Selected Papers Of Chen Ning Yang Ii

Author: Chen Ning Yang
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814449032
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Professor Chen Ning Yang, an eminent contemporary physicist, was Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, from 1955 to 1966, and Albert Einstein Professor of Physics at the State University of New York at Stony Brook until his retirement in 1999. He has been Distinguished Professor-at-Large at the Chinese University of Hong Kong since 1986 and Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, since 1998. Since receiving his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1948, Prof Yang has made great impacts in both abstract theory and phenomenological analysis in modern physics. In 1983, he published “Selected Papers (1945–1980), With Commentary”. It has been considered by Freeman Dyson as one of his favorite books. The present book is a sequel to that earlier volume. It is a collection of his personally selected papers (1971–2012) supplemented by his insightful commentaries. Its contents reflect Professor Yang's changing interests after he reached age sixty. It also includes commentaries written by him in 2011 when he is 89 years old. The papers and commentaries in this unique collection comprise a remarkable personal and professional chronicle, shedding light on both the intellectual development of a great physicist and on the nature of scientific inquiry. Contents:Speech About the Great WallC N Yang Discusses Physics in People's Republic of ChinaA de Gaulle-Like TripCondition of Self-Duality for SU(2) Gauge Fields on Euclidean Four-Dimensional SpaceGeneralization of Dirac's Monopole to SU2 Gauge FieldsEinstein and the Physics of the FutureDoes Violation of Microscopic Time-Reversal Invariance Lead to the Possibility of Entropy Decrease?Joseph Mayer and Statistical MechanicsFlux Quantization, A Personal ReminiscenceThe Discrete Symmetries P, T and CGauge Fields, Electromagnetism and the Bohm-Aharonov EffectSpin of Electrons, Hadrons and NucleiHermann Weyl's Contribution to PhysicsSquare Root of Minus One, Complex Phases and Erwin SchrödingerGeneralization of Sturm-Liouville Theory to a System of Ordinary Differential Equations with Dirac Type SpectrumC Y Chao, Pair Creation and Pair AnnihilationA One-Dimensional N Fermion Problem with Factorized S MatrixJourney Through Statistical MechanicsModern Physics and Warm FriendshipSO4 Symmetry in a Hubbard ModelSymmetry and PhysicsS S Chern and IReflections on the Development of Theoretical PhysicsDeng JiaxianJulian SchwingerPath Crossings with Lars OnsagerExact Solution of the Vibration Problem for the Carbon-60 MoleculeFather and ISpeech After BanquetWriteup Upon Hearing of Mills' DeathEnrico FermiWerner Heisenberg (1901–1976)Banquet Speech, June 2002Thematic Melodies of Twentieth Century Theoretical Physics: Quantization, Symmetry and Phase FactorGauge Invariance and InteractionsAlbert Einstein: Opportunity and PerceptionThe Klein-Nishina Formula & Quantum ElectrodynamicsPseudopotential Method and Dilute Hard “Sphere” Bose Gas in Dimensions 2, 4 and 5Ground State of Fermions in a 1D Trap with δ Function InteractionBanquet Speech at the Singapore Conference in Honour of Murray Gell-Mann on His 80th BirthdaySpin 1/2 Fermions in 1D Harmonic Trap with Repulsive Delta Function Interparticle InteractionOne-Dimensional ω-Component Fermions and Bosons with Repulsive Delta Function InteractionQuantum Numbers, Chern Classes, and a BodhisattvaMy Experience as a Student and ResearcherFermi's β-Decay TheoryTopology and Gauge Theory in PhysicsOn Reaching Age Ninety Readership: Graduate students and researchers in particle physics and statistical physics. Keywords:Chen Ning Yang;Particle Physics;Gauge Theories;Phenomenology;Statistical PhysicsReviews: “Prof. Yang's achievements certainly has a great deal to reflect upon and propound, such as attested to by his many speeches on different occasions and contributions to various publications, which make up slightly more than one-third of the book. Among the 47 articles included, close to a quarter are original research papers.” International Journal of Modern Physics A

