One Simple Idea For Startups And Entrepreneurs Live Your Dreams And Create Your Own Profitable Company

Author: Stephen Key
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 007180045X
Size: 43.51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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From award-winning entrepreneur, inventor, and business owner Stephen Key comes the highly anticipated follow-up to his bestseller One Simple Idea Stephen Key is back, and he’s delivering a proven, straightforward process for starting, growing, and running a business—without the need for an MBA or millions of dollars in funding. Key draws on his own experience as a billion-dollar inventor to offer how-tos and other takeaways you can use to get off the ground and into the black. Case-studies of his most successful students and other innovators further underscore “key” principles from the book, while strategies for testing, protecting, and marketing a product make it easier than ever for you to follow achieve your business and life dreams. Stephen Key has successfully licensed more than 20 simple ideas that have generated billions of dollars of revenue. The course he teaches has attracted more than ten thousand students around the world.

One Simple Idea Turn Your Dreams Into A Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do The Work

Author: Stephen Key
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071761284
Size: 12.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Turn your great idea into millions—without lifting a finger! Yes, a good idea is enough to build a fortune! Too many people think production, marketing, and distribution are essential to the entrepreneurial process. As One Simple Idea shows, you can hand these tasks off to others—and make big money in doing so. Stephen Key, a highly successful entrepreneur whose creations have generated billions of revenue, offers the simple, effortless secret to success: license your simple idea and let others do the work. Breaking down the process of generating and licensing a product idea to a large company, he explains why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel: Simple improvements to existing products can be very successful endeavors—and the most lucrative. The old method of bringing products to market through prototyping and patents doesn’t work anymore. It’s cheaper and more profitable to do it Key’s way. One Simple Idea gives you everything you need to tap into the marketing and sales power of partners and licensors for maximum profit.

Smart Strategies For Turning An Idea Into A Product Or Service

Author: Jennifer Swanson
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1477776346
Size: 16.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Turning an idea into a product or service takes dedication and perseverance, but the best part is anyone can do it. This savvy volume presents practical ways for becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business, including researching ideas, products, and services, as well as compiling a business plan and details to include in it, market research and testing, calculating start-up costs, finding funds for investment in the business, keeping costs under control, patent protection, insurance, manufacturing costs and building on service, licensing, hiring employees, advertising (including Internet marketing), keeping up with demand, and maintaining focus on a thriving business.

Creative Cross Disciplinary Entrepreneurship

Author: D. Welsh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137338342
Size: 29.14 MB
Format: PDF
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Creative Cross-Disciplinary Entrepreneurship responds to educational demands created through dramatic changes in the nature of business, by describing how to develop a cross-disciplinary curriculum in Entrepreneurship that further increases students' knowledge base in specific areas of interest and the development of an 'entrepreneurial mindset.'

Sell Your Ideas With Or Without A Patent

Author: Stephen M. Key
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781507885734
Size: 37.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Think you need a patent? Think again. Many of the products Stephen Key has licensed required no intellectual property protection whatsoever, yet have made millions in royalties. But Key also knows what it takes to protect a big idea. Years ago, after reading about how medication bottles rarely contain enough space for the information that needs to be printed on them, he was inspired to develop an innovative label technology. The Spinformation rotating label has been licensed on products the world over, is protected by 20 U.S. and international patents, and has received more than 13 industry awards. To put it simply: Key knows how to use intellectual property to profit. This book will teach you how to:• Get a licensing contract with or without intellectual property• Write a provisional patent application that stops others from stealing your idea• Find and hire a killer patent attorney (they are not all created equal!)• Save thousands of dollars on legal expenses• File patents that have true value• Negotiate a win-win agreementIt also details Stephen's experience defending his patents in Federal Court—a David versus Goliath saga he has never before written about at length—as well as provides tips about how to avoid a licensing contract from going bad.

The Reluctant Entrepreneur

Author: Michael Masterson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118178440
Size: 78.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2395
Addresses the fears and misconceptions that many people have about starting a business by presenting strategies for success and avoiding the pitfalls that threaten fledgling companies.

The 100 Startup

Author: Chris Guillebeau
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 0307951529
Size: 72.23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3068
Shares advice for transitioning away from unfulfilling jobs to embark on adventurous, meaningful careers, outlining recommendations for starting a personal business with a minimum of time and investment while turning ideas into higher income levels. 60,000 first printing.

Idea To Invention

Author: Patricia Nolan-Brown
Publisher: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814432956
Size: 50.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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You don't have to be a mechanical genius to be an inventor. Anyone can invent-a parent wrestling with a baby sling . . . a coach frustrated with slick-soled running shoes . . . an office worker determined to keep the computer cords untangled. Inventing is simply finding clever solutions to everyday challenges. Author and inventor Patricia Nolan-Brown has turned common annoyances into ingenious and money-making products. She shares the tricks of her trade in Idea to Invention, a practical guide that helps ordinary people look at their world with the eyes of an inventor. Readers will learn six simple steps to invention-and discover: * How they rate on six crucial personality traits * Creativity habits that spark invention * The power of tape-and-paper prototypes to refine their vision * How to navigate the ins and outs of licensing and patenting their product * The pros and cons of finding a licensed manufacturer vs. running a home-based assembly line * How to promote their invention-from perfecting the pitch and finding store buyers to trade-show shortcuts and strategies for creating buzz online * Product enhancements that add years to shelf life From initial concept to thriving business, this handy guide simplifies the invention process and gives creative thinkers the competitive edge they need to achieve success.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Author: Natalie Sisson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501178180
Size: 63.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Now in its third edition, The Suitcase Entrepreneur teaches readers how to package and sell their skills to earn enough money to be able to work and live anywhere, build a profitable online business, and live life on their own terms. With new material pertinent to today’s business world, readers will receive the blueprint to create their ideal lifestyle and become their own digital nomad. After eight years of working in the soul-crushing bureaucracy of the corporate world, Natalie Sisson quit her high-paying job and moved to Canada, started a blog, and cofounded a technology company. In just eighteen months she learned how to build an online platform from scratch, and then left to start her own business—which involved visiting Argentina to eat empanadas, play Ultimate Frisbee, and launch her first digital product. After five years, she now runs a six-figure business from her laptop, while living out of a suitcase and teaching entrepreneurs worldwide how to build a business and lifestyle they love. In The Suitcase Entrepreneur you’ll learn how to establish your business online, reach a global audience, and build a virtual team to give you more free time, money, and independence. With a new introduction, as well as updated resources and information, this practical guide uncovers the three key stages of creating a self-sufficient business and how to become a successful digital nomad and live life on your own terms.