Small Press

Author: Loss Pequeño Glazier
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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The first full-length bibliography on the small press ever published.

Something Else Press

Author: Peter Frank
Publisher: Documentext
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Something Else Press is credited with being among the first publishers of an entirely new genre: integral artworks designed for publication, now widely known as "artists' books." From 1963 to 1974 Dick Higgins & associates presented over sixty publications, including major non-traditional works by John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Claes Oldenburg, Emmett Williams, & Allan Kaprow, among many others. The press also issued anthologies of concrete poetry, artists' unrealizable architectural projects, & many long-out-of-print works by Gertrude Stein. This illustrated critical history features Peter Frank's annotation provides an overview of the operation as well as salient descriptions of each publication, complete with press runs, co-editions, cancellations, & ephemera. There are photographs of each book jacket or cover, & many interior pages. We published this book originally in 1983; it has been out-of-print for a number of years. Last year we discovered about 100 book blocks of the original edition whose covers had been slightly spoiled. These we were able to arrange for a superb rebinding, & now offer the remaining 80 copies for sale, which will be of particular interest for scholars & academic libraries.

My Way

Author: Charles Bernstein
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226044866
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"Verse is born free but everywhere in chains. It has been my project to rattle the chains." (from "The Revenge of the Poet-Critic") In My Way, (in)famous language poet and critic Charles Bernstein deploys a wide variety of interlinked forms—speeches and poems, interviews and essays—to explore the place of poetry in American culture and in the university. Sometimes comic, sometimes dark, Bernstein's writing is irreverent but always relevant, "not structurally challenged, but structurally challenging." Addressing many interrelated issues, Bernstein moves from the role of the public intellectual to the poetics of scholarly prose, from vernacular modernism to idiosyncratic postmodernism, from identity politics to the resurgence of the aesthetic, from cultural studies to poetry as a performance art, from the small press movement to the Web. Along the way he provides "close listening" to such poets as Charles Reznikoff, Laura Riding, Susan Howe, Ezra Pound, Allen Ginsberg, and Gertrude Stein, as well as a fresh perspective on L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, the magazine he coedited that became a fulcrum for a new wave of North American writing. In his passionate defense of an activist, innovative poetry, Bernstein never departs from the culturally engaged, linguistically complex, yet often very funny writing that has characterized his unique approach to poetry for over twenty years. Offering some of his most daring work yet—essays in poetic lines, prose with poetic motifs, interviews miming speech, speeches veering into song—Charles Bernstein's My Way illuminates the newest developments in contemporary poetry with its own contributions to them. "The result of [Bernstein's] provocative groping is more stimulating than many books of either poetry or criticism have been in recent years."—Molly McQuade, Washington Post Book World "This book, for all of its centrifugal activity, is a singular yet globally relevant perspective on the literary arts and their institutions, offered in good faith, yet cranky and poignant enough to not be easily ignored."—Publishers Weekly "Bernstein has emerged as postmodern poetry's sous-chef of insouciance. My Way is another of his rich concoctions, fortified with intellect and seasoned with laughter."—Timothy Gray, American Literature

The Piano In Chamber Ensemble

Author: Maurice Hinson
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253346964
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The Piano in Chamber Ensemble describes more than 3,200 compositions, from duos to octets, by more than 1,600 composers. It is divided into sections according to the number of instruments involved, then subdivided according to the actual scoring. Keyboard, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion players and their teachers will find a wealth of chamber works from all periods.

American Countercultures An Encyclopedia Of Nonconformists Alternative Lifestyles And Radical Ideas In U S History

Author: Gina Misiroglu
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317477294
Size: 36.18 MB
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Counterculture, while commonly used to describe youth-oriented movements during the 1960s, refers to any attempt to challenge or change conventional values and practices or the dominant lifestyles of the day. This fascinating three-volume set explores these movements in America from colonial times to the present in colorful detail. "American Countercultures" is the first reference work to examine the impact of countercultural movements on American social history. It highlights the writings, recordings, and visual works produced by these movements to educate, inspire, and incite action in all eras of the nation's history. A-Z entries provide a wealth of information on personalities, places, events, concepts, beliefs, groups, and practices. The set includes numerous illustrations, a topic finder, primary source documents, a bibliography and a filmography, and an index.

1979 1990

Author: Henryk Sawoniak
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110975068
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Bombay Modern

Author: Anjali Nerlekar
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
ISBN: 0810132753
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Anjali Nerlekar's Bombay Modern is a close reading of Arun Kolatkar's canonical poetic works that relocates the genre of poetry to the center of both Indian literary modernist studies and postcolonial Indian studies. Nerlekar shows how a bilingual, materialist reading of Kolatkar's texts uncovers a uniquely resistant sense of the "local" that defies the monolinguistic cultural pressures of the post-1960 years and straddles the boundaries of English and Marathi writing. Bombay Modern uncovers an alternative and provincial modernism through poetry, a genre that is marginal to postcolonial studies, and through bilingual scholarship across English and Marathi texts, a methodology that is currently peripheral at best to both modernist studies and postcolonial literary criticism in India. Eschewing any attempt to define an overarching or universal modernism, Bombay Modern delimits its sphere of study to "Bombay" and to the "post-1960" (the sathottari period) in an attempt to examine at close range the specific way in which this poetry redeployed the regional, the national, and the international to create a very tangible yet transient local.

Ulysses Annotated

Author: Don Gifford
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520253971
Size: 46.52 MB
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"Teaches more than how to read a particular novel; it teaches us more profoundly how to read anything. This, I think, is the book's main virtue. It teaches us readers to transform the brute fact of our world."--Hugh Kenner

Guides To Library Collection Development

Author: John Thomas Gillespie
Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated
Size: 67.18 MB
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Designed to enhance collection development in school, public, and college libraries, this work annotates 1,671 significant bibliographies that were published between 1985 and late 1993, with some earlier but still useful publications included as well. Entries are divided into three major categories