Lee Kuan Yew Through The Eyes Of Chinese Scholars

Author: Yang Chen Ning
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813202335
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Lee Kuan Yew through the Eyes of Chinese Scholars is a compilation of essays by highly-respected Chinese scholars in which they evaluate the life, work and philosophy of Lee Kuan Yew, founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Presenting a range of views from a uniquely Chinese/Asian perspective, this book provides valuable insights for those who wish to gain a fuller and deeper understanding of Lee Kuan Yew — the man, as well as Singapore — his nation. Marking the momentous event of his death as well as the 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence in 2015, this compilation reflects both the high regard in which Lee Kuan Yew is held across the Chinese-speaking world as well as the reservations of a few. The contributors are all ethnic Chinese from different academic disciplines ranging from a Nobel laureate in physics, Chen-Ning Yang, to historians, economists and political scientists. They include Singaporeans such as Wang Gungwu and Chew Cheng Hai, as well as scholars from China, the US and Hong Kong such as Yongnian Zheng, Ying-Shih Yu, Lawrence Lau and Hang-Chi Lam among others. Originally published in Chinese, this English translation makes the material accessible to a wider English-reading audience.

60 Years Of Yangcmills Gauge Field Theories

Author: L Brink
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814725579
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During the last six decades, Yang–Mills theory has increasingly become the cornerstone of theoretical physics. It is seemingly the only fully consistent relativistic quantum many-body theory in four space-time dimensions. As such it is the underlying theoretical framework for the Standard Model of Particle Physics, which has been shown to be the correct theory at the energies we now can measure. It has been investigated also from many other perspectives, and many new and unexpected features have been uncovered from this theory. In recent decades, apart from high energy physics, the theory has been actively applied in other branches of physics, such as statistical physics, condensed matter physics, nonlinear systems, etc. This makes the theory an indispensable topic for all who are involved in physics. The conference celebrated the exceptional achievements using Yang–Mills theory over the years but also many other truly remarkable contributions to different branches of physics from Prof C N Yang. This volume collects the invaluable talks by Prof C N Yang and the invited speakers reviewing these remarkable contributions and their importance for the future of physics. Contents:The Future of Physics — Revisited (C N Yang)Quantum Chromodynamics — The Perfect Yang–Mills Gauge Field Theory (David Gross)Maximally Supersymmetric Yang–Mills Theory: The Story of N = 4 Yang–Mills Theory (Lars Brink)The Lattice and Quantized Yang–Mills Theory (Michael Creutz)Yang–Mills Theories at High Energy Accelerators (George Sterman)Yang–Mills Theory at 60: Milestones, Landmarks and Interesting Questions (Ling-Lie Chau)Discovery of the First Yang–Mills Gauge Particle — The Gluon (Sau Lan Wu)Yang–Mills Gauge Theory and Higgs Particle (Tai Tsun Wu & Sau Lan Wu)Scenario for the Renormalization in the 4D Yang–Mills Theory (L D Faddeev)Statistical Physics in the Oeuvre of Chen Ning Yang (Michael E Fisher)Quantum Vorticity in Nature (Kerson Huang)Yang–Mills Theory and Fermionic Path Integrals (Kazuo Fujikawa)Yang–Mills Gauge Theory and the Higgs Boson Family (Ngee-Pong Chang)On the Physics of the Minimal Length: The Questions of Gauge Invariance (Lay Nam Chang, Djordje Minic, Ahmed Roman, Chen Sun & Tatsu Takeuchi)Generalization of the Yang–Mills Theory (G Savvidy)Some Thoughts about Yang–Mills Theory (A Zee)Gauging Quantum Groups: Yang–Baxter Joining Yang–Mills (Yong-Shi Wu)The Framed Standard Model (I) — A Physics Case for Framing the Yang–Mills Theory? (Chan Hong-Mo & Tsou Sheung Tsun)The Framed Standard Model (II) — A First Test Against Experiment (Chan Hong-Mo & Tsou Sheung Tsun)On the Study of the Higgs Properties at a Muon Collider (Mario Greco)Aharonov–Bohm Types of Phases in Maxwell and Yang–Mills Field Theories (Bruce H J McKellar)Yang–Mills for Historians and Philosophers (R P Crease)Gauge Concepts in Theoretical Applied Physics (Seng Ghee Tan & Mansoor B A Jalil)Yang–Yang Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: A Brilliant Method (Xi-Wen Guan & Yang-Yang Chen)Chern–Simons Theory, Vassiliev Invariants, Loop Quantum Gravity and Functional Integration Without Integration (Louis H Kauffman)The Scattering Equations and Their Off-Shell Extension (York-Peng Yao)Feynman Geometries (Sen Hu & Andrey Losev)Particle Accelerator Development: Selected Examples (Jie Wei)A New Storage-Ring Light Source (Alex Chao)New Contributions to Physics by Prof C N Yang: 2009–2011 (Zhong-Qi Ma)Brief Overview of C N Yang's 13 Important Contributions to Physics (Yu Shi) Readership: Graduate students and scientists working in high energy physics, statistical physics and condensed matter physics.

