Oberschlesien Und Sein Kulturelles Erbe

Author: Marcin Wiatr
Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH
ISBN: 3847105930
Size: 21.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Marcin Wiatr leistet einen Beitrag zur Rekonstruktion, aber auch zur Versachlichung und Weiterentwicklung des seit 1989 in Polen geführten bildungspolitischen Diskurses über die Aufarbeitung und Aneignung des deutschen Kulturerbes. Im Zentrum des Projektes steht »Oberschlesien« – einerseits als Gegenstand einer erinnerungspolitischen Untersuchung, andererseits als Schauplatz virulenter bildungspolitischer Entwicklungen, die symbolisch in das erstmalig erscheinende Geschichtsbuch zur Regionalkunde Oberschlesiens einfließen. Ziel der Studie ist, der bildungspolitischen Debatte in Polen wie Deutschland eine verlässliche Basis zu geben, um (auch) deutsches Kulturerbe als Europäisierungsmoment der oberschlesischen Geschichte zu begreifen. Weiter will sie andeuten, wie Oberschlesien als ein multikulturell geprägter Erinnerungsort im Unterricht erfolgreich vermittelt werden kann.

E Teaching History

Author: Joanna Wojdon
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443888559
Size: 51.38 MB
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Incorporating Information and Communication Technology tools into the teaching and learning of history has become a common practice worldwide. It is no longer a question of if, but of how to introduce it in the classroom in order to make history education more effective and enjoyable. This book gathers the experiences and reflections of researchers from three continents, based on their own activities and on empirical studies. The contributions concentrate on videogames related to the past, history e-textbooks, and applications for mobile devices with historical content. Some texts deal explicitly with global phenomena, such as the “Assassin’s Creed” or “Colonization” games, some present materials developed for the international market, such as a European e-textbook or mobile phone applications, while others concentrate on local experiences, such as a Chinese e-schoolbag, a Swiss tablet application, Polish and Estonian e-textbooks, or English teacher training. The book is a result, and a reinforcement, of the belief that history educators can benefit from the lessons learnt in other places of the globalising world.

History Education And Post Conflict Reconciliation

Author: Karina V. Korostelina
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135100322
Size: 56.18 MB
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This book analyses the role of history education in conflict and post-conflict societies, describing common history textbook projects in Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Far East and the Middle East. Ever since the emergence of the modern school system and the implementation of compulsory education, textbooks have been seen as privileged media. The knowledge they convey is relatively persistent and moreover highly selective: every textbook author must choose and omit, condense, structure, reduce, and generalize information. Within this context, history textbooks are often at the centre of interest. There are unquestionably significant differences regarding homogeneity or plurality of interpretations when concepts of history education are compared internationally. This volume conducts a comparative analysis of common history projects in different countries and provides conceptual frameworks and methodological tools for enhancing the roles of these projects in the processes of conflict prevention and resolution. This book is timely, as issues of history education in conflict and post-conflict societies are becoming more popular with the increased realisation that unresolved disagreements about historical narratives can, and often do, lead to renewed conflict or even violence. This book will be of interest to students of peace studies and conflict resolution, political science, history, sociology, anthropology, social psychology, and international relations in general.

Solving Large Scale Learning Tasks Challenges And Algorithms

Author: Stefan Michaelis
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319417061
Size: 43.34 MB
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In celebration of Prof. Morik's 60th birthday, this Festschrift covers research areas that Prof. Morik worked in and presents various researchers with whom she collaborated. The 23 refereed articles in this Festschrift volume provide challenges and solutions from theoreticians and practitioners on data preprocessing, modeling, learning, and evaluation. Topics include data-mining and machine-learning algorithms, feature selection and feature generation, optimization as well as efficiency of energy and communication.

Biography Between Structure And Agency

Author: Volker Rolf Berghahn
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781845455187
Size: 63.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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While bookstore shelves around the world have never ceased to display best-selling “life-and-letters” biographies in prominent positions, the genre became less popular among academic historians during the Cold War decades. Their main concern then was with political and socioeconomic structures, institutions, and organizations, or—more recently—with the daily lives of ordinary people and small communities. The contributors to this volume—all well known senior historians—offer self-critical reflections on problems they encountered when writing biographies themselves. Some of them also deal with topics specific to Central Europe, such as the challenges of writing about the lives of both victims and perpetrators. Although the volume concentrates on European historiography, its strong methodological and conceptual focus will be of great interest to non-European historians wrestling with the old “structure-versus-agency” question in their own work. Contributors:Volker R. Berghahn, Hartmut Berghoff, Hilary Earl, Jan Eckel, Willem Frijhoff, Ian Kershaw, Simone Lässig, Karl Heinrich Pohl, John C. G. Röhl, Angelika Schaser, Joachim Radkau, Cornelia Rauh-Kühne, Mark Roseman, Christoph Strupp and Michael Wildt.

