Radical Christian Discipleship

Author: John Howard Yoder
Publisher: Herald Press (VA)
ISBN: 9780836196665
Size: 23.14 MB
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Here, finally, is a collection of John Howard Yoder's writings for the rest of us-practical, yet as provocative as ever. Immerse yourself in selected writings and addresses- mostly unpublished- of Anabaptism's most famous theologian, formatted and edited so new generations can grasp his radical challenge to the church. Yoder pulls no punches as he talks about the Christian's call to live a life that is drastically different from the pattern of this world. He raises important and practical issues that we often choose not to speak about in polite company, in case of embarrassment by our failure to take them seriously. Discover Yoder's insistence on the narrow path of unswerving allegiance to the cross of Jesus Christ, and deep transformation by the renewing of our minds. First volume in the Challenge to the Church series.

Real Christian Fellowship

Author: John Howard Yoder
Publisher: Herald Press (VA)
ISBN: 9780836198621
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Real Christian Fellowship is about more than socializing with people who share common interests. True fellowship among believers breaks down walls of race, gender, ability, and social status. In this book, John Howard Yoder plums the depths of congregational life as God intended it to be. In doing so, he invites us to turn our world upside down so that we may be right side up in God's upside-down kingdom. For many believers, the practices of the Christian community have become stale. In this volume, Yoder infuses fresh air into familiar practices neither by retrieving older liturgical forms, which is trendy for some, nor by conforming to the latest cravings of the ever-changing market, which is trendy for others. Rather, Yoder plumbs the Bible to understand church practices in ways that are sure to spur readers on to a more intense search for faithfulness, fellowship, and witness. Book 3 of the Yoder For Everyone Series. 210 Pages.

The Politics Of Jesus

Author: John Howard Yoder
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780853646204
Size: 71.84 MB
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Using the text of the New Testament, this engaging study criticallyexamines the traditional portrait of Jesus as an apolitical figure and clarifies the true impact of Jesus' life, work, and teachings on his disciples' social behavior. This second edition is updated and expanded. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Mere Discipleship

Author: Lee C. Camp
Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 1441200819
Size: 63.62 MB
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What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ today? And are Christians really prepared for the answers? In Mere Discipleship, Lee Camp sets forth his vision of what it means to truly follow Christ, challenging Christians to put obedience to Jesus as Lord ahead of allegiances to all earthly authorities--be they nationalistic, political, economic, or cultural. Camp clearly lays out a sound biblical framework of what disciples believe and therefore what they should do. This substantially revised and expanded second edition updates examples, adds chapter introductions and summaries, and includes new study questions.

Revolutionary Christian Citizenship

Author: John Howard Yoder
Publisher: Herald Press (VA)
ISBN: 9780836196887
Size: 11.72 MB
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Too many believers today have lost a sense of their true home in God's alternative society. "Revolutionary Christian Citizenship" is about following the Apostle Paul's call to be "ambassadors for Christ." It is about living now in light of the world to come. It is about being "exiles and strangers" whose ambition is not merely to survive but to sow seeds of God's peace. In this volume of addresses and articles-many unpublished to this point-Yoder is more accessible and practical than in some of his better-known theological works. He equips us to represent Christ faithfully to all sectors of the world in which we live. Read this book to learn how the lordship of Christ applies to every aspect of life. Learn how to wage peace in a world of war and to bridge the gap between faith and politics. Second volume in the Challenge to the Church series, a collection of John Howard Yoder's writings and addresses formatted and edited for a new generation.

What Would You Do

Author: John Howard Yoder
Publisher: Herald Press (VA)
ISBN: 9780836136036
Size: 45.39 MB
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What would you do if someone attached your grandmother, wife, daughter (or grandfather, husband, sone)? Yoder explores the pros and cons of a nonviolent response. Expanded edition, 148 pages.

