Teaching Learning And Psychology

Author: Jane Yeomans
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135056331
Size: 11.72 MB
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Presenting a range of psychological theories in a non-technical and readable style, this book shows how psychology can be used to effectively deliver educational objectives and enhance children’s learning. Linking theory with practical application, the authors consider the wider role that schools can play in the social development of children through: teaching and managing individual pupils teaching and managing groups of pupils the teacher as part of an organisation and school system the teacher as part of the community of the school and area. Structured to reflect the standards for QTS and relevant for key stages 1-4, this book shows how understanding the psychological theories underpinning pedagogy can help both trainee and practising teachers become reflective and informed practitioners when faced with new and challenging teaching situations.

The Psychology Of Teaching And Learning In The Primary School

Author: David Whitebread
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134612117
Size: 15.17 MB
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This book reviews recent work in psychology which sheds new light on important areas of concern to primary school teachers, providing clear guidelines for good practice. The Psychology of Teaching and Learning in the Primary School details the current controversies regarding the effective teaching of reading and numeracy, how to deal with emotional and behavioural difficulties, the best methods of assessing learning, as well as teaching children to think and develop their creativity. It is a useful text for tutors and students on initial teacher training courses, and to teachers involved in professional development. Each chapter contains an editor's summary, a list of further reading, a full list of references and activities to develop and deepen the readers' understanding in each area. At the same time, the book is written in an accessible style ideal for the non-psychologist and is well illustrated with practical classroom examples.

Psychology Of Teaching And Learning

Author: Manuel Martinez-Pons
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826453554
Size: 27.57 MB
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The Psychology of Teaching and Learning provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the psychology of instruction in the schools and colleges.The book divides the theory into three stages (the "three steps" in the subtitle): (i) work by the teacher prior to engagement with the student (e.g. needs assessment; diagnosis; mental ability including emotional intelligence); (ii) work by the teacher with the student (e.g. module delivery, formative assessment); and (iii) work done by the teacher after engagement with the student (e.g. summative assessment, remedial planning). The subject matter is wide-ranging including, for example, parental influence, behavioral factors and a consideration of different kinds of intelligence. Martinez-Pons has developed models of instruction in the form of flow charts, reports research (including plentiful quantitative studies) and includes boxed material explaining techniques and concepts (e.g. correlational analysis).It was written with graduate students of education in mind, especially for courses for educational psychology and pedagogy. Because the book develops out of general educational psychology, it is applicable to all stages of education from elementary school to college teaching as well as in-service professionals, including educational psychologists.

Assessing Teaching And Learning In Psychology Current And Future Perspectives

Author: Dana Dunn
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285401158
Size: 67.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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ASSESSING TEACHING AND LEARNING IN PSYCHOLOGY: CURRENT AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES is designed to be a helpful response to the assessment needs of psychology teachers, department heads, and program administrators in 2-year and 4-year institutions--one that builds on the momentum found in the wider assessment movement. Chapters of this professional reference explore assessment options and opportunities at all levels in the undergraduate psychology curriculum, offering practical guidance to educators who want to improve teaching and learning through assessment practices. Readers learn about pragmatic practices for designing and implementing assessments of student performance within introductory, intermediate, and advanced (including capstone) courses, and about how assessment can inform the internal and external evaluation of a psychology department or program. Department chairs acquire practical advice about how best to work with reluctant faculty members so that assessment practices can become normative rather than marginalized within the classroom. In addition to learning how assessment can inform the quality of their teaching, faculty members can use assessment concepts and tools found in the book to properly interpret--and advocate for--the appropriate use of students' evaluations of teaching effectiveness. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Learning Is A Verb

Author: Sherrie Reynolds
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351814311
Size: 17.48 MB
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This book explores a new way of thinking about teaching and learning. Its central goal is to help us understand how we think and learn; it will also help teachers understand children and offers a new and helpful perspective on the role of teaching. The book provides an orientation or way of thinking about the psychological dimensions of teaching and learning. This orientation is discussed in relation to cultural shifts that have influenced all fields of study; in education and psychology, the shift is reflected in the works of such scholars as Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner, and others. Their work marks a change from a mechanical view of learning to a view of learning as dynamic transformation. In Learning Is a Verb, Sherrie Reynolds discusses how thinking about teaching and learning must change so that we can create conditions that help children think and interact with one another in helpful, healthy ways. Her engaging, conversational style, together with many examples and observations, will lead readers from reflection on their experiences to a deeper understanding of the changes needed in our educational system.

The Psychology Of Effective Learning And Teaching

Author: Matt Jarvis
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748790371
Size: 35.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book covers the psychology of teaching and learning and focuses on applying up-to-date, as well as traditional, theory in the classroom. It covers a range of issues that most concern the new teacher, written clearly and at an appropriate level. Highly accessible and contemporary, The Psychology of Learning and Teaching covers newer modular theories and their implications for learning styles.

Psychological Foundations Of Education

Author: B. Claude Mathis
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483258165
Size: 14.82 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Psychological Foundations of Education presents some of the principles of psychology that are relevant to learning and teaching. It presents an alternative answer to the problem of the bifurcation of general and educational psychology in the curriculum of teacher preparation. While the solution is provisional and has obvious imperfections, it is offered in the hope that it may stimulate discussion of the problem and other solutions and/or explicit justifications for past practice. Key concepts discussed include teachers’ attitudes and behavior, different types of learning, technology in education, forgetting and extinction, child development, and intelligence measurements. Also covered are the assessment of educational achievement, the social psychology of the classroom, and education in urban schools. This text should have a variety of uses in classes where students are preparing for teaching. It was written specifically for those situations in which the prospective teacher is introduced to psychology through a one- or two-semester integrated sequence.

Psychology Of Teaching Learning Process

Author: P. R. Bhatia
ISBN: 9788126122462
Size: 70.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Education Is A Vast Discipline And Teachers Training Is A Vital Part Of It. The Responsibilities Of The Educationists And Educators Are Focused On The Task Of Providing Better Training To The Future Teachers For Their Better Learning And Proper Development. Needless To Say That This Responsibility Can Only Be Exercised, If The Trainers Are Equipped With The Required Knowledge Of The Subject Concerned. The Present Series Is Designed For Providing A Solid Workable Base For All Course-Papers. It Has Been Prepared Strictly According To The Syllabus Of The B.Ed. Class, Prescribed By The Ugc For Different Universities.The Present Book Entitled Psychology Of Teaching-Learning Process Covers All Aspects Of Teaching-Learning Processes In The Present Day Context.ContentsIntroduction; Nature And Scope Of Educational Psychology; Human Growth And Development; Methods Of Study; Psychology Of Learning; Theories Of Learning; The Motivation; The Intelligence; Mental Hygiene; Personality: Nature And Types; Concept Of Exceptional Children; Education Of Exceptional Children; Techniques Of Teaching; Emotionally Disturbed Children; The Delinquency; Process Of Adjustment; Etc.