Puritan Gentry Besieged 1650 1700

Author: Trevor Cliffe
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134918151
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The latter half of the seventeenth century saw the Puritan families of England struggle to preserve the old values in an era of tremendous political and religious upheaval. Even non-conformist ministers were inclined to be pessimistic about the endurance of `godliness' - Puritan attitudes and practices - among the upper classes. Based on a study of family papers and other primary resources, Trevor Cliffe's study reveals that in many cases, Puritan county families were playing a double game: outwardly in communion with the Church, they often employed non-conformist chaplains, and attended nonconformist meetings.

English Puritanism

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1349268542
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The Post Reformation

Author: John Spurr
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131788261X
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The 17th century was a dynamic period characterized by huge political and social changes, including the Civil War, the execution of Charles I, the Commonwealth and the Restoration. The Britain of 1714 was recognizably more modern than it was in 1603. At the heart of these changes was religion and the search for an acceptable religious settlement, which stimulated the Pilgrim Fathers to leave to settle America, the Popish plot and the Glorious Revolution in which James II was kicked off the throne. This book looks at both the private aspects of human beliefs and practices and also institutional religion, investigating the growing competition between rival versions of Christianity and the growing expectation that individuals should be allowed to worship as they saw fit.

Puritanism And Its Discontents

Author: Laura Lunger Knoppers
Publisher: University of Delaware Press
ISBN: 9780874138177
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By tracing core discontents, the essays restore the anxiety-ridden radical nature of Puritanism, helping to account for its force in the seventeenth century and the popular and scholarly interest that it continues to evoke. Innovative and challenging in scope and argument, the volume should be of interest to scholars of early modern British and American history, literature, culture, and religion."--BOOK JACKET.

Literature And Dissent In Milton S England

Author: Sharon Achinstein
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521818049
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Examines the literary tradition of dissent produced by those who suffered political defeat and religious exclusion in Restoration England.

The World Of The Country House In Seventeenth Century England

Author: John Trevor Cliffe
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300076431
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This illustrated book takes us back to the domestic world of the landed gentry in seventeenth-century England. Relating countless stories and case histories drawn from a wide range of primary sources, the book describes the physical environment, staffing, and functioning of gentry households, the inhabitants and their activities, and the role of these houses in the social and economic life of their localities.


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Vols. for 1969-1970 consist of the proceedings of the Conference on British Studies, Pacific Northwest Section; summer 1971-winter 1972 consists of the proceedings of the Conference on British Studies at its Regional and National Meetings; spring 1979-winter 1980 includes proceedings of the Conference on British Studies at its Regional and National Meetings; spring 1983- includes proceedings of the North Americna Conference on British Studies.

The Emergence Of A Ruling Order

Author: James M. Rosenheim
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman Ltd
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This important new study considers how the English landed gentry secured their position of enduring wealth and political power across the century which saw their rise from a provincial social order to the national ruling elite. Dr. Rosenheim explores all aspects of the life of the landed order, whether in the country or in London. He looks at birth, education, marriage, and mobility (both physical and social); at religion and Jacobitism; and at public life in both shire and metropolis. He considers landowners as estate managers and investors; as magistrates and politicians; as students and European travellers; and as spouses and parents; and he explores their involvement in trade and commerce, as well as the exploitation of their estates. The result - integrating social, political, cultural and economic history, and making wide use of specific case studies - offers a searching analysis of the subject. It is also a vivid and entertaining portrait of one of the major formative influences on English culture and on the English landscape.