Origins Of The Magdalene Laundries

Author: Rebecca Lea McCarthy
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786455802
Size: 14.12 MB
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The convents, asylums, and laundries that once comprised the Magdalene institutions are the subject of this work. Though originally half-way homes for prostitutes in the Middle Ages, these homes often became forced-labor institutions, particularly in Ireland. Examining the laundries within the context of a growing world capitalist economy, the work argues that the process of colonization, and of defining a national image, determined the nature and longevity of the Magdalene Laundries. This process developed differently in Ireland, where the last laundry closed in 1996. The book focuses on the devolution of the significance of Mary Magdalene as a metaphor for the organization: from an affluent, strong supporter of Jesus to a simple, fallen woman.

Ireland S Magdalen Laundries And The Nation S Architecture Of Containment

Author: James M. Smith
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess
ISBN: 0268182183
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The Magdalen laundries were workhouses in which many Irish women and girls were effectively imprisoned because they were perceived to be a threat to the moral fiber of society. Mandated by the Irish state beginning in the eighteenth century, they were operated by various orders of the Catholic Church until the last laundry closed in 1996. A few years earlier, in 1993, an order of nuns in Dublin sold part of their Magdalen convent to a real estate developer. The remains of 155 inmates, buried in unmarked graves on the property, were exhumed, cremated, and buried elsewhere in a mass grave. This triggered a public scandal in Ireland and since then the Magdalen laundries have become an important issue in Irish culture, especially with the 2002 release of the film “The Magdalene Sisters.” /// Focusing on the ten Catholic Magdalen laundries operating between 1922 and 1996, Ireland's Magdalen Laundries and the Nation's Architecture of Containment offers the first history of women entering these institutions in the twentieth century. Because the religious orders have not opened their archival records, Smith argues that Ireland's Magdalen institutions continue to exist in the public mind primarily at the level of story (cultural representation and survivor testimony) rather than history (archival history and documentation). /// Addressed to academic and general readers alike, James M. Smith's book accomplishes three primary objectives. First, it connects what history we have of the Magdalen laundries to Ireland's “architecture of containment” that made undesirable segments of the female population such as illegitimate children, single mothers, and sexually promiscuous women literally invisible. Second, it critically evaluates cultural representations in drama and visual art of the laundries that have, over the past fifteen years, brought them significant attention in Irish culture. Finally, Smith challenges the nation—church, state, and society—to acknowledge its complicity in Ireland's Magdalen scandal and to offer redress for victims and survivors alike.

Writing The Diaphragm Blues And Other Sexual Cacophonies

Author: Rebecca Lea Mccarthy
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781480256354
Size: 49.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A Compelling perspective on Modern Sexuality Which of these statements are true? Babies come from pumpkin seeds. Diaphragms are slippery when wet. Women who use birth control are sluts. With a critical and humorous outlook, McCarthy investigates female sexuality, from childhood to menopause; gender mythology; and true to life experiences: Where do babies come from, puberty, birth control failures, reproductive knowledge, silence regarding sexual assault, image and aging, sex and politics, as well as the life of sluts and crones. Pulling from variety of sources including news articles, scholarly articles, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, public discussion posts, blogs, YouTube, and personal, farcical moments in McCarthy's life, this book demonstrates how the strange interludes in one's life are not so strange after all. Rebecca Lea McCarthy a writer, educator, artist, and roller derby player. She holds a PhD in Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University, and her published works include the influential, "Origins of the Magdalene Laundries: An Analytical History" (2010).

Irishness On The Margins

Author: Pilar Villar-Argáiz
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319745670
Size: 79.47 MB
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This collection examines the presence of minority communities and dissident voices in Ireland both historically and in a contemporary framework. Accordingly, the contributions explore different facets of what we term “Irish minority and dissident identities,” ranging from political agitators drowned out by mainstream narratives of nationhood, to identities differentiated from the majority in terms of ethnicity, religion, class and health; and sexual minorities that challenge heteronormative perspectives on marriage, contraception, abortion, and divorce. At a moment when transnational democracy and the rights of minorities seem to be at risk, a book of this nature seems more pressing than ever. In different ways, the essays gathered here remind us of the importance of ‘rethinking’ nationhood, by a process of denaturalisation of the supremacy of white heterosexual structures.

Redress Schemes For Personal Injuries

Author: Sonia Macleod
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1509916628
Size: 36.28 MB
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This ground-breaking book takes a fresh look at potential non-litigation solutions to providing personal injury compensation. It is the first systematic comparative study of such a large number – over forty – of personal injury compensation schemes. It covers the drivers for their creation, the frameworks under which they operate, the criteria and thresholds used, the compensation offered, the claims process, statistics on throughput and costs, and analysis of financial costings. It also considers and compares the successes and failings of these schemes. Many different types of redress providers are studied. These include the comprehensive no-blame coverage offered by the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation; the widely used Patient, Pharmaceutical, Motor Accident and Workers Compensation Insurance systems of the Nordic states; the far smaller issue-focused schemes like the UK Thalidomide and vCJD Trusts; vaccine damage schemes that exist in many countries; as well as motor vehicle schemes from the USA. Conclusions are drawn about the functions, essential requirements, architecture, scope, operation and performance of personal injury compensation systems. The relationships between such schemes, the courts and regulators are also discussed, and both calls and need for reforms are noted. Noting the wide calls for reform of NHS medical negligence litigation within the UK, and its replacement with a no blame approach, the authors' findings outline options for future policy in this area. This major contribution builds on general shifts from courts to ADR, and from blame to no blame in regulation, and is a work that has the potential to have a major impact on the field of personal injury redress. With contributions by Raymond Byrne, Claire Bright, Shuna Mason, Magdalena Tulibacka, Matti Urho, Mary Walker and Herbert Woopen.

