Rattiner S Review For The Cfp R Certification Examination Fast Track Study Guide

Author: Jeffrey H. Rattiner
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470485200
Size: 46.83 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1755
The proven CFP Study Guide that delivers just what you need to succeed! A quick-study guide for candidates preparing to take the CFP Certification Examination, Rattiner's Review for the CFP® Certification Examination distills the bare-bones essentials you need to know to pass this challenging exam, all in a logical and easy-to-absorb manner. This indispensable study tool for students who have already been through traditional CFP educational programming—and just need a little extra help pulling it all together—provides a no-nonsense approach to studying for some of the most important disciplines of financial planning, including: PFP, insurance, employee benefit, investments, income tax, retirement, and estate planning. Each discipline contains short and concise statements emphasizing key points through mnemonic devices, study tips, and other established test-taking methods that provide helpful hints. Rattiner's Review for the CFP® Certification Examination, Third Edition has been thoroughly updated to include: Reviews from recent CFP Exam students who compare the CFP Board curriculum to this Third Edition, ensuring that all topics are covered adequately New, easy-to-follow flowcharts at the beginning of each chapter highlight the macro level perspective of each subject discipline Basic calculator keystrokes for investment math, retirement, life, and education needs analysis, and other important calculations New multiple-choice questions as well as new charts and tables for quick memorizations New acronyms to help put things into a simplified perspective and help students tie back to the big picture flowchart Perfect as a quick-reference guide to complement all CFP texts and self-study materials, it also serves as an important one-stop resource for financial services professionals who want information in a hurry. Stay organized, on track, and focused with Rattiner's Review for the CFP® Certification Examination, Third Edition.

Getting Started As A Financial Planner

Author: Jeffrey H. Rattiner
Publisher: Bloomberg Press
ISBN: 0470883537
Size: 48.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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There has never been more opportunity for financial planners--or more reasons for financial professionals to consider switching the direction of their careers into this lucrative field. Today's planners will cash in on the huge surge of baby boomers preparing for retirement in the decades ahead. And as the number and complexity of investments rises, more individuals will look to financial advisers to help manage their money. In the new paperback edition of this guide, Jeffrey H. Rattiner, a practicing financial planner and educator, provides a complete, systematic, turnkey framework for the aspiring planner to follow. Starting from the key question, "Why do you want to be a financial planner?" the author guides you through the development of an effective infrastructure and client management system for your practice. The many essential concepts are clearly illustrated with examples from practicing professionals. Throughout this handbook, Rattiner provides personal insights on how and why a planner must develop a solid understanding of client needs before building a comprehensive financial plan. Getting Started as a Financial Planner has everything one needs to know—from how to set up a practice and communicate with clients to how to manage investments and market services—in order to launch a career in financial planning and to attain success in this high-growth profession.

The Key To Your Own Nativity

Author: Alan Leo
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1596059230
Size: 61.32 MB
Format: PDF
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The most renowned, complete course in astrology ever to appear, the Alan Leo Astrologer's Library is the undisputed source for self-instruction in astrology. Here is the master astrologer's easy to follow method for chart delineation and interpretation-a must for the beginner and an essential reference for the advanced astrologer.

Material Inhomogeneities And Their Evolution

Author: Marcelo Epstein
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540723730
Size: 53.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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With its origins in the theories of continuous distributions of dislocations and ofmetalplasticity,inhomogeneitytheoryisarichandvibrant?eldofresearch. The recognition of the important role played by con?gurational or material forces in phenomena such as growth and remodelling is perhaps its greatest present-day impetus. While some excellent comprehensive works approa- ing the subject from di?erent angles have been published, the objective of this monograph is to present a point of view that emphasizes the di?erenti- geometric aspects of inhomogeneity theory. In so doing, we follow the general lines of thought that we have propounded in many publications and presen- tions over the last two decades. Although based on these sources, this book is a stand-alone entity and contains some new results and perspectives. At the same time, it does not intend to present either a historical account of the - velopment of the subject or a comprehensive picture of the various schools of thought that can be encountered by perusing scholarly journals and attending specialized symposia. The book is divided into three parts, the ?rst of which is entirely devoted to the formulation of the theory in the absence of evolution. In other words, time is conspicuously absent from Part I. It opens with the geometric ch- acterization of material inhomogeneity within the context of simple bodies in Chapter 1, followed by extensions to second-grade and Cosserat media in Chapters 2 and 3.

