Lust And Adventure The Complete Third Season

Author: Misty Vixen
ISBN: 9781549766008
Size: 27.95 MB
Format: PDF
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The complete Third Season of Lust & Adventure...This collection is for the die-hard, hardcore fans who have to have it all or the financially prudent newcomers who would rather buy the entire package all at once.This collection contains episodes one through six from the third season of Lust & Adventure. It also contains three bonus short stories.THE WOMAN IN THE OCEAN, in which Alan and Layla encounter a beautiful and very curious mermaid. Also available in Collection #7.RACHEL, in which Alan decides to go back and see his good, intimate friend Rachel, and she introduces him to two more of her hot lady friends. Also available in Collection #8.MORGAN, in which Alan, after hooking back up with Rachel, comes to visit the half-giantess Morgan, and when he finds her both happy to see him and in the company of a beautiful dryad, things get intimate. A brand new short available only in this Collection.Official Description: After the difficult journey in the northern mountains and with winter coming, Alan and Layla decide that they want to go south, somewhere warm, and settle on the tropical island nation of Tomontica. As they get there, however, they become involved with yet another adventure, as well as adventures of a more intimate variety as they encounter a local woman named Carmen and a beautiful, mysterious ocean nymph named Erana...

Adventures Of A Continental Drifter

Author: Elliott Hester
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1429905425
Size: 42.97 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In October 2002, Elliott Hester sold his car, abandoned his apartment, and took off alone on a trip around the world, during which he drifted to over fifty destinations. Elliott's tales about his travels range from the bizarre to the hilarious to the flat-out shocking. Travel with him as he: · Chases off transvestites in the South Pacific · Gets drunk on Estonian moonshine at the maker's eightieth birthday party · Impersonates Samuel L. Jackson at the 38th International Film Festival in the Czech Republic · Ponders the Finnish tradition of sprinting from steamy sauna to plunge into the frigid Baltic Sea—naked! · And much more. Only an around-the-world excursion could produce such outlandish, hair-raising, hysterical adventures. And only Elliott Hester could make such vivid observations and write such vibrant insights about life---and people---on the road.

Lust Money Murder Books 1 2 3 Book 1 Free

Author: Mike Wells
Publisher: Top Ten Best International Women Sleuths Murder Mystery Detective Thriller Crime Espionage Suspense Books Press
ISBN: 1452413479
Size: 36.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Born in the worst suburb in Pittsburgh, Elaine Brogan is bright, beautiful and bold. When her father is falsely arrested for passing counterfeit $100 bills, Elaine vows to become a Secret Service agent and track down the man responsible. After barely surviving the arduous Secret Service Training Academy in Laurel, Maryland, she is transferred to bleak and blustery Great Falls, Montana. But things do not go as planned, and Elaine soon finds herself betrayed and thrown into an adventure that takes her halfway around the world, from dark and mysterious Sofia, Bulgaria, to Moscow Russia, and finally, to Milan, Italy. In the end, will Elaine find the love and happiness she truly seeks…or will she turn to a life of obscene wealth, power and corruption? Fans of Sidney Sheldon and Janet Ivanovich will enjoy this book.

Today Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Author: Ulli Lust
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 160699557X
Size: 10.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Back in 1984, a rebellious,17-year-old, punked-out Ulli Lust set out for a wild hitchhiking trip across Italy, from Naples through Verona and Rome and ending up in Sicily. Twenty-five years later, this talented Austrian cartoonist has looked back at that tumultuous summer and delivered a long, dense, sensitive,and minutely observed autobiographical masterpiece.

Overcoming Lust

Author: Jim Vander Spek
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1619048582
Size: 30.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2071
You can overcome lust and sexual sin! Overcoming Lust is written for you if you are struggling with sexual sin or are helping others who are struggling. It includes: Ten chapters that will help you understand lust and how to gain victory over it. Ten additional chapters that will show you what the Bible teaches about lust. Helpful discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Many real life examples and stories to learn from. If you diligently apply the truths found in Overcoming Lust, you will gain victory over lust and begin living in a way that pleases God. Visit for information about the author, blog posts, book endorsements and additional resources for overcoming lust.

