as you arrive at your desired destination, the middle is very different. This midpoint can too quickly become a low point, as energy is lacking and enthusiasm wanes. Yet how well you handle the middle reveals what is in the middle of you. The disciples found—in the middle of a lake—a revelation of Jesus that they had never seen on the shore. In the middle is where new navigational skills are found. It's also where some of the most significant lessons are learned. Join Charlotte Gambill in this compelling, story-driven message that shows through biblical teaching and life application how those who persist through the middle will find that miracles await them on the other side.

A Miracle In The Middle Of A Valley

Author: Samuel Richardson
ISBN: 9781524692254
Size: 50.41 MB
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I am Pastor Samuel Richardson, born on May 9, 1927, in Ocala, Florida. I have one brother, Elijah Richardson, and a sister, Rosetta Richardson. I am just a meager servant of God that is not worthy of the gift that God has given me. I am not an educated man. I have never known my parents, and sometimes I feel that I am all alone in this world. I sometimes wonder why I have been given the gift of prophecy and healing when I sometimes feel that I am not equipped to minister this precious gift. I feel that if I were more educated, people would accept what I have to say. There have been times that I did not tell a person what God had told me to tell them because I felt inadequate and could not approach that person because of their status. Later I realized that I could have saved them from pain and hurt if I had been confident enough to approach them. I know that this is a way that Satan tries to push me off track, but through fasting and praying, I press on. I do realize that God gives his gift to whomever he desires, and it requires no special skills to receive his precious mercy, love, and gifts. I am writing this book with the hope that it will encourage others to press forward and do God's will no matter how inadequate they might feel. Now at the age of ninety, I still regret not being educated and having family as others. I often wonder where my uncle, cousins, nieces, and nephews are and why I do not have family to attend a family reunion. It sometimes makes me feel empty and very sad. "I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase" (1 Corinthians 3:6).

Miracles In The Middle

Author: Richard Bimler
ISBN: 9780570048909
Size: 63.89 MB
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Find hope in the middle of midlife with this straightforward devotional for men.

The Miracle Of Life

Author: Jan de Vries
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1780571909
Size: 39.51 MB
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In this controversial book Jan de Vries considers modern miracles as well as the 'miracle of Lourdes'. He discusses witch doctors and what he has personally witnessed in the Far East. He warns against exorcism and talks of the many 'possessed' people he has treated. He also shares with his readers some of the mysterious ways that alternative medicine has worked 'miracles' for thousands of patients.

The Miracle In The Spider

Publisher: A9 GROUP
Size: 16.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Some readers may think that the subject of this book is not one that interests them very much. They may tell themselves both that a book about a little insect has nothing in it for them, and that the busy pace of their lives leaves them no time for such a book. Then again, these same people may feel that a book on economic or political research, or perhaps a novel, would be more attractive and "useful." Or they may think that books on other subjects will be of greater interest to them. Whereas the fact is that this book the reader is holding will be a great deal more "useful" than many he has hitherto read, and has much more to offer him. Because this book is not a biology text written to give detailed information about this tiny animal called the spider. The book may have the spider as its subject, but its true importance lies in the truth about life it reveals and the message it has to give.

Time Work And Culture In The Middle Ages

Author: Jacques Le Goff
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226470818
Size: 28.65 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Studies a wide range of topics concerning Medieval society, including the universities, folklore, and economy of the Middle Ages

Infirmity In Antiquity And The Middle Ages

Author: Christian Krötzl
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131711695X
Size: 66.88 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume discusses infirmitas (’infirmity’ or ’weakness’) in ancient and medieval societies. It concentrates on the cultural, social and domestic aspects of physical and mental illness, impairment and health, and also examines frailty as a more abstract, cultural construct. It seeks to widen our understanding of how physical and mental well-being and weakness were understood and constructed in the longue durée from antiquity to the Middle Ages. The chapters are written by experts from a variety of disciplines, including archaeology, art history and philology, and pay particular attention to the differences of experience due to gender, age and social status. The book opens with chapters on the more theoretical aspects of pre-modern infirmity and disability, moving on to discuss different types of mental and cultural infirmities, including those with positive connotations, such as medieval stigmata. The last section of the book discusses infirmity in everyday life from the perspective of healing, medicine and care.

Wonder And Skepticism In The Middle Ages

Author: Keagan Brewer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317430352
Size: 27.42 MB
Format: PDF
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Wonder and Skepticism in the Middle Ages explores the response by medieval society to tales of marvels and the supernatural, which ranged from firm belief to outright rejection, and asks why the believers believed, and why the skeptical disbelieved. Despite living in a world whose structures more often than not supported belief, there were still a great many who disbelieved, most notably scholastic philosophers who began a polemical programme against belief in marvels. Keagan Brewer reevaluates the Middle Ages’ reputation as an era of credulity by considering the evidence for incidences of marvels, miracles and the supernatural and demonstrating the reasons people did and did not believe in such things. Using an array of contemporary sources, he shows that medieval responders sought evidence in the commonality of a report, similarity of one event to another, theological explanations and from people with status to show that those who believed in marvels and miracles did so only because the wonders had passed evidentiary testing. In particular, he examines both emotional and rational reactions to wondrous phenomena, and why some were readily accepted and others rejected. This book is an important contribution to the history of emotions and belief in the Middle Ages.

Multilingualism In The Middle Ages And Early Modern Age

Author: Albrecht Classen
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 311047090X
Size: 31.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Languages belong to the fundamentals of human existence, and many more times than we might assume people actually speak two or more languages. Studying bi- and multilingualism in the Middle Ages and beyond sheds important light on basic sociolinguistic structures determining everyday life and culture in the premodern world. The question of linguistic competence addresses inter-cultural, intra-social, and also inter-gender issues

A Miracle In The Hand Of God

Author: Therese Sapone
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434930106
Size: 10.14 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A Miracle in the Hand of God by Therese Sapone A Miracle in the Hand of God is the uplifting autobiography of Therese Sapone, whose life is a testament to the saying, "With God all things are possible." Although not being formally introduced to Christ until later in life, she always seemed to be in service to others. Sapone embodied this spirit through her travels in various cultures, finally settling in the United States. It is her hope that by sharing her life stories, others will be drawn to Christ. She refers to herself as an "off-the-top-of-my-head-writer," but she is a natural storyteller, which is reflected in her writing. About the Author Born in Holland and raised in Germany during Hitler's reign, she and her family endured the bombings and survived to be liberated by the English and Americans. She later met and married an American serviceman, against her family's wishes, and went on to live in various countries and parts of the United States, currently residing in Florida. She came to the US speaking very little English and held many diverse jobs. Sapone later incorporated her love of service and singing to become the owner of an exercise salon, where she created exercise routines to music to help women to get healthier. To quote the author, "I am a sojourner just passing through helping people to feel better about themselves and leaving a place better than I found it." To this end, she volunteered to aid with the revitalization of quaint areas in which she has lived. In her most recent mission, she started a music ministry, singing for shut-ins and the sick.Always giving to others through various charities, she feels blessed by God to have survived some difficult times in her life and been given the strength to continue on and live a rewarding life.