Subversive Words

Author: Arlette Farge
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271014326
Size: 26.22 MB
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From the book: "Paris was fond of stormy weather and emerging toads; the thirst for knowledge was supreme, and the first to read and reread the news were the first to render it with criticism. Authors and readers, great and small, all shared the impression that they were caught between truth and falsehood, and moreover that the 'probable-improbable' they relished so much was being manipulated by the complex strategies of the court, the police and the petty hordes of the evil-minded. We cannot understand the curiosity of the Parisian public without realizing that they did at least know one thing: the extent they were being made fools of." The eighteenth century was awash with rumor and talk. The words and opinions of ordinary people filled the streets of Paris. But were these simply the isolated grumblings and gossip of the crowd, or is it possible to speak of genuine "public opinion" among the common people? This is the subject of Subversive Words, the newest book by French historian Arlette Farge. Farge begins with Jürgen Habermas's notion of a bourgeois public sphere. However, whereas Habermas was concerned mostly with the "cultured classes," Farge focuses on the uneducated common people. Drawing on chronicles, newspapers, memoirs, police reports, and news sheets from the time, she finds that by the second half of the eighteenth century ordinary Parisians had come to assert their right to hold and declare clear opinions on what was happening in their city--visible, real, everyday events such as executions, price rises, and revolts. Yet the government preferred to regard ordinary Parisians as unsophisticated, impulsive, or inept. In the years leading up to the Revolution, however, the administration increasingly feared the mobilization of these people. Officially, it denied the existence of any distinct popular public opinion, but in practice it kept the streets of Paris under regular surveillance through a system of spies, inspectors, and observers. Amid this curious tension between denial and action, Farge argues, popular rumors arose and gained a life of their own. Wise and filled with vivid descriptions of everyday life, Subversive Words is cultural and intellectual history at its best.


Author: Ted Rall
Publisher: NBM
ISBN: 9781561633173
Size: 73.20 MB
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This inspired collection of political cartoons laughs in the face of the mainstream political cartoons featured in daily newspapers that make lame jokes about the news while sucking up to the corporations that own them. This collection features the next generation of artists out to save the world: artists whose cartoons run in the hottest and most subversive alternative papers around the US. This collection includes hundreds of cartoons and interviews with over 20 of the best in young, alternative, really political comic art. In b/w throughout.

Comedy And Feminist Interpretation Of The Hebrew Bible

Author: Melissa Jackson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199656770
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This book explores the Hebrew Bible for evidence of comedy and further asks how reading the Hebrew Bible through a comic "lens" might positively inform feminist interpretation. The exploration is conducted with a number of Hebrew Bible narratives, all of which prominently involve female characters.

Parables As Subversive Speech

Author: William R. Herzog
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780664253554
Size: 36.89 MB
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William Herzog shows that the focus of the parables was not on a vision of the glory of the reign of God but on the gory details of the way oppression served the interests of the ruling class. The parables were a form of social analysis, as well as a form of theological reflection. Herzog scrutinizes their canonical form to show the distinction between its purpose for Jesus and for evangelists. To do this, he uses the tools of historical criticism, including form criticism and redaction criticism.

Keywords In Subversive Film Media Aesthetics

Author: Robert Stam
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118288939
Size: 56.91 MB
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Keywords offers a conversational journey through the overlying terrains of politically engaged art and artistically engaged politics, combining a major statement on subversive aesthetics, a survey of radical film strategies, and a lexicon of over a thousand terms and concepts. No other book combines an ambitious essay on radical politics and aesthetics in film with a lexicon of terms and ideas, many of which are new and innovative Creates and illustrates over a thousand terms and concept, drawing its examples from a wide range of media Provides a broad timespan, covering the very ancient (Ramayana, Aristotle) to the most current (digital mashups, memes) Uniquely discusses the areas of film, television and the internet within one book No other book combines an ambitious essay on radical politics and aesthetics in film with a lexicon of terms and ideas, many of which are new and innovative


Author: Brian Whitney
Publisher: SCB Distributors
ISBN: 1909394556
Size: 24.18 MB
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Subversive is a book of interviews with fifty-two of the most radical people in the world. From all walks of life, some are famous, while others are almost completely unknown. These are people different to the rest of us. They want the world to change, and they are doing things to change it. Some are activists, some live in such a way that society has to take notice. Subversive doesn't adopt a sensationalist tone. It approaches its subjects with a curiosity about what they believe in and how they lead their lives. Black Panthers, white nationalists, eco terrorists, unrepentant heroin users, The Cannibal Cop, meth makers, fetish pornographers, war protestors, 9-11 truthers, occultists, political agitators, sungazers, literary imposters, time travellers, virtuous paedophiles, flat earthers, anarcho-primitivists, murderers, and beyond.

Teaching As A Subversive Activity

Author: Neil Postman
Publisher: Delta
ISBN: 0307491706
Size: 19.35 MB
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A no-holds-barred assault on outdated teaching methods--with dramatic and practical proposals on how education can be made relevant to today's world. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Subversive Zombie

Author: Elizabeth Aiossa
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476631883
Size: 74.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Historically, zombies have been portrayed in films and television series as mindless, shuffling monsters. In recent years, this has changed dramatically. The undead are fast and ferocious in 28 Days Later… (2002) and World War Z (2013). In Warm Bodies (2013) and In the Flesh (2013-2015), they are thoughtful, sensitive and capable of empathy. These sometimes radically different depictions of the undead (and the still living) suggest critical inquiries: What does it mean to be human? What makes a monster? Who survives the zombie apocalypse, and why? Focusing on classic and current movies and TV shows, the author reveals how the once-subversive modern zombie, now more popular than ever, has been co-opted by the mainstream culture industry.