Author: Aaron Sain
ISBN: 9780692285046
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Hello, We're the Letters, or as you may know us, The Alphabet, and in the year following our unveiling, The Creator showed us what it means to be one of his precious creatures. Even though some of us made quite a mess of things along the way we learned that He can use everyone for something special. As unique letters, we were created to help explain things about life in a way that's easy to understand and although we are very different from each other, we are each important in our own way. So come take a trip to Letterville and let us tell you our story. You might just find it's a lot like yours. Sincerely, The Letters This collection of short stories is an invitation to awaken your friendship with The Creator as you discover that He is not some distant being who watches from afar, but rather a close friend who is very much concerned with and involved in your life - both the spectacular and the mundane.

To Build The City Of God

Author: Brian M. McCall
ISBN: 9781621380733
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Is man an isolated, voluntaristic, autonomous individual, as modernity would have him? Or is he subject to natural, social, and transcendent orders? Much has been written since Rerum Novarum in 1891 on the general outlines of Catholic social, economic, and political thought, but what Catholics need today is a sure guide to how to live out these principles in their daily lives. To this end, Brian McCall's To Build the City of God responds with chapters on marriage and the family, dress, education, profit and wealth, debt, politics in the age of Obama, and much more. The modern world has erected a monstrous edifice on false principles, which, through its own intrinsic nilhilism, is hollow to the core. Given time, it must collapse, and so with clarity and insight the author points the way for Catholics to live always under the reign of Christ; and to bring His kingship to a world increasingly desperate for the only Way that can truly bind us in temporal solidarity and transcendent communion.

Portraits And Stories

Author: Bill Riedel
ISBN: 9781389091537
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Portraits and Stories by Bill Riedel is a first hand account of what it was like to take a leap and open up a sign shop of his own. Riedel explains how he was able to expand his knowledge of the sign industry and love for art. Riedel also shares some of his fondest memories as a Letterhead, Walldog and Pinhead. After reading about just some of his adventures and looking at the artwork included, it is no wonder, some in the sign industry have referred to him as, "The Man, The Myth, The Legend."

Christian Hymns

Author: Evangelical Movement of Wales
Publisher: EP BOOKS
ISBN: 9781850492078
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More than twenty-five years ago, when the first edition of Christian Hymns was published, the editors hardly anticipated that all these years later they would be involved in a revision of that volume. It has been the remarkably wide acceptance of that book, not only in the UK but in many other countries of the English-speaking world, that has led to this present publication. As with the original book, we have sought the co-operation of a good number of churches from widely representative backgrounds. This has assisted us in discovering those hymns that have not been greatly used, and also in identifying the sort of compositions that are being sung with acceptance in many of our churches. The result has been the addition of well over 200 new items and the omission of about 190 little-used hymns from the first edition. As with the first edition, and following the principle which determined C.H. Spurgeon's selection of hymns, we have resolutely refused to adopt a sectarian agenda and have considered each hymn on its biblical, spiritual and poetic merit, irrespective of the background of the author. - christianhymns.org.uk.