Statik Im Erdbau

Author: Henner Türke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783433017913
Size: 60.42 MB
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Bei der statischen Berechnung von Erdbauten stehen die Probleme der Standsicherheit im Vordergrund. In diesem Buch werden die Nachweise für Böschungen, Dämme sowie Stützmauern behandelt und Anregungen für einheitliche Ansätze gegeben. Ausgewählte Zahlenbeispiele verdeutlichen die Zusammenhänge zwischen den Sicherheitsbedingungen. Als Darstellungsart des Stoffes ist die übersichtliche Tafelform gewählt worden.In der 3. Auflage des Buches bleiben die Hauptteile "Erdbausysteme" und "Berechnungsverfahren" weitgehend unverändert, da die zugrundeliegende Erdbaumechanik beständig ist. Beim dritten Hauptteil Beispiele mußten zusätzliche Umrechnungen mit Teilsicherheitsbeiwerten vorgenommen werden. Maßgebend hierfür war das im April 1996 erschienene DIN-Taschenbuch "Bauen in Europa: Band Geotechnik" mit Vornormen für Sicherheitsnachweise und Berechnungsverfahren. Diese Unterlagen stellen die nationalen Anwendungsrichtlinien zum Eurocode 7 dar und sollen eine bessere Harmonisierung zwischen bisherigem und künftigem Sicherheitskonzept bewirken. Bei den Beispielumrechnungen dieses Buches nach den genannten Vornormen sind die Ergebnisse deutlich befriedigender ausgefallen - verglichen mit früheren Untersuchungen unter anderen Voraussetzungen -, so daß die neuen nationalen Richtlinien zu begrüßen sind.Der Anhangteil enthält neben einigen Zusammenstellungen die notwendigen Erläuterungen zur Sicherheitstheorie.

Airport Engineering

Author: Norman J. Ashford
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118005477
Size: 48.68 MB
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First published in 1979, Airport Engineering by Ashford and Wright, has become a classic textbook in the education of airport engineers and transportation planners. Over the past twenty years, construction of new airports in the US has waned as construction abroad boomed. This new edition of Airport Engineering will respond to this shift in the growth of airports globally, with a focus on the role of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), while still providing the best practices and tested fundamentals that have made the book successful for over 30 years.

Recommendations On Excavations

Author: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V. / German Geotechnical Society
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3433600252
Size: 69.41 MB
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The aim of these recommendations is to harmonize and further develop the methods, according to which excavations are prepared, calculated and carried out. Since 1980, these have been drawn up by the working group "Excavations" at the German Geotechnical Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Geotechnik DGGT) and are similar to a set of standards. They help to simplify analysis of excavation enclosures, to unify load approaches and analysis procedures, to guarantee the stability and serviceability of the excavation structure and its individual components, and to find out an economic design of the excavation structure. For this new edition, all recommendations have been reworked in accordance with EN 1997-1 (Eurocode 7) and DIN 1054-1. In addition, new recommendations on the use of the modulus of subgrade reaction method and the finite element method (FEM), as well as a new chapter on excavations in soft soils, have been added.


Author: Pei Chi Chou
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486136140
Size: 65.42 MB
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Exceptionally clear text treats elasticity from engineering and mathematical viewpoints. Comprehensive coverage of stress, strain, equilibrium, compatibility, Hooke's law, plane problems, torsion, energy, stress functions, more. 114 illustrations. 1967 edition.

Building Physics Heat Air And Moisture

Author: Hugo S. L. Hens
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3433608571
Size: 37.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Bad experiences with construction quality, the energy crises of 1973 and 1979, complaints about "sick buildings", thermal, acoustical, visual and olfactory discomfort, the need for good air quality, the move towards more sustainability - all these have accelerated the development of a field that, for a long time, was hardly more than an academic exercise: building physics (in English speaking countries sometimes referred to as building science). The discipline embraces domains such as heat and mass transfer, building acoustics, lighting, indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency. In some countries, fire safety is also included. Through the application of physical knowledge and its combination with information coming from other disciplines, the field helps to understand the physical phenomena governing building parts, building envelope, whole buildings and built environment performance, although for the last the wording "urban physics" is used. Today, building physics has become a key player on the road to a performance based building design. The book deals with the description, analysis and modeling of heat, air and moisture transport in building assemblies and whole buildings with main emphasis on the building engineering applications, including examples. The physical transport processes determine the performance of the building envelope and may influence the serviceability of the structure and the whole building. Compared to the second edition, in this third edition the text has partially been revised and extended.

Computational Fluid And Solid Mechanics

Author: K.J. Bathe
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080552811
Size: 53.65 MB
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The MIT mission - "to bring together Industry and Academia and to nurture the next generation in computational mechanics is of great importance to reach the new level of mathematical modeling and numerical solution and to provide an exciting research environment for the next generation in computational mechanics." Mathematical modeling and numerical solution is today firmly established in science and engineering. Research conducted in almost all branches of scientific investigations and the design of systems in practically all disciplines of engineering can not be pursued effectively without, frequently, intensive analysis based on numerical computations. The world we live in has been classified by the human mind, for descriptive and analysis purposes, to consist of fluids and solids, continua and molecules; and the analyses of fluids and solids at the continuum and molecular scales have traditionally been pursued separately. Fundamentally, however, there are only molecules and particles for any material that interact on the microscopic and macroscopic scales. Therefore, to unify the analysis of physical systems and to reach a deeper understanding of the behavior of nature in scientific investigations, and of the behavior of designs in engineering endeavors, a new level of analysis is necessary. This new level of mathematical modeling and numerical solution does not merely involve the analysis of a single medium but must encompass the solution of multi-physics problems involving fluids, solids, and their interactions, involving multi-scale phenomena from the molecular to the macroscopic scales, and must include uncertainties in the given data and the solution results. Nature does not distinguish between fluids and solids and does not ever repeat itself exactly. This new level of analysis must also include, in engineering, the effective optimization of systems, and the modeling and analysis of complete life spans of engineering products, from design to fabrication, to possibly multiple repairs, to end of service.

Survival And Event History Analysis

Author: Odd Aalen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 038768560X
Size: 73.80 MB
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The aim of this book is to bridge the gap between standard textbook models and a range of models where the dynamic structure of the data manifests itself fully. The common denominator of such models is stochastic processes. The authors show how counting processes, martingales, and stochastic integrals fit very nicely with censored data. Beginning with standard analyses such as Kaplan-Meier plots and Cox regression, the presentation progresses to the additive hazard model and recurrent event data. Stochastic processes are also used as natural models for individual frailty; they allow sensible interpretations of a number of surprising artifacts seen in population data. The stochastic process framework is naturally connected to causality. The authors show how dynamic path analyses can incorporate many modern causality ideas in a framework that takes the time aspect seriously. To make the material accessible to the reader, a large number of practical examples, mainly from medicine, are developed in detail. Stochastic processes are introduced in an intuitive and non-technical manner. The book is aimed at investigators who use event history methods and want a better understanding of the statistical concepts. It is suitable as a textbook for graduate courses in statistics and biostatistics.

Uncertainty And Risk

Author: Mohammed Abdellaoui
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540489355
Size: 24.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book tries to sort out the different meanings of uncertainty and to discover their foundations. It shows that uncertainty can be represented using various tools and mental guidelines. Coverage also examines alternative ways to deal with risk and risk attitude concepts. Behavior under uncertainty emerges from this book as something to base more on inquiry and reflection rather than on mere intuition.