The Essential Guide To Gay And Lesbian Weddings

Author: Tess Ayers
Publisher: The Experiment
ISBN: 1615191518
Size: 59.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1832
An updated edition of the classic planner, “a chatty, humorous compendium of traditions, advice, and wedding details geared for same-sex couples” (Publishers Weekly). Wedding planning is never easy—but for gay and lesbian couples, it presents unique challenges. On top of watching the budget and wrangling your family, you may be wondering: How should we word the invitations? Who can perform the ceremony? What should we say to those who ask, “ . . . why?” This trusty guide—first published when legal same-sex marriage was just a dream—tackles all that and more. Here are tips on finding the perfect venue, vows, outfits, cake, kit, and caboodle, as well as: Creative workarounds (Have you considered a home wedding?) Budget-friendly shortcuts (Supplement the tiered cake with a sheet cake.) The latest trends (How to buck the traditions that don’t work for you.) And sage wisdom, with a wink! (Rule #1: If you invite them, they may come!) If you’d rather stay crazy about each other than go crazy, The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings—filled with “witty, wise, and practical advice”—is for you (Library Journal). “All you need is love—and this book—to have a great wedding.” —Melissa Etheridge, musician and LGBT activist

The New Essential Guide To Gay Lesbian Weddings

Author: Tess Ayers
Publisher: Alyson Books
ISBN: 9781593501211
Size: 64.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4675
Offers suggestions on planning a same-sex wedding ceremony, covering topics from proposing and creating a preliminary checklist to organizing the reception and selecting a honeymoon destination.

Capturing Love

Author: Thea Dodds
ISBN: 9780578113050
Size: 54.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3194
Same-sex couples are one small part of a large, vibrant market and need most of the same services as heterosexual couples. But all wedding templates are not created equal for same-sex couples. This is also true for wedding photographers and the poses they have been trained to use when conducting engagement shoots and photographing weddings. What works for John and Barbara, won’t necessarily work for Matthew and Rick, let alone Jill and Louise. Enter veteran wedding photographer, Thea Dodds of Authentic Eye Photography, and gay and lesbian wedding pioneer, Kathryn Hamm of, who have teamed up to create this groundbreaking book and visual guide. Featuring the work of 38 of the best same-sex wedding photographers and 47 loving couples, Hamm & Dodds provide needed support to wedding photographers who must revisit the rules of traditional wedding and engagement portraiture and develop an expanded skill set to better serve all couples in today’s dynamic wedding market.

Equally Wed

Author: Kirsten Palladino
Publisher: Seal Press
ISBN: 1580056717
Size: 31.25 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5006
By and large, most wedding books in the market are still centered around one bride and one groom. And yet, the advent of full marriage equality in the United States has made a new, polished wedding planning book dedicated to guiding LGBTQ couples both timely and essential. Kirsten Palladino will fill that need with this definitive book to inspire couples everywhere who are seeking a meaningful, personal ceremony and a momentous beginning to legally married life. Equally Wed brings author Palladino's expertise as the founder and editorial director of the world's leading online resource for LGBTQ wedding planning to the page. Palladino walks readers through every step of the notoriously costly and arduous planning process with wisdom and accessibility. From how to incorporate hot trends among LGBTQ couples to advice on how to incorporate children into a ceremony to more serious hurdles like dealing with homophobia among family members, Equally Wed has it all. The author importantly includes an accurate picture of wedding budgets for couples from all backgrounds, and shares her invaluable insider tips for making the most of each vendor; she also addresses fashion advice specific for LGBTQ readers, such as suiting up as a nonbinary nearlywed or attending fittings as a butch lesbian or a transgender woman. And best of all, she does it with the celebratory, joyful approach that all couples deserve. With a beautiful 2-color package, a total absence of heteronormative terms and assumptions, and a wealth of advice on every wedding-related topic imaginable, Equally Wed is set to be the go-to LGBTQ wedding guide just as every couple is finally free to wed.

Getting Groomed

Author: Jason Mitchell
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452129622
Size: 24.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 5267
Finally, a fun wedding organizer for gay grooms! This planner covers every aspect of the event so the big day goes off without a hitch—focusing on the details of the celebration and steering away from the politics of gay marriage, Getting Groomed offers a refreshing approach to readers planning a wedding or commitment ceremony. Couples will learn how to set a budget, organize the guest list, design invitations, dress and style for the big day, and much more. This elegant planner is the resource—and perfect gift—for stylish grooms-to-be.

The Lesbian Couple S Guide To Wedding Planning

Author: Bernadette Coveney Smith
Publisher: Sellers Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781416209140
Size: 63.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 633
With same-sex marriage becoming legal in more states, many lesbian couples are making the biggest decision of their lives – to get married! In order to ensure the ceremony and reception go off without a hitch, who should they turn to? As the nation's leading same-sex wedding expert, Bernadette Coveney Smith provides all the essential information that lesbians need in order to have the wedding of their dreams. Coveney Smith gives lesbian couples advice on everything from setting priorities and organizing their budget to involving parents and family (or not!) in the planning process. In this comprehensive 12-month wedding-countdown format, Coveney Smith shows how to plan for a wide range of weddings for all budgets and styles – from casual to formal. With more than 125 beautiful color photographs to provide added inspiration, The Lesbian Couple's Guide to Wedding Planning is the go-to resource for engaged lesbian couples everywhere!

Steven Petrow S Complete Gay Lesbian Manners

Author: Steven Petrow
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 0761156704
Size: 18.73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 250
Presents information and etiquette advice on questions including coming out, dating, tying the knot, and starting a family.

The New Art Of Capturing Love

Author: Kathryn Hamm
Publisher: Amphoto Books
ISBN: 0804185247
Size: 29.36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2126
The first guide to posing and sensitively capturing same-sex couples on their big day, The New Art of Capturing Love equips semi-pro and professional wedding photographers to enter the exciting new LGBT wedding photography market. With nearly half of the states in the US (and 13 countries) currently recognizing same-sex partnerships, the market for LGBT weddings is poised for explosive growth, offering great opportunity for today's wedding photographers. But capturing portraits in this new market requires a new approach to posing, which until now has been nearly exclusively oriented toward pairing a larger man in black with a smaller woman in white. What works for Jack and Jill won't necessarily work for Jack and Michael, let alone Jill and Louise. The New Art of Capturing Loverewrites these traditional techniques, giving photographers the tools to create flattering, emotion-filled images for any couple in today's dynamic wedding market.

Alternative Weddings

Author: Jane Ross-Macdonald
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 9780878339778
Size: 43.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5902
Explores a variety of religious and spiritual traditions as well as nonreligious alternatives for creating a personalized wedding ceremony