Rattlesnake Dreams

Author: Dean Metcalf
ISBN: 9780996364805
Size: 30.96 MB
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RATTLESNAKE DREAMS is my personal memoir of growing up in the US Pacific Northwest, and going to public schools in Washington and Oregon. After one year of engineering studies at Oregon State University, I joined the Marine Corps and served 4 years: California, Okinawa, Japan, Philippines, Viet Nam, Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea. After the war, I spent time as freelance journalist: in Viet Nam, Miami, Leningrad, Prague, Israel, West Bank, Gaza, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala...

Spirits Of The Earth

Author: Robert Lake-Thom
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101141778
Size: 59.68 MB
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"There are ancient secrets and lessons hidden in nature. If you seek for guidance, you will discover truth." —Bobby Lake-Thom Much of the ancient knowledge that has been passed down from Native American medicine men, or shamans is in danger of being lost. Bobby Lake-Thom, a Native American healer known as Medicine Grizzly Bear, has sought to preserve this powerful heritage by sharing his wisdom and experience learning from the world around us. The result is Spirits of the Earth, an extraordinary compilation of legends and rituals about nature's ever-present signs. From the birds that soar above us to the insincts beneath our feet, Bobby Lake-Thom shows how the creatures of the earth can aid us in healing and self-knowledge. What does it mean if a hawk appears in a dream? What are the symbolic interpretations of a deer, a skunk, a raccoon? Lake-Thom, who has studied with the elders of many tribes, explains the significance of animal figures as manifestations of good or evil, and shows how we can develop our own powers of awareness and intuition. The first book of its kind, this practical and enlightening resource includes dozens of fashinating animal myths and legends, as well as exercises and activities that draw upon animal powers for guidance, healing, wisdom, and the expansion of spiritual influences in our lifes. You'll discover here: • How animals, birds, and insects act as signs and omens • The significance of vision quests • How to make and use a medicine wheel • The role of spirit symbols—and how they affect the unconscious • Excercises for creative dreaming • The power of the earth-healing ceremony • How to increase your spiritual strength and create sacred spaces • And more From the Trade Paperback edition.

You And Yours

Author: Naomi Shihab Nye
Publisher: BOA Editions, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781929918690
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A collection of poems by the Palestinian-American poet looks at life in her inner-city Texas neighborhood, as well as the daily rituals of Jews and Palestinians who live in the war-torn Middle East.

Coming Of The Storm

Author: W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439167069
Size: 33.52 MB
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Discover the first in the epic trilogy by New York Times bestselling authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear (Sun Born, Morning River), which vividly recounts the devastating clash of cultures that occurs when Native Americans and Europeans make first contact. The pale, bearded newcomers who call themselves “Kristianos” fascinate Black Shell, an exiled Chickasaw trader, and not even the counsel of Pearl Hand, the beautiful, extraordinary woman who has consented to be his mate, can dissuade him from interacting with them. Only after a firsthand lesson in Kristiano brutality does Black Shell fully comprehend the dangers these invaders pose to his people’s way of life. While his first instinct is to run far from the then, Black Shell has been called to a greater destiny by the Spirit Being known as Horned Serpent. With Pearl Hand by his side, Black Shell must find a way to unite the disparate tribes and settlements of his native land and overcome the merciless armies of the man called Hernando de Soto. Using archeological data, ethnographic records, and historical journals, the authors bring to vivid life the beliefs, technologies, and daily experiences of lost American civilizations.

