Listening To Children On The Spiritual Journey

Author: Catherine Stonehouse
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9781441212030
Size: 34.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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How do children experience and understand God? How can adults help children grow their life of faith? Throughout more than a decade of field research, children's spirituality experts Catherine Stonehouse and Scottie May listened to children talk about their relationships with God, observed children and their parents in learning and worship settings, and interviewed adults about their childhood faith experiences. This accessibly written book weaves together their findings to offer a glimpse of the spiritual responsiveness and potential of children. Through case studies, it provides insight into children's perceptions of God and how they process their faith. In addition, the book suggests how parents, teachers, and ministry leaders can more effectively relate to and work with children and pre-adolescents to nurture their faith, offering a helpful picture of adults and children on the spiritual journey together.

Children S Perceptions Of The Role Of Biblical Narratives In Their Spiritual Formation

Author: Annie George
Publisher: Langham Monographs
ISBN: 1783682361
Size: 72.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the Bible, storytelling is an important means to pass on the revelation of God. God repeatedly commanded the people of Israel to tell his mighty acts to the next generation. Invariably churches follow this mandate and use biblical narratives as a means to transmit God’s self-revelation to enable transformation. The author, Dr Annie George, listens to the voices of children in order to understand their perceptions of how storytelling of biblical narratives help them in their spiritual formation. Dr George’s research highlights the importance of evaluating the impact of biblical narratives from a child’s perspective as well as emphasising the need to give the same priority to the spiritual transformation of children as with other areas of study and ministry.

Joining Children On The Spiritual Journey

Author: Catherine Stonehouse
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 0801058074
Size: 65.23 MB
Format: PDF
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By learning about the process of spiritual formation, parents and those leading children's ministries will be enabled to facilitate the spiritual growth of children in their care.

Children Matter

Author: Scottie May
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802822284
Size: 43.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 386
Explores how the church can better minister to children inside and outside of the Christian education classroom. Draws on the Bible, psychology, and the authors' experience in various Protestant traditions.

Understanding Children S Spirituality

Author: Kevin E. Lawson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621893685
Size: 68.82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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How important is childhood in the spiritual formation of a person? How do children experience God in the context of their lives as they grow? What does God do in the lives of children to draw them to himself and help them grow into a vital relationship with him? How can adults who care about children better support their spiritual growth and direct it toward relationship with God through Jesus Christ? These are critical questions that church leaders face as they consider how best to nurture the faith of the children God brings into our lives. In this book, over two dozen Christian scholars and ministry leaders explore important issues about the spiritual life of children and ways parents, church leaders, and others who care about children can promote their spiritual formation.

Nurturing Your Baby S Soul

Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Publisher: Summit University Press
ISBN: 0922729395
Size: 63.96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Refreshing spiritual teaching on conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Learn about the journey of the soul and the intimate connection between parent and child during pregnancy and even before conception. Shows how to convey beauty and virtue to a baby's soul through meditation on music and art.

Fully Awake And Truly Alive

Author: Jane E. Vennard
Publisher: SkyLight Paths Publishing
ISBN: 1594734739
Size: 67.38 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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With stories from her personal life and her experience as a spiritual director, Rev. Jane Vennard illustrates the joys and frustrations of spiritual practice, with insights from various religious traditions and exercises and meditations for your journey.

Something More

Author: Jean Grasso Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
ISBN: 9780140169515
Size: 52.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A groundbreaking and practical approach to helping children gain a sense of meaning and purpose in an uncertain world, this guide offers parents of all faiths, even those who don't consider themselves religious, everyday ways to make family life more meaningful. Includes lists of suggested books, music, and videos that will help explore family spirituality. "A much-needed positive resource for nurturing our children's souls".--John Bradshaw, author of Homecoming.

Real Kids Real Faith

Author: Karen Marie Yust
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 9780787964078
Size: 28.21 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5140
In a culture that has lost touch with love, compassion, and meaning, how can parents be intentional about building a spiritual foundation for their children’s development? In looking to their own upbringing for guidance, parents often feel even more at a loss—they don’t want to make the same mistakes their parents did, so they either become too strict, or they take a completely hands-off approach. A pastor, a teacher, and a mother, Karen Marie Yust offers a refreshing array of resources and provisions to guide and sustain parents and children on thier mutual journey. Drawn from a three-year study of children’s spirituality, as well as the best in theological tradition and literature, Real Kids, Real Faith provides insight and a variety of helpful tips for nurturing children’s spiritual and religious formation. Yust challenges the prevailing notion that children are unable to grasp religious concepts and encourages parents to recognize children as capable of authentic faith.

Smart Parenting For Smart Kids

Author: Eileen Kennedy-Moore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047094000X
Size: 53.52 MB
Format: PDF
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WINNER! Mom's Choice Gold Award for parenting books -- Mom's Choice Awards: The best in family-friendly media "My kid is smart, but..." It takes more than school smarts to create a fulfilling life. In fact, many bright children face special challenges: Some are driven by perfectionism; Some are afraid of effort, because they're used to instant success; Some routinely butt heads with authority figures; Some struggle to get along with their peers; Some are outwardly successful but just don't feel good about themselves. This practical and compassionate book explains the reasons behind these struggles and offers parents do-able strategies to help children cope with feelings, embrace learning, and build satisfying relationships. Drawing from research as well as the authors’ clinical experience, it focuses on the essential skills children need to make the most of their abilities and become capable, confident, and caring people.