The Anti Corn Law League

Author: Norman McCord
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136584471
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Although the Anti-Corn Law league played a most important part in the politics of the 1840's, there is no modern study of its activities and organization. Based on several years work on the original sources, as well as papers belonging to George Wilson, President of the League for most of its life, this book sheds light on the internal history and organization of the League. Written from a political perspective, Dr McCord describes the origin, organization and activities of the League, together with its effect on the contemporary political scene, and as such, fills an important gap in our knowledge of the political history of early Victorian England. At the same time, the book provides an analysis of an unusually well-documented political pressure group, making it a most welcome addition to literature for historians and economic historians, as well as students of political science. This book was first published in 1958.

The Rise Of Free Trade Assault On The Corn Laws 1838 1846

Author: Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey
Publisher: Taylor & Francis US
ISBN: 9780415156295
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Why was Britain the first country to opt for unilateral free trade 150 years ago? On 16 May 1846, the House of Commons voted to abolish tariff protection for agriculture - the famous 'repeal of the Corn Laws'. Britain then adhered to her free trade policy despite both her relative economic decline and the protectionist policies of her leading trade rivals, the USA and Germany.This four volume set examines and explains the contentious issues surrounding the policy shift to free trade and the subsequent persistence of that policy. This set provides a comprehensive collection of articles including previously unpublished material on nineteenth century British trade policy and a new and comprehensive introduction by the editor putting the material into context.

Economic Growth In Britain And France 1780 1914 Routledge Revivals

Author: Patrick O'Brien
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136629408
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First published in 1978, Professor O’Brien’s Economic Growth in Britain and France 1780-1914 is an original and pioneering exercise in comparative and quantitative economic history. It finds a controversial place in the debate on the question of French retardation in the 19th century and as a brave and important contribution towards the understanding of economic growth in Western Europe. The author attempts to comprehend and evaluate the economic performance of France through explicit comparisons with Britain, while considering British economic history from a French perspective. Challenging the orthodox view that France lagged behind Britain in economic terms, the book argues that there were two paths of economic growth to the 20th century, with France’s path seen as a more humane and no less efficient transition to industrial society.

A History Of English Corn Laws

Author: Donald Grove Barnes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136582517
Size: 44.83 MB
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Culture Ideology And Politics Routledge Revivals

Author: Raphael Samuel
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317207130
Size: 76.89 MB
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First published in 1982, this book is inspired the ideas generated by Eric Hobsbawm, and has taken shape around a unifying preoccupation with the symbolic order and its relationship to political and religious belief. It explores some of the oldest question in Marxist historiography, for example the relationship of ‘base’ and ‘superstructure’, art and social life, and also some of the newest and most problematic questions, such as the relationship of dreams and fantasy to political action, or of past and present — historical consciousness — to the making of ideology. The essays, which range widely over period and place, are intended to break new ground and take on difficult questions.

Dictionary Of Liberal Thought

Author: Duncan Brack
Publisher: Politicos Pub
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Do you often find yourself saying, 'I'm so busy' or 'I just have so much to do'? It's easy to get overwhelmed with appointments, gatherings, to-do lists. But what are we really doing with our time? Many of us are running from place to place and it seems like life is just passing us by. We're doing so many things, a little bit of everything, and yet it doesn't feel like much of a life. But most of us find it hard to say no. We feel obligated. There are so many good things to do. So many good caus

Free Trade

Author: Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey
Publisher: Thoemmes Pr
ISBN: 9781855064454
Size: 14.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Despite the renewed interest in the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846), the original source material surrounding the repeal legislation has remained difficult to find for researchers, especially those outside Britain. This volume offers easy access to key Parliamentary documents, pamphlets, and speeches of the Anti-Corn Law League and a number of contemporary documents on the anticipated effects of repeal by Torrens, McCulloch, Porter, Pennington, and others.