Secrets Of The Zona Rosa

Author: Rosemary Daniell
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781429900256
Size: 66.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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An inspiring guide featuring the wit, wisdom, and stories of Zona Rosa, the writing-and-sisterhood workshop that has empowered thousands of women For more than twenty years, Rosemary Daniell—Southern belle, successful writer, and tireless champion of female empowerment—has led Zona Rosa, a writing workshop for women founded on the premise that writing can be not only a creative challenge but a tool for healing. Here, she shares the secrets of Zona Rosa: practical advice and home-grown "Exorcises" that help you face and think through writing issues, and life in general. You'll learn how to avoid the "13 (Possible) Boo Boos" that plague everyone's writing. You'll bring yourself to "Write About the Thing I Most Don't Want to Write About" and learn how facing the difficult past can lead to breakthroughs. You'll discover "The Emotional Tai Chi of Getting Your Work Out There," with suggestions for painlessly sending your work into the world. Along the way, you'll meet some of the many women who have improved their writing—and lives—through the camaraderie, constructive advice, and fun of Zona Rosa. And you'll be inspired by Rosemary Daniell herself, who has weathered personal tragedy, Bad Love, and her own writing issues to come out singing. Secrets of the Zona Rosa is essential reading for any woman who writes—and who has lived a life full of stories.

The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over Herself

Author: Rosemary Daniell
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0571199356
Size: 28.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For more than fifteen years, Rosemary Daniell has led Zona Rosa, a creative writing workshop for people of all ages and all walks of life. In this dual memoir and writing guide, she describes the difficulties and the rewards of the writing life while also providing inspiration and helpful tips for writers in all stages of their careers."

All That S True

Author: Jackie Lee Miles
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402261480
Size: 15.91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"My life was close to being perfect until my brother Alex got killed. Then my mother started drinking and my father started having sex with Donna, my best friend's stepmother. She's not even thirty years old." With an equal mix of joy and sorrow, All That's True follows Andi's poignant-and sometimes laugh out loud-journey to young adulthood, where she struggles with the elusive nature of truth and the devastating consequences of deception. "Jackie Lee Miles is a wise and perceptive writer with a keen understanding of human frailties."-Julie Cannon, author of Truelove and Homegrown Tomatoes "Perfect in voice and detail, chock full of girl talk and seat-of-the pants crises, Miles' book is a winner." -Rosemary Daniell, award-winning author of Secrets of the Zona Rosa: How Writing (and Sisterhood) Can Change Women's Lives "Miles is a fascinating new voice in Southern fiction. Readers will rejoice." -Karin Gillespie, author of Bet Your Bottom Dollar "For those of us looking for relationships that feel authentic, you will find them in this novel!" -Edward Mooney, Jr. author of The Pearls of the Stone Man


Author: Leslie E. Stern
ISBN: 9781590950982
Size: 64.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Beautiful Emma moves to Savannah, where she falls in love with Jake who is charming, handsome, and addictive. Unbeknownst to her, he has his own addictive issues. This story is addictive in every way. Addictive is a grand prize winner of the 2013 "Books Without Publishers" writing contest. Reviews "It is said (mainly by publishers in New York) that literary lightning never strikes the same place twice, and the little town of Savannah, Georgia has already fostered the bestselling non-fiction novel of all time with John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Fortunately for the reader, the garden yields another wonderful harvest with Leslie Stern's musings of life and love in the Low country..." --Murray Silver, Author of the international bestseller "Great Balls of Fire: The Uncensored Story of Jerry Lee Lewis, Behind the Moss Curtain and Other Great Savannah Stories" and "When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama." "Get ready to have your heartstrings wrung by Emma, an otherwise worldly and fortunate woman who's nevertheless done wrong time after time by the man she naively believes will bring her happiness. Leslie Stern's novel "Addiction" is a story that will stir women's hearts. Indeed, it will resonate for many, many readers, especially those whose lives have been - whether wittingly or unwittingly - touched by addiction and/or a love affair gone wrong." --Rosemary Daniell, award-winning author of "Secrets of the Zona Rose: How Writing (and Sisterhood) Can Change Women's Lives" and other books. She is also the founder and leader of Zona Rosa Writing-and-Living Workshops. ""Addiction" is a must read and when you read the last page it will continue to haunt your thoughts This book was added to my read again shelf. It is UnPutDownAble --Kathy LeJeune, book reviewer "Leslie truly captured the emotional rollercoaster ride that Emma rode while being used and betrayed by those she felt were friends. And in essence, that is a lesson many in life can take with them. If one desires a good read with drama and powerful emotions, this would be the book to pick up." -- Ann Hauer, Ann's Book Nook "I have to confess, when I started reading, I feared it was of a genre that I seldom read, and do not find very interesting. But I read it all in a very short time, given the limited times I have with my busy personal schedule. And after I finished it, I have only one word to say which says it all: WOW " -- Cedric Stratton, PhD, Mensa proctor "I picked up "Addiction" and couldn't put it down until I finished it. I almost got fired because I kept reading it between phone calls at work. A great read " -- Marc Beausejour, author and reviewer "Nice job I enjoyed it In fact, I finished it in one weekend. I was motivated by a ghoulish sense of curiosity about just what would happen next." --Anonymous English teacher and writer ""Addiction" was very well written. From the time I started this book, I wanted to read further. Just one more chapter then I will call it a night. That did not happen I can't wait for this author to write another book " -- Virginia Hickey, avid reader and Book Reviewer "I was very impressed with Leslie's writing style, and I am an extremely picky reader. There are only a few fiction authors that I enjoy reading. Leslie's "Addiction" kept me riveted till the very end. I lost a lot of sleep because of her." -- Susan Brenner, Book Reviewer "I'm very angry with Leslie. I picked up "Addiction" when I woke up...and never got out of my nightgown or took a shower I couldn't put it down. A great read " -- Karen Farber, Book Reviewer

In The Time Of The Butterflies

Author: Julia Alvarez
Publisher: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 1565129768
Size: 11.20 MB
Format: PDF
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A story based on actual events evokes the horror of the Dominican Republic under dictator General Trujillo, as three sisters die in a jeep "accident."

Fear Of Dying

Author: Erica Jong
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 146687290X
Size: 48.21 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Fear of Dying is a hilarious, heart wrenching, and beautifully told story about what happens when one woman steps reluctantly into the afternoon of life. Vanessa Wonderman is a gorgeous former actress in her 60's who finds herself balancing between her dying parents, her aging husband and her beloved, pregnant daughter. Although Vanessa considers herself "a happily married woman," the lack of sex in her life makes her feel as if she's losing something too valuable to ignore. So she places an ad for sex on a site called and the life she knew begins to unravel. With the help and counsel of her best friend, Isadora Wing, Vanessa navigates the phishers and pishers, and starts to question if what she's looking for might be close at hand after all. Fear of Dying is a daring and delightful look at what it really takes to be human and female in the 21st century. Wildly funny and searingly honest, this is a book for everyone who has ever been shaken and changed by love.