The Risk Management In Crowdfunding

Author: Xiaoshuai Yuan
Publisher: Tredition Gmbh
ISBN: 9783732378111
Size: 60.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book gives an introduction of the new funding model crowdfunding," which describes the fund-raising through numerous individuals via online intermediaries. During the financial crisis, traditional financing channels tighten up on their investments, Funding for innovative business projects, for small and medium sized enterprises become more difficult, crowdfunding becomes a feasible solution. Ordinarily crowdfunding is used in the initial funding or early-stage financing, both involve in high risks. Crowdfunding industry is still in its infancy, appropriate stakeholders' protection mechanism not only benefits entrepreneurs and investors, but also has great significance for the industry itself. The content is structured with into 2 main parts, the first part gives a concise overview about the Internet-based financial industry and introduced the basic concept, characteristics of crowdfunding and an overview of the current regulatory state from three dynamic markets: US, Europe and China, to introduce industrial environment from macro-economic perspective. The following part leads into risk management theory and introduces specific risks in crowdfunding, it tries to answer the research question How could crowdfunding platforms reduce risks for its participants? " with selected cases and interviews with industrial insiders."

Global Constitutionalism

Author: Aydin Atilgan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662556472
Size: 13.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book provides insights into the viability of the idea of global constitution. Global constitutionalism has emerged as an alternative paradigm for international law. However, in view of the complex and varied structure of contemporary constitutionalism, in reality it is extremely difficult to use constitutional law to provide a new paradigm for international law. The book argues that the cultural paradigm can offer functional tools for the global constitutionalism discourse. In other words, global constitutionalism could be handled in the context of a global “constitutional culture” instead of a global constitution. This would provide a more realistic basis for discussing global constitutionalization of a society as diverse as the international community, where a globalized polity and a globalized legal system have not yet been achieved.

Experiments In Ethics

Author: Anthony Appiah
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674026094
Size: 78.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Introduction: The waterless moat -- The case against character -- The case against intuition -- The varieties of moral experience -- The ends of ethics.

Agreement On The European Economic Area

Author: Finn Arnesen
Publisher: Hart Publishing
ISBN: 9781509922420
Size: 40.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The provisions of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) determine the relations of the EFTA countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein with the EU and its Member States. On its basis, these three countries participate extensively in the internal market. The EEA is also discussed as a possible model for relations between the EU and the United Kingdom after Brexit. The new commentary, article by article, explores the importance of the legal practice agreement. It incorporates the extensive annexes and protocols to the agreement, which unlocks key secondary EEA law and establishes links with EU law. The current state of EEA law in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein is summarized by legislation and case law.The focus of the presentations lies in the commentary of the EEA regulations on the free movement of goods, the movement of persons, services and capital, transport policy and competition law. The tasks and procedures of the two EEA bodies European Surveillance Authority and EFTA Court, which are used for monitoring and dispute resolution, are explained by commenting on the EEA Regulations and the supplementary agreement concluded between Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The work offers - A comprehensive overview of the special situation in Switzerland- Cross-sectional views on the effects of EEA law in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and on the effects of EEA law in the EU- Important references to the international agreements accompanying the EEA- A comprehensive analysis of the changed legal environment, including the Treaty of Lisbon and other European Treaties. In addition, the commentary provides information on the current state of EEA law in the light of the case law of the EFTA Court and the legislation and case law of the three countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. For ease of use, the otherwise not easily accessible annexes and protocols, where relevant, and the supplementary agreements are printed.

The Fourth Amendment

Author: Thomas K. Clancy
ISBN: 9781611631746
Size: 60.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This treatise is an accessible and authoritative resource for scholars, judges, practitioners, and others on the Fourth Amendment. It comprehensively treats Supreme Court case law and offers a structural approach to the Fourth Amendment, addressing foundational questions: What is a search? What is a seizure? What does the Amendment protect? When is it satisfied? When does the exclusionary rule apply? The treatise offers ready access to current doctrine. The historical events and the development of search and seizure principles over time provide perspective. Fourth Amendment jurisprudence is in constant change and this second edition incorporates all Supreme Court developments since the first edition, including important cases on the definition of a “search,” searches of vehicles, exigent circumstances, dog searches, and the exclusionary rule. It also adds hundreds of lower court cases.The second edition includes a new introductory section on digital evidence in Chapter 1, highlighting the increasing importance of such evidence, and has additional treatment of digital evidence throughout. Although the structure of the first edition has been retained, every section of the new edition has new material and many of sections have been substantially revised.

Assessing Progress In The Implementation Of Zimbabwe S New Constitution

Author: Oliver C. Ruppel
Publisher: Nomos Verlag
ISBN: 3845283742
Size: 40.42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Mit Blick auf aktuelle Entwicklungen und die neue Verfassung in Simbabwe, beschäftigt sich der Band mit den Chancen und Herausforderungen, mit denen das Land konfrontiert ist. Die Beiträge resultieren aus der im März 2015 in Harare abgehaltenen Konferenz "Überlegungen zum Fortschritt bei der Umsetzung der neuen Verfassung Simbabwes: Nationale, regionale und globale Perspektiven". Die Autoren, darunter politische Entscheidungsträger, Vertreter der Justiz, sowie simbabwische und internationale Verfassungsrechtsexperten reflektieren u. a. über die Herausforderung der verfassungsrechtlichen Ausrichtung, die Rolle der Zivilgesellschaft und der Sicherheitsdienste in einer konstitutionellen Demokratie und die Rolle von Institutionen und unabhängigen Kommissionen bei Etablierung und Erhalt von demokratischen Werten und Rechtsstaatlichkeit. Damit soll ein offener intellektueller und rechtlicher Dialog über die neue Verfassung gefördert und dessen Bedeutung für die Menschen in Simbabwe aufgezeigt werden. Mit Beiträgen von: Alexander Berndt, Brian D. Crozier, Val A. Ingham-Thorpe, Ulrich Klöckner, Derek Matyszak, Khulekani Moyo, Jacob Francis Mudenda, Teresa P. Mugadza, Elasto H. Mugwadi, Irene Petras, Oliver C. Ruppel, Kathrin Maria Scherr, Georg Schmidt, Annel M. Silungwe, Oskar Wermter SJ, Rüdiger Wolfrum