Towards Normality

Author: Rainer Liedtke
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161481277
Size: 61.13 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The present volume is the latest in a distinguished series, published under the auspices of the London Leo Baeck Institute, that addresses the issues of emancipation, assimilation and acculturation. It presents the work of an international group of scholars who approach these topics from a variety of innovative perspectives. The thread running through the diverse contributions, as indicated by the volume's title, is that of normality, clearly a close relation of emancipation and acculturation. Throughout the period from the Enlightenment to the 1930s, it can be argued that German-speaking Jews endeavoured to be like those around them, to become - in a (loaded) word - normal. While the term has not generally been employed by historians of European Jewry, the search for the normal can provide an interesting perspective from which to examine the diverse modes of German Jewish acculturation and integration, or lack thereof. Survey of contents: Peter Pulzer: Obituary for Werner E. Mosse - Rainer Liedtke / David Rechter: Introduction: German Jewry and the Search for Normality - Michael A. Meyer: German Jewry's Path to Normality and Assimilation: Complexities, Ironies, Paradoxes - Christhard Hoffmann: Constructing Jewish Modernity: Mendelssohn Jubilee Celebrations within German Jewry, 1829-1929 - Johannes Hei: ... durch Fluten und Scheiterhaufen: Persecution as a Topic in Jewish Historiography on the Way to Modernity - Christian Wiese: Struggling for Normality: The Apologetics of Wissenschaft des Judentums in Wilhelmine Germany as an Anti-colonial Intellectual Revolt against the Protestant Construction of Judaism - Deborah Hertz: The Troubling Dialectic Between Reform and Conversion in Biedermeier Berlin - Simone Lassig: The Emergence of a Middle-Class Religiosity: Social and Cultural Aspects of the German-Jewish Reform Movement During the First Half of the Nineteenth Century - Gregory A. Caplan: Germanising the Jewish Male: Military Masculinity as the Last Stage of Acculturation - Lisa Swartout: Segregation or Integration? Honour and Manliness in Jewish Duelling Fraternities - Ulrich Sieg: Nothing more German than the German Jews? On the Integration of a Minority in a Society at War - Elisabeth Albanis: A West-ostlicher Divan from the Front: Moritz Goldstein Beyond the Kunstwart Debate - Keith H. Pickus: Divergent Paths of National Integration and Acculturation: Jewish and Catholic Educational Strategies in Nineteenth Century Hesse-Darmstadt - Robin Judd: Jewish Political Behaviour and the Schachtfrage, 1880-1914 - Silvia Cresti: German and Austrian Jews Concept of Culture, Nation and Volk - Helga Embacher: Jewish Identities and Acculturation in the Province of Salzburg in the Shadow of Antisemitism - Tobias Brinkmann: Exceptionalism and Normality: German Jews in the United States 1840-1880 - Mitchell B. Hart: Towards Abnormality: Assimilation and Degenerationin German-Jewish Social Thought

The United States And Germany During The Twentieth Century

Author: Christof Mauch
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521197813
Size: 74.26 MB
Format: PDF
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The United States and Germany during the Twentieth Century presents a wide ranging comparison of American and German societies during the late 19th and 20th centuries. The two countries - the world's leading "rising powers" of the time - were both more similar and more different than is widely understood. Above all, their dual encounter with modernity brings out the richness of both societies as they faced unprecedented internal and external challenges, sometimes in isolation, but more often in combination or in parallel with one another.

Opening The Mind Or Drawing Boundaries

Author: Thorsteinn Helgason
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3862340619
Size: 48.15 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1845
History texts studied by students in schools are an important field for drawing boundaries between nations, beliefs, ethnic groups and countries, sometimes causing disputes and protests. Even in the democratic and peaceful Nordic countries, history texts carry a message of authorized content knowledge and situated values. At the same time, they are meant to foster the critical mind, a skillfull eye and a tolerant spirit.In this volume, scholars from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden explore the question of “Us and the Others” in Nordic textbooks and educational media and focus on teachers’ opinions and use of history texts, partly based on a survey among Nordic history teachers in elementary and secondary schools. The questions dealt with are of national identity and multiculturalism, sameness and difference, content and pedagogy, skills and values, goals of history education and teachers’ situations. The scholars and teachers compare the educational and societal aims with the actual teaching materials at hand. The potentialities and limitations of textbooks and other educational media are investigated and discussed.

Philanthropy Patronage And Civil Society

Author: Thomas Adam
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253110862
Size: 30.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Philanthropy, Patronage, and Civil Society, Thomas Adam has assembled a comparative set of case studies that challenge long-held and little-studied assumptions about the modern development of philanthropy. Histories of philanthropy have often neglected European patterns of giving and the importance of financial patronage to the emergence of modern industrialized societies. It has long been assumed, for example, that Germany never developed civic traditions of philanthropy as in the United States. In truth, however, 19th-century German museums, art galleries, and social housing projects were not only privately founded and supported, they were also blueprints for the creation of similar public institutions in North America. The comparative method of the essays also reveals the extent to which the wealthy classes on both sides of the Atlantic defined themselves through their philanthropic activities. Contributors are Thomas Adam, Maria Benjamin Baader, Karsten Borgmann, Tobias Brinkmann, Brett Fairbairn, Eckhardt Fuchs, David C. Hammack, Dieter Hoffmann, Simone Lässig, Margaret Eleanor Menninger, and Susannah Morris.

Remembering And Recounting The Cold War

Author: Peter Gautschi
Publisher: Wochenschau Verlag
ISBN: 3734404304
Size: 38.76 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Perceptions and images of the Cold War as they appear in textbooks, in the classroom but also in public and in the scientific discourse are topic of this volume "Remembering and Recounting the Cold War – Commonly Shared History?". These perceptions and images are particularly interesting because they are part of the communicative memory and are thus in the process of undergoing change. It is also the task of history didactics, here understood as a science concerned with investigating, theorizing on and staging the way of how people and societies deal with history and memories, to describe, to analyze and to interpret such moldings of teaching cultures, memory cultures and, of course, individual and collective views of this era.