A Course In Field Theory

Author: Pierre van Baal
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466594608
Size: 79.26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Extensively classroom-tested, A Course in Field Theory provides material for an introductory course for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in physics. Based on the author’s course that he has been teaching for more than 20 years, the text presents complete and detailed coverage of the core ideas and theories in quantum field theory. It is ideal for particle physics courses as well as a supplementary text for courses on the Standard Model and applied quantum physics. The text gives students working knowledge and an understanding of the theory of particles and fields, with a description of the Standard Model toward the end. It explains how Feynman rules are derived from first principles, an essential ingredient of any field theory course. With the path integral approach, this is feasible. Nevertheless, it is equally essential that students learn how to use these rules. This is why the problems form an integral part of this book, providing students with the hands-on experience they need to become proficient. Taking a concise, practical approach, the book covers core topics in an accessible manner. The author focuses on the basics, offering a balanced mix of topics and rigor for intermediate physics students.

Trust Voice And Incentives

Author: Hana Brixi
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464804575
Size: 54.92 MB
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This report examines the role of incentives, trust, and engagement as critical determinants of service delivery performance in MENA countries. Focusing on education and health, the report illustrates how the weak external and internal accountability undermines policy implementation and service delivery performance and how such a cycle of poor performance can be counteracted. Case studies of local success reveal the importance of both formal and informal accountability relationships and the role of local leadership in inspiring and institutionalizing incentives toward better service delivery performance. Enhancing services for MENA citizens requires forging a stronger social contract among public servants, citizens, and service providers while empowering communities and local leaders to find 'best fit' solutions. Learning from the variations within countries, especially the outstanding local successes, can serve as a solid basis for new ideas and inspiration for improving service delivery. Such learning may help the World Bank Group and other donors as well as national and local leaders and civil society, in developing ways to enhance the trust, voice, and incentives for service delivery to meet citizens’ needs and expectations.

Seki Founder Of Modern Mathematics In Japan

Author: Eberhard Knobloch
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 4431542736
Size: 43.33 MB
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Seki was a Japanese mathematician in the seventeenth century known for his outstanding achievements, including the elimination theory of systems of algebraic equations, which preceded the works of Étienne Bézout and Leonhard Euler by 80 years. Seki was a contemporary of Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, although there was apparently no direct interaction between them. The Mathematical Society of Japan and the History of Mathematics Society of Japan hosted the International Conference on History of Mathematics in Commemoration of the 300th Posthumous Anniversary of Seki in 2008. This book is the official record of the conference and includes supplements of collated texts of Seki's original writings with notes in English on these texts. Hikosaburo Komatsu (Professor emeritus, The University of Tokyo), one of the editors, is known for partial differential equations and hyperfunction theory, and for his study on the history of Japanese mathematics. He served as the President of the International Congress of Mathematicians Kyoto 1990.

Manifolds Tensors And Forms

Author: Paul Renteln
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107042194
Size: 65.57 MB
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Comprehensive treatment of the essentials of modern differential geometry and topology for graduate students in mathematics and the physical sciences.

China S Rise In The Age Of Globalization

Author: Jianyong Yue
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319639978
Size: 23.48 MB
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This book deconstructs a series of myths surrounding China’s economic rise. The first myth is that globalization led directly to China’s rise; the second is that China is another East Asian developmental state; the third that China’s market reform had been implemented in an incremental way; and fourth that China’s ‘resilient authoritarianism’ has been effective in ensuring the country’s economic and political transformation. Yue argues that the China model is one of ‘crony comprador capitalism’ that has hindered the country’s attempts at economic and political modernity. It is argued that the United States’ strategy of integrating China into the international system is self-defeating in the long run; not because such an approach has created a 'restless empire' capable of challenging US primacy, but because the Chinese 'miracle' has subsequently backfired on the liberal order created after World War Two. Covering the entire reform period from the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976 to the present day, the author calls for readers to rethink globalization and leave more policy space for China and the developing nations to pursue national development through internal integration, which is more conducive to democratic transition and global peace.