Strong Enough

Author: Mark Rippetoe
ISBN: 9780976805441
Size: 36.84 MB
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Strong Enough

Author: M. Leighton
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0425279464
Size: 28.88 MB
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The first in a dark, sexy and contemporary romance series from a New York Times bestselling author. Muse Harper is a 20 something painter who loves to red wine, quirky movies and men with a fatal flaw. Jasper King is a bounty hunter with the eyes of a tiger and the nose of a bloodhound. When Muse meets Jasper he is meant to help her find her missing father. But something else develops between them, something dark, dangerous, and incredibly sexy.


Author: Josiah Howard
Publisher: Plexus Publishing
ISBN: 085965897X
Size: 45.59 MB
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Throughout her astonishing fifty-year career - which has encompassed TV triumphs, a string of international hits, an Oscar statuette and a Las Vegas residency - Cher's personal life has continually made front-page news. In the shadow of her success, Cher has married twice, battled depression, defied the censors, and dealt with the tragedy of Sonny Bono's early death. Including exclusive interviews with Cher and those she has worked with on and off stage, Strong Enough documents the ins, outs, ups and downs of a one-name American icon at her outrageous best - by the writer behind Cher's Vegas tour programmes.

Strong Enough

Author: Anne Grady
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781541332713
Size: 52.31 MB
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If you have ever felt stuck, overwhelmed, or at the end of your rope, you are not alone. Author Anne Grady knows what it's like overcome unbelievable odds. In her latest book, she shatters preconceived notions of strength and shares a formula to help you cultivate courage and build resilience so that you can overcome any obstacle or setback. And she'll capture your heart and make you laugh while she does it. With thought-provoking questions, assignments, and self-assessments, Anne provides a tool kit to help you challenge the status quo and use adversity as a catalyst to help you grow Strong Enough.

Strong Enough To Die

Author: Jon Land
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780765369567
Size: 38.10 MB
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Questioning her family's five-generation dedication to service as Texas Rangers in the aftermath of a deadly gunfight, Caitlin Strong struggles with guilt over the event that ended her career before uncovering a shocking truth about the incident, a finding for which she teams up with a dangerous outlaw who has reasons for wanting her dead.


Author: Charles Mok
Publisher: Forbesbooks
ISBN: 9780998365503
Size: 71.76 MB
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Clinical studies show that testosterone therapy reduces the risk of breast cancer by 50 to 75 percent and relieves virtually all symptoms of menopause with no adverse effects. You read that correctly. The benefits of implementing testosterone into hormone replacement therapy are virtually unprecedented, and yet the larger medical community continues to ignore the facts. In order to repair the standard of care, Dr. Charles Mok confronts medical professionals for their slow integration of testosterone. With support from a wealth of peer-reviewed studies, he shows how this therapy can help women facing menopause maintain their weight, enjoy sex again, and reduce the health risks associated with aging. Discover the true treatment for menopause and take back control of your body!

Strong Enough To Love

Author: Victoria Dahl
Publisher: HQN Books
ISBN: 1488032386
Size: 59.42 MB
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Return to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with this reader favorite from USA TODAY bestselling author Victoria Dahl! There's only one man that makes every nerve in Eve Hill's body and brain light up. Unfortunately, he's also the one who's completely off-limits: Brian Stewart. For Brian, returning to Jackson Hole feels like coming home. But that has nothing to do with the town. It's Eve drawing him back. Eve and the chance to finally see if they have something or if it's all been in his imagination. Eve doesn't think she can open her heart to Brian, but her body still wants him. She offers Brian one night to fulfill their long-denied fantasies, and that's it. No love or promises, just a chance to get their attraction out of their systems. But can one night really be enough? Originally published in 2013.

Is It Strong Enough

Author: Dieter Wieneke
ISBN: 1483447774
Size: 26.96 MB
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Whether you're a project manager, engineer, inventor, student, professional consultant, or executive, you need to know if structures are strong enough to do their jobs and maintain the safety of the public. He provides a comprehensive explanation of the four steps that must be undertaken to assess the structure safely: finding the loads and forces it must endure; applying some safety factors; finding the structural details and calculating the stresses; comparing the stresses to the material strengths. He does this all without requiring readers to do extensive mathematics, and he also outlines when it's time to seek help from a professional consultant to answer that critical question: Is it Strong Enough?"

Just A Stranger

Author: Scott Lance
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595195830
Size: 30.82 MB
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Just A Stranger Small town atmosphere where the weather is continually changing, giving the locals a popular, non-thinking topic to discuss. And how is your day? Just A Stranger depicts life in a slow, comforting village where your neighbor is family, the store clerk is a by-product of immigration, the school system is consolidated, and each day follows the same-old, same-old. Until… Two young ladies coming home for a visit. A small reunion filled with life’s ultimate questions and dying answers. Drawing them to the edge of their own existence, is it Mayville with it’s quaint taste of settling or is it the players this small village has created. Kim and Becky knew this would be no vacation, but once their feet touched the ground of Mayville…I’ll let you explain.

Strong Enough

Author: Cardeno C.
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 1627980512
Size: 24.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Vic Ledore buys an antique mirror only to find it’s haunted, his initial fear turns to intrigue when he realizes he and the ghost wear the same face. The mirror is possessed by Philippe Montmarche, a vagrant who lived in early-1800s New Orleans and committed suicide after his lover went to war and died. Philippe is helplessly trapped until he can find his true love again. He also believes Vic is his reincarnation, but Vic isn’t so sure. Soon after, Vic meets Jules Cassell, a gorgeous, witty, interesting man who relieves Vic’s ennui and quickly finds his way to Vic’s heart. But Philippe has captivated Vic as well, and when Philippe's search to find his lover mysteriously involves Jules, Vic can’t help but be drawn into the tragic love story as he hopes to discover his own.