The Future Of Local Government Administration

Author: H. George Frederickson
Publisher: International City County Management Assn
ISBN: 9780873261302
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A group of noted scholars of U.S. local government and a group of leading local government administrators convened at the Hansell Symposium sponsored by the University of Kansas and ICMA to honor ICMA executive director William H. Hansell on the eve of his retirement. The papers presented there, together with thoughtful responses by practicing managers, are brought together in a volume that represents the state of the art of academic research into local government and the management profession.Coverage includes the democratic and political context of local government administration; the changing forms of American cities; the settings, roles and responsibilities of local government leaders in cities and counties; and prospects for the future of local government management. This book is an ideal textbook and a valuable addition to the library of every professional city or county manager.

The Future Of Local Government In Europe

Author: Christian Schwab
Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft
ISBN: 9783848737567
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Over recent decades, local governments in Europe have come increasingly under pressure facing a multitude of old and new challenges. Consequently, a wave of political and administrative reforms aimed at coping with these pressures has changed local governance in many nations. Local governments are not only responsible for efficient administration, high-quality services and a legally correct execution of laws, but also for ensuring legitimacy, democratic participation, accountability and trust - often under the conditions of austerity. This volume presents research findings of an international project on local public sector reforms in 31 countries and derives advice for policymakers to shape the future of local governments in Europe. The authors address basic reform areas and key features of local governance like autonomy, performance and participation.

The Future Of Local Government

Author: G. D. H. Cole
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781519262189
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From the beginning of the first chapter, "A Financial Impasse." LOCAL Government seems, to many people, an uninspiring study. The school of Socialists, very influential in this country in the past, which devoted its principal attention to the development of the "municipal enterprise " of a generation ago, has been, then and since then, freely denounced and contemned as advocates of mere "gas and water Socialism." Perhaps, from one point of view, the criticism was just; for it was easy for the local Labour councilor, keenly conscious of the responsibilities of his office and somewhat overwhelmed by the mass of administrative detail in which he found himself involved, to forget all about the wider issues of Socialism, and to devote himself entirely to his efforts to improve the housing, sanitation, and services and amenities of his native town within the limitations imposed by the present economic and political system. But, if the criticism was in some measure justified, certainly in some quarters the reaction has been allowed to proceed too far, so as to obscure the fundamental importance of the work upon which the local Labour councilor is engaged. For Local Government is a matter of primary concern, above all to the Labour Movement, not only on account of the immediate services which it is capable of performing, but also because of the place which it can be made to assume in a reorganized social system. In a practical way Labour has recognized this fact, and has made a determined effort to secure control of the machinery of Local Government. In the majority of areas it has made headway, but not, as a rule, nearly enough to give it a commanding position. Where, as in the Metropolitan Boroughs, it has won sweeping municipal victories, the effect has been to make its representatives on the local Councils, which are dominated by Labour, perhaps more conscious at present of the immense difficulties which immediately confront them than of the still greater opportunities which can be created for the future. For, where Labour has assumed local office, it has done so at a very difficult moment. The general rise in prices has added hugely to the cost of local administration, and, as a local authority cannot "profiteer" in the running of its reproductive services, the rates have inevitably risen, whatever party or section has been in power. The cost of maintaining the ser- vices of health and education and the necessary administrative machinery of Local Government, even at their pre-war level of efficiency, has greatly in- creased, and, in addition, fresh administrative work has, throughout the war years, been entrusted to the local authorities by the central Government. At the same time the State, burdened by the vast expenditure of the war, has raised its taxation to heights previously unknown, and has been driven to resort to borrowing on an unprecedented scale. The distressed taxpayer of the middle class, unable to influence the volume of national expenditure, has turned in despair upon the local authorities, and is clamouring for a reduction in local taxation, which the continued increase in costs is forcing ever higher. Moreover, the State, as its claims eat more and more deeply into the "taxable surpluses" of the middle class, comes increasingly to regard the local authorities as its competitors in the scramble for revenue, and attempts to augment, both directly and indirectly, its central control over local expenditure. This applies not only to proposals to add to the rates, but also where the local authority desires to borrow money for municipal development. For, in borrowing also, the local body, even if it is not backed by the credit of the nation, is a competitor of the State in the money market; and large local borrowings make less easy the raising of State loans, and may force up the rate of interest which the State is called upon to pay.

Theoretical Foundations And Discussions On The Reformation Process In Local Governments

Author: Sadioglu, Ugur
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522503188
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Local government can be defined as a public entity acting as the sub-unit of a state or of a region, charged with the task of enforcing public policies. There have been many reforms of local government in recent years from the grassroots-led movement that took root in the 90’s to the overarching effects of globalization and decentralization. Local governments must adapt their practices in order to most effectively provide for their constituents. Theoretical Foundations and Discussions on the Reformation Process in Local Government addresses the effects of recent reforms in the political-administrative system of local governments and politics as well as future outlooks. It reviews the challenges, innovations, and lessons from local governments while providing theoretical perspectives on methods for positive reform. This book is a critical reference source for policy makers, government organizations, professionals, and actors in both local and international politics.

International Bureaucracy

Author: Michael W. Bauer
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349949779
Size: 61.81 MB
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This book applies established analytical concepts such as influence, authority, administrative styles, autonomy, budgeting and multilevel administration to the study of international bureaucracies and their political environment. It reflects on the commonalities and differences between national and international administrations and carefully constructs the impact of international administrative tools on policy making. The book shows how the study of international bureaucracies can fertilize interdisciplinary discourse, in particular between International Relations, Comparative Government and Public Administration. The book makes a forceful argument for Public Administration to take on the challenge of internationalization.

Managing Local Government Services

Author: Carl W. Stenberg
Publisher: ICMA Press
ISBN: 0873267095
Size: 32.48 MB
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Managing Local Government Services, 3rd ed. is a comprehensive text on the subject of local government services relevant to local governments of all sizes. This edition is refocused and updated to include the demographic, economic, technology and cultural trends that affect the management of service delivery. New chapters discuss the shift from ¿government¿ to ¿governance,¿ alternative methods of service delivery, community development, and the five management practices that are fast becoming the standard for professional local government management.Each chapter lays out the manager¿s responsibilities in each service area, and provides effective policies, practices, and procedures. Short case examples give you a practical look at the goals, challenges, and solutions in the manager¿s world.

State And Local Government Administration

Author: Rabin
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824773557
Size: 78.96 MB
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Addressing the major issues of state and local government administration, this introductory, core textbook is ideal for courses in State and Local Government Administration, State Government, Municipal Government, Labor Relations, Public Budgeting and Decision-Making, Policy-Making and Personnel Administration. Offering reliable, up-to-date information, this text provides a thorough understanding of state and local government administration and its current, general trends. Written by leading experts in their respective fields, this work contains in-depth, authoritative examinations of four crucial areas: organization and management -- including management structures at various levels of government such as counties and special districts, and leadership functions; budgeting, decision-making, and financial management -- discussing state budgeting functions and limitations, and internal and external control mechanisms; policy-making and policy implementation -- demonstrating patterns within the executive and legislative branches as well as alternatives to municipal service delivery and the integration of human services management within delivery systems; and personnel administration and labor relations -- covering organizational training, employee benefits, unionism, and collective bargaining. Now, advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level public administration and political science students; public administrators and managers; and professionals in government agencies and institutes can meet the demands of this rapidly changing field with this outstanding text. Book jacket.