Sociology The Core

Author: Michael Hughes
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
ISBN: 0077458087
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The Wiley Handbook Of The Psychology Of Mass Shootings

Author: Laura C. Wilson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119047935
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"The chapters in this book are topically broad, and the contributors represent numerous fields (e.g., communication, criminal justice, criminology, psychiatry, psychology, sociology) and countries (e.g., Finland, Norway, United States)"--

Introduction To Sociology

Author: Ann Strahm
Publisher: Cognella
ISBN: 9781934269886
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This fascinating collection of readings does what no other introductory textbook has done introduces core sociological insights through readings with a social justice perspective. The articles in the collection were carefully chosen to highlight social inequality, oppression, and real world solutions. "Introduction to Sociology: A Social Justice Approach" is an easy-reader that: - Makes sociology deeply relevant to student's lives. - Surely ignites stimulating class discussion. - Offers introductions to contextualize the readings. - Fits as a perfect alternative to the traditional textbook and can serve as a supplement to a more traditional text. Ann Strahm is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at California State University, Stanislaus. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in 2007. Her areas of expertise include social inequality, political economy, political sociology, and mass media. Ann is also a contributing author for the 11th edition, and co-author for the 12th edition, of Lamanna & Riedmann's, "Marriages and Families: Making Choices in a Diverse Society." Tamara Sniezek is an Associate Professor at California State University Stanislaus. She earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA in 2002. In addition to teaching Introduction to Sociology, she conducts qualitative research in the areas of family and gender. She recently published an article in "Qualitative Sociology" on her ethnographic research on weddings.

The Sacred Project Of American Sociology

Author: Christian Smith
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199377146
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Counter to popular perceptions, contemporary American sociology is and promotes a profoundly sacred project at heart. Sociology today is in fact animated by sacred impulses, driven by sacred commitments, and serves a sacred project. Sociology appears on the surface to be a secular, scientific enterprise--its founding fathers were mostly atheists. Its basic operating premises are secular and naturalistic. Sociologists today are disproportionately not religious, compared to all Americans, and often irreligious. The Sacred Project of American Sociology shows, counter-intuitively, that the secular enterprise that everyday sociology appears to be pursuing is actually not what is really going on at sociology's deepest level. Christian Smith conducts a self-reflexive, tables-turning, cultural and institutional sociology of the profession of American sociology itself, showing that this allegedly secular discipline ironically expresses Emile Durkheim's inescapable sacred, exemplifies its own versions of Marxist false consciousness, and generates a spirited reaction against Max Weber's melancholically observed disenchantment of the world. American sociology does not escape the analytical net that it casts over the rest of the ordinary world. Sociology itself is a part of that very human, very social, often very sacred and spiritual world. And sociology's ironic mis-recognition of its own sacred project leads to a variety of arguably self-destructive and distorting tendencies. This book re-asserts a vision for what sociology is most important for, in contrast with its current commitments, and calls sociologists back to a more honest, fair, and healthy vision of its purpose.

Author: Thomas Hobbes
ISBN: 9789602350195
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Ecscw 2009 Proceedings Of The 11th European Conference On Computer Supported Cooperative Work 7 11 September 2009 Vienna Austria

Author: Ina Wagner
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1848828543
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This volume presents the proceedings of ECSCW’09, the 11th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Each conference offers an occasion to critically review our research field, which has been multidisciplinary and committed to high scientific standards, both theoretical and methodological, from its beginning. These proceedings represent discussions and contributions to ongoing challenges. One challenge comes from emerging new technologies connected to ‘social computing’, gaming, as well as applications supporting citizen participation in their communities. As boundaries between home and work erode with the increased movement of work into home environments, and new applications further blur the once separate conceptions of work and leisure, our intellectual community faces challenges in the ways we think about and study work. Other challenges result from transformations of the world of work itself and the role of IT in these. They have been taken up in in-depth studies of design practice, software development, and manufacturing, as well as in the growing body of research on health care contexts and applications. Finally, there is the question of what is the European perspective in our community and whether it is worthwhile to anchor our research more firmly in such a perspective. Of high relevance to our field is the strong grounding of technology development in an understanding of human activity. The nineteen full papers, four short papers and one discussion paper selected for this conference deal with and reflect on some of these challenges, thus representing the lively debate currently ongoing in our field of research.

Looseleaf For Sexuality Today

Author: Gary Kelly
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9780078035470
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Sexuality Today successfully balances psychological, biological, and social aspects of human sexuality, integrating the latest research findings and providing a variety of tools to help students engage personally with core concepts. The author's balanced approach is evident in his ability to present various sides of controversial topics in a neutral voice, supported by sound research, yet expressed in a lively and applied manner. The eleventh edition reinforces this approach through in-depth discussions of the varied changes that the field has undergone in recent years and by including new data on issues ranging from hypersexuality and masturbation to fertility rates. This edition also offers coverage and statistics regarding the changing sexual behavior of adolescents and young adults. Students who leave this course will not only have a new appreciation of the complexity and diversity of the field but will also be able to develop a mature understanding of their own sexuality.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher S Stone

Author: J.K. Rowling
Publisher: Pottermore
ISBN: 1781103747
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«Γυρίζοντας το φάκελο απ’ την άλλη μεριά, με χέρια που έτρεμαν, ο Χάρι είδε πως ήταν κλεισμένος με μια σφραγίδα από κόκκινο κερί, η οποία είχε ένα περίεργο έμβλημα: ένα λιοντάρι, έναν αετό, ένα σκαντζόχοιρο κι ένα φίδι, πλαισιωμένα από ένα κεφαλαίο Χ». Ο Χάρι Πότερ δεν ήξερε τίποτα για το Χόγκουαρτς όταν τα γράμματα άρχισαν να πέφτουν βροχή στο χαλάκι της εισόδου, στο σπίτι της οδού Πρίβετ 4. Η διεύθυνση είναι γραμμένη με πράσινο μελάνι επάνω σε κίτρινη περγαμηνή και είναι κλεισμένα με μια σφραγίδα από κόκκινο κερί. Η απαίσια θεία κι ο θείος του Χάρι του τα παίρνουν αμέσως. Τότε, στα ενδέκατα γενέθλια του Χάρι, εισβάλει ο Ρούμπεους Χάγκριντ ένας γίγαντας με γελαστά μάτια που έχει να του πει εκπληκτικά νέα: Ο Χάρι Πότερ είναι μάγος και η θέση του στη Σχολή για Μαγεία και Ξόρκια Χόγκουαρτς τον περιμένει. Μια απίστευτη περιπέτεια ξεκινά!

Author: Diana Gabaldon
ISBN: 9789604973576
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