Encyclopaedia Of Historical Metrology Weights And Measures

Author: Jan Gyllenbok
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3319667122
Size: 46.69 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This third volume of Gyllenbok's encyclopaedia of historical metrology comprises the second part of the compendium of measurement systems and currencies of all sovereign states of the modern World (J-Z). Units of measurement are of vital importance in every civilization through history. Since the early ages, man has through necessity devised various measures to assist him in everyday life. They have enabled and continue to enable us to trade in commonly and equitably understood amounts, and to investigate, understand, and control the chemical, physical, and biological processes of the natural world. The encyclopeadia will be of use not only to historians of science and technology, but also to economic and social historians and should be in every major academic and national library as standard reference work on the topic.

Honor Vengeance And Social Trouble

Author: Peter Arnade
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801455758
Size: 25.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Among the more intriguing documentary sources from late medieval Europe are pardon letters—petitions sent by those condemned for serious crimes to monarchs and princes in France and the Low Countries in the hopes of receiving a full pardon. The fifteenth-century Burgundian Low Countries and duchy of Burgundy produced a large cache of these petitions, from both major cities (Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and Dijon) and rural communities. In Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble, Peter Arnade and Walter Prevenier present the first study in English of these letters to explore and interrogate the boundaries between these sources’ internal, discursive properties and the social world beyond the written text. Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble takes the reader out onto the streets and into the taverns, homes, and workplaces of the Burgundian territories, charting the most pressing social concerns of the day: everything from family disputes and vendettas to marital infidelity and property conflicts—and, more generally, the problems of public violence, abduction and rape, and the role of honor and revenge in adjudicating disputes. Arnade and Prevenier examine why the right to pardon was often enacted by the Burgundian dukes and how it came to compete with more traditional legal means of resolving disputes. In addition, they consider the pardon letter as a historical source, highlighting the limitations and pitfalls of relying on documents that are, by their very nature, narratives shaped by the petitioner to seek a favored outcome. The book also includes a detailed case study of a female actress turned prostitute. An example of microhistory at its best, Honor, Vengeance, and Social Trouble will challenge scholars while being accessible to students in courses on medieval and early modern Europe or on historiography.

Irish Catholicism Since 1950

Author: Louise Fuller
Publisher: Gill
Size: 77.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Louise Fuller sets the Church's role in its historical perspective before considering the triumphant institution of the 1950s. It was a Church of piety and ritual: mass attendance, church building, processions, pilgrimages, the erection of crosses, statues and grottos, the widespread dissemination of devotional literature and the cult of indulgences were its distinguishing characteristics. The rising prosperity of the '60s, plus the effects of the Vatican Council, began the liberalisation of Irish society. The bishops reacted defensively. Their conservatism stimulated the emergence of a Catholic intelligentsia, propagating more liberal attitudes and championing the new theology. The '70s and '80s saw a Church more open to liberation theology, to ecumenism and to issues of justice and peace generally, albeit change was gradual and piecemeal. The real revolution did not come until the 1990s, when a succession of clerical sexual scandals fatally subverted the unique moral authority of the Church which had been its greatest strength.

Whispering Hope

Author: Nancy Costello
ISBN: 9780750542876
Size: 18.96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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On 19 February 2013 the Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny apologized to the women who had been incarcerated in Ireland's Magdalene laundries. In the audience sat Steven O'Riordan, a documentary filmmaker and founder of the Magdalene Survivors Together group. And by his side were some of the women he had helped. Nancy, Kathleen, Diane, Marie and Marina were confined in Magdalene laundries throughout Ireland during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The physical and psychological abuse they suffered at the institutions, run on behalf of the State, led to a lifetime of shame and secrecy. Inspirational and moving, these women tell their stories for the first time.

The Second Deadly Sin

Author: Asa Larsson
Publisher: MacLehose Press
ISBN: 1623651409
Size: 68.31 MB
Format: PDF
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Asa Larsson 's Rebecka Martinsson series was included on a list of Top Mysteries Every Woman Should Read by Oprah Winfrey, who called Rebecka Martinsson a "brilliant, believable" female detective. Now in The Second Deadly Sin Rebecka Martinsson's courage to the test once more in her most twisted and unpredictable case yet. After successfully tracking down and killing a rogue bear in the wilderness of northern Sweden, a group of hunters is shaken by a grisly discovery when they dress the bear carcass: human remains in the stomach. Far away in the remote village of Kurravaara, an elderly woman is found murdered with frenzied brutality, crude abuse scrawled above her bloodied bed. Her young grandson, known to live with her, is nowhere to be found. Only Kiruna prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson sees a connection between the two events, but thanks to the machinations of a jealous rival, she is dropped from the case. Continuing to pursue answers in an unofficial capacity, and with the reluctant assistance of her friend and police inspector Anna-Maria Mella, Rebecka stands alone against a ruthless killer. At the root of it all is a horrifying, century-old crime, the tendrils of which continue to hold the small community in their grip.