Official Proclamation Of Real Moorish American Nationality

Author: Noble Prophet Drew Ali
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502573940
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In 1928, El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali, known to the world as Noble Drew Ali, attended the Pan-American Conference in Havana, Cuba. At said conference, also attended by the not-invited Secretary of State for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, our Prophet received from the nations of America the mandate recognizing the Moor's claim to the Americas, and simultaneously, the expiration of the European mandate to occupy Moorish lands in the Western Hemisphere. The issuance and invocation of this Official Proclamation of Real Moorish American Nationality serves as constructive notice to the nations of the world: The Moors are back, and the Judgment of the Nations of the Earth is upon us. 100% of proceeds from sale of this title go toward promotion of Moorish American political issues in the US and abroad.

Noble Drew Ali

Author: Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey
ISBN: 9780976594406
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Sacred Drift

Author: Peter Lamborn Wilson
Publisher: City Lights Books
ISBN: 9780872862753
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Peter Lamborn Wilson proposes a set of heresies, a culture of resistance, that dispels the false image of Islam as monolithic, puritan, and two-dimensional. Here is the story of the African-American noble Drew Ali, the founder of "Black Islam" in this country, and of the violent end of his struggle for "love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice." Another essay deals with Satan and "Satanism" in Esoteric Islam; and another offers a scathing critique of "Authority" and sexual misery in modern Puritanist Islam. "The Anti-caliph" evokes a hot mix of Ibn Arabi's tantric mysticism and the revolutionary teachings of the "Assassins." The title essay, "Sacred Drift," roves through the history and poetics of Sufi travel, from Ibn Khaldun to Rimbaud in Abyssinia to the Situationists. A "Romantic" view of Islam is taken to radical extremes; the exotic may not be "True," but it's certainly a relief from academic propaganda and the obscene banality of simulation. Peter Lamborn Wilson lives in New York and works for Semiotext(e) magazine, Pacifica Radio, and the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. A long decade in the Orient (1968-1981) inspires his writing, including The Drunken Universe: An Anthology of Persian Sufi Poetry and Scandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy.

Califa Uhuru

Author: Noble Prohet Drew Ali
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781500273491
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Compilation of standard-issue M.S.T. of A. literature in one conveniently compiled and professionally bound text. Selections include reproductions of artifacts found in earlier editions of the Califa Uhuru series.

I M Going To Repeat Myself

Author: Prophet Noble Drew Ali
Publisher: Califa Media Publishing
ISBN: 1500540285
Size: 43.25 MB
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A collection of articles and publications by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and other Moors of the early Moorish movement in America. For those looking for a professionally bound edition for their Moorish Literature collection. Califa Media is a subsidiary of the Moorish Guide Publishing Company wholly owned & founded by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Search Terms: Moorish American, Moors, Moorish Children, Moorish History, Moorish Literature, MSTA, Moorish Science, Moorish Science Temple of America, Noble Drew Ali

Moorish Jewels Emerald Edition

Author: Rami A. Salaam El
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502730664
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Moorish Jewels is a book series dedicated to presenting the reader with the truth and divine truth about the illustrious Moorish legacy. The Emerald Edition is the debut book of the Moorish Jewels series. Black & White Student edition. The Emerald Edition covers a wide range of subjects including Astrology, History, Music, Film, Etymology and of course, the amazing works of our Universal Prophet, Noble Drew Ali. With cultures, sciences and legendary accomplishments of Moors that can be traced back at least 50,000 years here on Earth, there is much information about Moors to uncover and share with the world. Who are the Moors? What have they done? Where are they now? Find out the answers to those questions and Moor today! G.S. Rami Salaam E Reduced price black & white student's edition. Bulk order, discounts and freebies available at http: //

The Holy Koran Of The Moorish Holy Temple Of Science Circle 7

Author: Noble Prophet Drew Ali
Publisher: Califa Media Publishing
ISBN: 1500515256
Size: 25.21 MB
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Reproduction of original printing of the Circle 7 Koran. This 1926 edition pre-dates the incorporation of the Moorish Science Temple of America by Noble Prophet Drew Ali. A Moorish American artifact for those looking for a professionally bound edition for their Moorish Literature collection. Bulk order and publisher discounts available at Search Words: Moorish Koran, 1926 Koran, Holy Temple of Science, Moorish literature, Moorish books, Moorish Americans, Moors, Noble Drew Ali, Drew Ali, MSTA, Moorish Science Temple, Indigenous Americans, American History, Ancient America

Prophet Noble Drew Ali Saviour Of Humanity

Author: Azeem Hopkins-Bey
ISBN: 1312373482
Size: 21.46 MB
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Prophet Noble Drew Ali: Saviour of Humanity is the first book about the life of Noble Drew Ali written from an insider of the Moorish movement, providing documentation not yet seen by the public eye. This is arguably the greatest and most comprehensive work on the founder of the Moorish movement in America. The author meticulously and responsibly immerses the reader into the life and labor of the Moorish American Prophet, giving an accurate, detailed, and intimate view of the scope and breadth of his work. The book is a treasure for Moorish Americans and researchers alike.