John Howard Yoder

Author: J. Denny Weaver
Publisher: The Lutterworth Press
ISBN: 0718843800
Size: 18.68 MB
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John Howard Yoder: Radical Theologian' shows that for John Howard Yoder both theology (in particular Christology) and ethics are expressions of the meaning of the narrative of Jesus. All such statements are relative to a particular context, so that theology and ethics are subject to reaching back to the narrative in order to restate the meaning in new and ever-changing contexts. This methodology is visible in Yoder’s 'Preface to Theology', which has been little used in most treatments of Yoder’s thought. Yoder has been characterised as standing on Nicene orthodoxy, criticised for rejecting Nicene orthodoxy, called heterodox, and designated a postmodern thinker to be interpreted in terms of other such thinkers. None of these characterisations adequately locates the basis of his methodology in the narrative of Jesus. Thus 'John Howard Yoder: Radical Theologian' aims to go beyond or to supersede existing treatments with its demonstration that Yoder is a radical theologian in the historical meaning of radical – that is, as one who returns to the root – but also relates his theology to the personal accusations that clouded his later years. For Christian faith, this root is Christ. Parts II and III of the book explore the sources of Yoder’s approach, and its application in several contemporary contexts.

Radical Ecumenicity

Author: John C. Nugent
Publisher: ACU Press
ISBN: 9780891120421
Size: 19.47 MB
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Since the earliest days of the Christian Church, those who practice Christian faith have struggled with questions of unity and discord. In response to the piling up of traditions that exclude instead of unite, many have sought to strip away constructed traditions and come together around a simple New Testament agenda. Theologian John Howard Yoder recognized the limitations of such approaches and instead advocated unity across particular traditions by way of robust and patient dialogue. Yoder's work thus exhibits an ecumenical posture that is radical in its appeal to deep Christian roots, its attention to history, and its tenacious dialogical spirit In the Spring of 2009, a group of scholars, ministers, and laypersons---most of them associated with the Stone-Campbell Movement---gathered to discuss the significance of Yoder's work. RADICAL ECUMENICITY brings together six papers from this gathering, including work by leading Yoder scholars Mark Thiessen Nation (Eastern Mennonite Seminary), Gayle Gerber Koontz (Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary), and Craig A. Carter (Tyndale University College and Seminary). The book also includes essays by two additional scholars and two of Yoder's own lesser-known essays "A thoroughly engaging collection. You'll finish these essays not only wanting to read more Yoder but also caring more passionately about the concerns to which Yoder doggedly committed his life: standing in faithful continuity with the church catholic and fostering an honest and robust ecumenism. A wonderful example of first-rate scholarship and theological reflection in service of the church."---Philip D. Kenneson, Milligan College, author of Life on the Vine: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit in Christian Community "The authors in this volume raise important questions about the possibilities and limitations of Yoder's theological legacy. I highly recommend this book to those seeking to understand Yoder's contributions to ecclesiology, as well as the ecumenical challenges of the 21st century."---Michael G. Cartwright, dean for Ecumenical & Interfaith Programs, University of Indianapolis

A Lover S Quarrel

Author: Joe R. Jones
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630871273
Size: 15.93 MB
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Joe Jones, a retired and well-known systematic theologian, confesses he has a lover's quarrel with the church. In wide-ranging writings mostly dating since 2006, he forthrightly argues for a theologically sound understanding of the church. And he pursues a multi-faceted critique of the feckless ways in which actual churches--ministers and laity--balk and betray their rightful calling to witness in word and deed to God. He is especially critical of the practical ways in which congregations become no more than mirror images of their sociopolitical milieu, whether to the right or to the left. Hence the quarrel, trenchantly pursued in major essays, blogs, and spiritual reflections on his own past. But it remains crystal clear to Jones in his learned and profound confession that it is his beloved church with which he quarrels and about which he still has extravagant hopes. A Lover's Quarrel is a book appropriate for ministers and laity, students and professors, and learned skeptics.

Untamed Shapevine

Author: Alan Hirsch
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441207511
Size: 20.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Discipleship is costly. Are we willing to critique and even challenge much we've been taught for the sake of the kingdom? For this is the radical nature of the discipleship to which Jesus calls us. He did not allow the outside culture to hold him captive; instead he established the kingdom of God and turned the world on its head. Jesus was untamed, and he calls his church to be the same. In this provocative and compelling book, internationally known missiologists Alan and Debra Hirsch overthrow culturized understandings of theology and culture, and cast a vision for a distinctly mission-shaped way of living the Christian life. Written for any Christian serious about issue of discipleship, Untamed covers such topics as church, humans as bearers of the image of God, family life, culture, and sexuality. Through it all they seek to answer the question, how are we to think and live day to day as followers of Jesus? Each chapter ends with suggested practices to help readers begin to live out the book's principles as well as questions for group discussion.