Scalp Dance

Author: Lu Clifton
Publisher: Five Star
ISBN: 9781432831295
Size: 19.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"This mystery mingles Choctaw culture, science, and murder and features Lieutenant Sam Chitto of the Oklahoma Choctaw Nation Tribal Police, who considers himself a man of principal. He's a man of the Law--the letter of the Law--and he's a man of his word. But he's at a breaking point, ready to quit the force. His father's murder is ten-years cold, his young wife's premature death haunts him, and tribal police in Oklahoma are being prevented from ensuring the People receive justice. A mix of tribal and non-tribal lands has created a checkerboard law enforcement community--federal, state, municipal and Indian--a land that lawbreakers jokingly refer to as lawless. Indian women are the ones paying the highest price. One in three can expect to be raped in her lifetime, and tribal police cannot arrest the assailant if he is not Indian. And then, Chitto is assigned to work undercover on a mystifying case. In pre-dawn light, a sacred Choctaw ceremonial ground is transformed into an execution site. The naked, beheaded corpse is the husband of a Chickasaw woman and stepfather to her young daughter. Except for the victim's driver's license, no evidence is left behind--with one exception: his freshly laundered clothes retain the odor of fabric softener. A series of seemingly unrelated incidents come together to help Chitto solve the case, but he is forced to make a decision that could not only challenge his personal code of ethics but also cost a man his life"54 --

The Horned Owl

Author: Lu Clifton
ISBN: 9780998528427
Size: 79.60 MB
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"Chitto first hears about Bobby Taneyhill from two concerned members of the Choctaw Nation Tribal Council, one of whom is his mother, Mattie Chitto. She and June Biggers want him to help the teen, who's been charged with first-degree murder for the mutilation death of 33-year-old Muriel Simpson. Authorities are discounting an alibi supplied by Bobby's tribal-elder grandfather, Charlie Walker, and instead rely on circumstantial evidence: the boy's graphic novels, which are filled with savage imagery that he drew. The murder victim had worked at the Spiro Mounds Archeology Center, near where Chitto's cop father, Will and Will's partner, Bert Gilly, were murdered 10 years ago. Chitto's boss, Dan Blackfox, allows him to pursue a low-profile investigation into Bobby's case, which is currently in trial, but he tells him to avoid his father's. Regardless, Chitto delves into both from a rented cabin near the Spiro Mounds"--Back cover.

The Bone Picker

Author: Lu Clifton
ISBN: 9780998528441
Size: 22.21 MB
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It's bitter cold in Oklahoma's Ouachita Wilderness when Detective Sam Chitto of the Choctaw Tribal Police takes on a thirty-five-year-old cold case involving a missing Vietnam veteran and a murdered couple. The discovery of a man's skull in the murdered woman's casket, which her family had disinterred for further investigation, attracts the attention of the veteran's mother. Believing the skull to be that of her son, she tasks Chitto with becoming a Bone Picker. Because bones survived flesh, Choctaw of old preserved the bones of their deceased, believing their essence dwelled within. Honored people, called Bone Pickers, retrieved the bones for the family for burial.When his preliminary investigation reveals former suspects in the old murder inquiry have a shorter-than-average life span, Chitto goes looking for the reason. As he unravels the mystery, long-held secrets that have kept residents living in fear the past thirty-five years begin to crumble. A riveting mystery that unites a diverse set of characters on a mission to see justice served.