The Black Biblical Heritage

Author: John Johnson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548143770
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The Black Biblical Heritage is the endeavor of over thirty-five years of intensive research exposing many doubts and myths handed down through the centuries by European clergy to Africa, Asia and the Western Hemisphere. Aside from the New and Old Testaments, this remarkable book is the first printed material of its kind to highlight the lineage of Ham, the patriarchal-ancestral father of Africa and sections of Asia. In 300 A.D., when Rome was just adopting the Christian doctrine, thousands of books, por¬traits, and sacred icons portraying the traditional belief that Africa developed the early fundamentals of Judaism and Christianity, were burned, desecrated and hidden through¬out the empire. Only recently, following the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls of Palestine in 1947, and the tablets of Elba, Syria in 1975, have theologians reluctantly acknowledged the ancestral facts pertaining to Africa and the Bible; there has been an obsession to replace the Jesus of Israel with the one Italy presented to the Northern Hemisphere. The Black Biblical Heritage presents: -Over 170 Biblical characters who were Hamites or of the Hamitic lineage -Over 146 illustrations -Three maps and 2 sketches, which designates the Diaspora of Ham's descendants -The misconceptions of Ham's curse -Comments from the renowned Biblicists and historians concerning Africa's contribution -The concept of the Africans and Hebrews as one people -Essays relating to Africa's theological history -An extensive bibliography with over 700 references throughout the text -An index of Biblical African people

Biblical History Of Black Mankind

Author: C. McGhee Livers
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As author translates the Hebrew and Greek text (manuscripts) of the Old and New Testament of the Bible into English; the following is discovered:* Blacks Great Biblical Heritage* Origin of Blacks Revealed* Black Skin: A Sign of Prosperity* The Origin of Whites and Jew Revealed

The Black Presence In The Bible

Author: Walter Arthur McCray
Publisher: Urban Ministries Inc
ISBN: 9780933176232
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Distinguished as a forerunner and foundational resource since it's release. Volume One (Teacher's guide) discovering the black and African Identity of Biblical Persons and Nations- guides the reader in a compact and insightful overview of the study's breadth and depth.

The African American Guide To The Bible

Author: Dr. H. C. Felder
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1504947665
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The African American Guide to the Bible makes the case for the relevance of the Bible from the perspective of people of color. It presents a comprehensive biblical view of topics of interest to African Americans and clarifies racial issues for white people. Part I addresses the inspiration of the Bible by giving evidence for its authenticity. A considerable amount of time is spent on examining the original text of the Bible, the archeological evidence, and the evidence from predictive prophecy to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Bible. Part II deals with the black presence in the Bible by demonstrating the prominence of people of color and black people in particular by highlighting their importance in the plan of God. It explains what it means to be black and demonstrates that the scientific and biblical evidence are both consistent with respect to race. Part III is a response to the arguments of racism used by critics of the Bible. For example, Christianity is the white man's religion and The Bible supports slavery and racism. These arguments are examined and evaluated in light of scripture and the context of history. Part IV deals with the unity of humanity from a biblical perspective. It shows why racism is not only unbiblical but is evil when understood from the perspective of God. The arguments advanced in this book are the result of careful scientific and biblical analysis to present a unified view of humanity.

An Encyclopedia Of African American Christian Heritage

Author: Marvin Andrew McMickle
ISBN: 9780817014025
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In this historical handbook, readers will virtually hear the voices of select African-American religious leaders and learn of the events, movements, and organizations that have contributed to the formations and development of African-American Christianity.

Black People In The Bible

Author: Randolph Jackson
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781489583321
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Is the Bible really a chronicle of generations of people, most of whom were people of color? This is the question raised by Randolph Jackson in his book, "Black People in the Bible." Extensive research and deductions by the author yield some unconventional answers to this question, especially with regards to Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and Jesus and his disciples. Here is a chance for religious readers to see the Bible through a new perspective. Let the author present his case to you.