Tristan Taormino S True Lust

Author: Tristan Taormino
ISBN: 9781573441575
Size: 69.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Tristan Taormino has dished out sex advice to celebrities ranging from Howard Stern to Loveline's Dr Drew. Now the best-selling author of the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women blows the lid off sexual propriety with her behind-the-scenes, first-hand peek at America's hot spots. With titles like 'The Anal Sex Diaries,' 'Dyke Debauchery,' 'Trannie Chaser,' and Who Does Your Pubic Hair?,' Taormino combines explicit erotic reporting with outspoken sexual candour that amuses and informs while permitting readers to have the fullest sex lives possible.

Blood Lust

Author: Alexandra Ivy
Publisher: Zebra
ISBN: 1420137603
Size: 35.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2006
Blessed and cursed by their hidden abilities, the Sentinels have no choice but to live, and love, on the edge of humanity… The Sentinel assassin, Bas, is facing the greatest challenge of his outcast existence. His young daughter, Molly, has been kidnapped. But her disappearance has brought the return of her mother, Myst, whom Bas has never forgotten--or forgiven. Haunted by a vision that she's destined to create a weapon that will destroy thousands, Myst was never impulsive--until she met the irresistibly handsome Bas. But with the Brotherhood, the enemy of the high-bloods hunting for her, Myst had to stay on the run, to keep her child, and the world, safe. Now, with the most important thing in both their lives at stake, she and Bas must embark on a treacherous journey to save Molly, to confront the truth of Myst's fate--and to face their fierce desire for one another. Praise for Blood Assassin "Ivy knocks it out of the park…A strong paranormal romance with an excellent backdrop of intrigue and supernatural war." --Fresh Fiction "Riveting. . .engrossing." --RT Book Reviews

The Great American Adventure Complete Series 19 Western Classics Historical Novels Illustrated

Author: Emerson Hough
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 802687398X
Size: 29.36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 7664
This carefully crafted ebook: “The Great American Adventure – Complete Series: 19 Western Classics & Historical Novels (Illustrated)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: The Young Alaskans Series The Young Alaskans The Young Alaskans in the Rockies The Young Alaskans on the Trail Young Alaskans in the Far North The Young Alaskans on the Missouri Other Novels The Girl at the Halfway House The Mississippi Bubble The Law of the Land Heart's Desire The Way of a Man 54-40 or Fight The Purchase Price The Lady and the Pirate The Man Next Door The Magnificent Adventure The Broken Gate The Way Out The Sagebrusher The Covered Wagon Emerson Hough (1857–1923) was an American author best known for writing western stories, adventure tales and historical novels. His best known works include western novels The Mississippi Bubble and The Covered Wagon, The Young Alaskans series of adventure novels, and historical works The Way to the West and The Story of the Cowboy.

Pinnacle Lust

Author: Michelle Dim-st. Pierre
Publisher: Booklogix
ISBN: 9781610055710
Size: 17.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In a Tel-Aviv hospital during Operation Desert Storm, Sharon Lapidot, a beautiful young nurse, is having an affair with a married doctor. Sharon's colorful and exciting life is ultimately destroyed by powerful and eroding mistakes. But her courage and wisdom lead her to an unregretful commitment. Vividly told, this compelling journey of love and lust, honor and betrayal, loss and redemption, will move you--and perhaps even change you.

Paradise Lust

Author: Brook Wilensky-Lanford
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802195636
Size: 40.37 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 858
It seems that ever since mankind was kicked out of the Garden of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit, we’ve been trying to get back in. Or at least, we’ve been wondering where the Garden might have been. St. Augustine had a theory, and so did medieval monks, John Calvin, and Christopher Columbus. But when Darwin’s theory of evolution permanently altered our understanding of human origins, shouldn’t the search for a literal Eden have faded away? Not so fast. In Paradise Lust, Brook Wilensky-Lanford introduces readers to the enduring modern quest to locate the Garden of Eden on Earth. It is an obsession that has consumed Mesopotamian archaeologists, German Baptist ministers, British irrigation engineers, and the first president of Boston University, among many others. These quixotic Eden seekers all started with the same brief Bible verses, but each ended up at a different spot on the globe: Florida, the North Pole, Ohio, China, and, of course, Iraq. Evocative of Tony Horwitz and Sarah Vowell, Wilensky-Lanford writes of these unusual characters and their search with sympathy and wit. Charming, enlightening, and utterly unique, Paradise Lust is a century-spanning history that will take you to places you never imagined.