The Contented Canine

Author: Lowell Ackerman
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595175848
Size: 77.42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book is the definitive guide for improving the relationship between owners and their dogs. From properly socializing a puppy, to understanding health and nutritional needs, to including a dog in your will, this book answers all the questions that deal with a dog's needs within the family dynamic. This book provides explicit guidelines, not only for keeping pets in top physical shape, but keeping them happy and well adjusted as well, which is just as important.

Keys To The Kingdom Of Alchemy

Author: J. Erik LaPort
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing (IL)
ISBN: 9780990619857
Size: 19.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 416
Keys to the Kingdom of Alchemy is a decoding of Basil Valentine's 'The Stone of the Great Philosophers - The XII Keys'. Rich allegorical storytelling and masterful conceptual blending reveals the author of 'The XII Keys' to have been a highly educated polymath.

Principles Of Management For The Hospitality Industry

Author: Dana V Tesone
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113643643X
Size: 72.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1892
It is vital for hospitality management students to understand key management concepts as part of the complex and intimate nature of the services industry. Principles of Management for the Hospitality Industry is designed specifically for hospitality students who need to be able to use management tools and techniques to become successful hospitality managers. By placing you at the heart of an imaginary workplace this book offers the opportunity to work through all of the items of discussion for each topic. The chapter begins with a scenario to prompt an exploration of a given topic, and concludes with the outcome of this scenario to reinforce the lessons learnt throughout the chapter. Highly practical in approach, this is an up-to-date and skilful integration of all core areas of management. It is packed with tools and techniques to aid learning and understanding: improve your professional management vocabulary with definitions in each chapter, and a complete glossary of terms visualize key concepts with over one hundred explanatory diagrams gain confidence by testing your understanding on the accompanying website practical applications of theory are illustrated in international case studies throughout the book discussion questions prompt an exploration of key concepts.

Anaphora And Definite Descriptions

Author: Jaakko Hintikka
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 902772055X
Size: 48.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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I n order to appreciate properly what we are doing in this book it is necessary to realize that our approach to linguistic theorizing differs from the prevailing views. Our approach can be described by indicating what distinguishes it from the methodological ideas current in theoretical linguistics, which I consider seriously misguided. Linguists typically construe their task in these days as that of making exceptionless generalizations from particular examples. This explanatory strategy is wrong in several different ways. It presupposes that we can have "intuitions" about particular examples, usually examples invented by the linguist himself or herself, reliable and sharp enough to serve as a basis of sharp generalizations. It also presupposes that we cannot have equally reliable direct access to general linguistic regularities. Both assumptions appear to me extremely dubious, and the first of them has in effect been challenged by linguists like Dwight Bol inger. There is also some evidence that the degree of unanimity among linguists is fairly low when it comes to less clear cases, even in connection with such relatively simple questions as grammaticality (acceptability). For this reason we have tried to rely more on quotations from contemporary fiction, newspapers and magazines than on linguists' and philosophers' ad hoc examples. I also find it strange that some of the same linguists as believe that we all possess innate ideas about general characteristics of humanly possible grammars assume that we can have access to them only via their particular consequences.

Abnormal Psychology

Author: James N. Butcher
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 9332587469
Size: 14.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 231
The present edition for the Indian readers, either Indian case studies or Indian adaptation of Western case studies have been included.

Comparing Theories Of Child Development

Author: Robert Murray Thomas
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
Size: 17.22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1952
Explaining the nature of theories in the field of child development (including why theories are useful and why there are multiple theories), Thomas' highly respected book covers the widest range of theories of any text currently available. Using the following criteria: "Has the theory been popular?," "Has the theory been influential?," and "Is the theory representative of a class or family of theories?," Thomas identifies the goals and describes the findings of more than two dozen theorists and inspects a series of child development issues that bridge a variety of theories. Additionally, Thomas suggests a variety of ways to compare theories and existing explanations of how a child develops.