Unless We Dance

Author: Mary Grace Osteen
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466964596
Size: 20.33 MB
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Shoshana is the daughter of Bella, a black house slave at Tanner Plantation. After Shoshana turned sixteen years of age, her owner, Eli Tanner, made arrangements to sell her to a neighbor plantation owner. His wife, Clara, a staunch abolitionist, makes arrangement for Shoshanna to be taken to Florida until the underground railroad opens up again, and she can get to Philadelphia, to freedom. Flying Eagle, a young Seminole warrior, steals her heart, and she happily settles into life with the Seminoles. Meantime, Eli has offered a large bounty for Shoshana's return. Whitey, a slave bounty hunter, and his partners kidnap Shoshana and take her back to the plantation in Georgia. In 1835, the Second Seminole War begins and after many heartbreaking years of death and hunger, Flying Eagle leads Seminole women, children, and old men deep into the Pahay-okee. (Florida Everglades). Chickees are built, and the women scratch for food much like the wild animals that share the harsh, wet wilderness. Their lives are hard, but they know it is the only way to survive and remain on their homeland. In Pahay-okee, the children would be safe and learn to laugh again. They could teach them to respect the Great Breath Giver's gift of earth, and they could hear the beat of the drums and dance. There, in the swamps of South Florida, where the white man was afraid to venture, they survived, and they never surrendered to the United States.

Epic In American Culture

Author: Christopher N. Phillips
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421404893
Size: 74.37 MB
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The epic calls to mind the famous works of ancient poets such as Homer, Virgil, and Ovid. These long, narrative poems, defined by valiant characters and heroic deeds, celebrate events of great importance in ancient times. In this thought-provoking study, Christopher N. Phillips shows in often surprising ways how this exalted classical form proved as vital to American culture as it did to the great societies of the ancient world. Through close readings of James Fenimore Cooper, Lydia Sigourney, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Herman Melville, as well as the transcendentalists, Phillips traces the rich history of epic in American literature and art from early colonial times to the late nineteenth century. Phillips shows that far from fading in the modern age, the epic form was continuously remade to frame a core element of American cultural expression. He finds the motive behind this sustained popularity in the historical interrelationship among the malleability of the epic form, the idea of a national culture, and the prestige of authorship—a powerful dynamic that extended well beyond the boundaries of literature. By locating the epic at the center of American literature and culture, Phillips’s imaginative study yields a number of important finds: the early national period was a time of radical experimentation with poetic form; the epic form was crucial to the development of constitutional law and the professionalization of visual arts; engagement with the epic synthesized a wide array of literary and artistic forms in efforts to launch the United States into the arena of world literature; and a number of writers shaped their careers around revising the epic form for their own purposes. Rigorous archival research, careful readings, and long chronologies of genre define this magisterial work, making it an invaluable resource for scholars of American studies, American poetry, and literary history.

Native American Animal Stories

Author: Joseph Bruchac
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 9781555911270
Size: 59.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of twenty-four animal stories from Indian tribes throughout North America

The Serpent King The Story Of A Man Who Changed The Direction Of The New World

Author: John Osmond
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1608609049
Size: 18.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Serpent King eloquently interweaves history and legend with fictional biography. It paints an intriguing picture of life in an ancient land with its own set of rules, customs and beliefs - now sadly lost. This is a sensitive work that accomplishes what good writing should; it affirms one's faith in the human spirit. -Robin Bradford, producer/writer/director, Bright Line Films In the tenth century, Prince Quetzalcoatl leads the Toltec nation in an unprecedented period of artistic and spiritual excellence. Opposed by his half-brother Tezcatlipoca, the prince is overthrown. He regroups the Toltec nation at the pyramids of Teotihuacan, with the help of his female companion and his spiritual guide. The prince is also joined by a force of 100,000 Mexican warriors led by his maternal grandfather, Cloud Serpent. Together they march to Tula, the Toltec capital, to confront the usurpers. Before the prince can seek his ultimate vision quest and view his people's future, the final showdown must take place for control of the Toltec nation. How this battle ends is totally unexpected, but has become legendary to the Mexican people. Author John Osmond is a stone sculptor who has spent 30 years working with the stone carvers of Mexico. He was motivated to write The Serpent King by his love for and involvement with the myth and legend of these people. Originally from New South Wales, Australia, Osmond now lives near Mexico City. His next book is set in modern times and considers the mythology of Quetzalcoatl. Publisher's website: http: //www.eloquentbooks.com/TheSerpentKing.htm

Earth Maker S Lodge

Author: E. Barrie Kavasch
Publisher: Cobblestone Pub
Size: 60.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presents an anthology of Native American traditions.