Knowledge Pedagogy And Society

Author: Daniel Frandji
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113691661X
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Over the course of the late-twentieth century Basil Bernstein pioneered an original approach to educational phenomena, taking seriously questions regarding the transmission, distribution and transformation of knowledge as no other before had done. Arguing tirelessly for change, more than any other British sociologist it is Bernstein who presents to us education as a social right and not as a privilege. It is this objective today that makes his work so important. Knowledge, Pedagogy and Society seeks to clarify the broad brushstrokes of his theories, developed over the span of more than forty years, by collecting together scholars from every corner of the globe; specialists in education, sociology and epistemology to test and examine Bernstein’s work against the backdrop of their own research. From teaching content and the social, cognitive and linguistic aspects of education, to changes in the political climate in the early twenty-first century, this collection represents an open dialogue with Bernstein’s work using a forward-looking and dynamic approach. Originally published in French with the explicit aim of locating Basil Bernstein’s theories alongside those of Pierre Bourdieu, one of the most important European sociologists, the French editors draw together a collection that offers a diverse background and perspective on Bernstein’s work and thought. Revised to include a new preface, a new introduction and revisited papers, the English edition will be a relevant resource for anyone interested in Bernstein, his reception and importance, as well as individuals working in the sociology of education, theory of education and education policy.

Knowledge And Identity

Author: Gabrielle Ivinson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136873473
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What in the digital era is knowledge? Who has knowledge and whose knowledge has value? Drawing on aspects of Bernstein’s work that have attracted an international following for many years, the international contributors to this book raise questions about knowledge production and subjectivity in times dominated by market forces, privatisation and new forms of state regulation.

Basil Bernstein

Author: Rob Moore
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136734872
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This book provides a detailed overview of the sociology of Basil Bernstein, locating his thinking within the history of the field of British sociology in his lifetime and providing a clear introduction to Bernstein’s thought for those not familiar with his works as well as for those who are.

Knowledge Power And Educational Reform

Author: Rob Moore
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134181825
Size: 66.66 MB
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This book is made up of a selection of writings from an international team of scholars, highlighting the contribution made to the field of educational policy and educational policy research by Basil Bernstein's work on the sociology of pedagogy. These contributors explore, analyse and engage with contemporary political reforms of education, contemporary pedagogic debates and the changing nature of professional knowledge, relationships and structures. The subjects covered include: particular concepts such as voice research the significance of social class in relation to the language, schooling and home cultures differences between official and pedagogic recontextualising fields formation of different types of identities the construction of the learner formation of teacher identities and use of pedagogic discourses analysis of performance-based educational reforms and its impact on pedagogy.

Pedagogy Symbolic Control And Identity

Author: Basil B. Bernstein
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780847695768
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This volume, the fifth in the series developing Bernstein's code theory, presents a clear account of the developments of this code theory and shows the close relation between its development and the empirical research to which the theory has given rise.

Socio Philosophical Approach To Education

Author: V.R. Taneja
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist
ISBN: 9788171561490
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The Book Is An Excellent Treatise On Education As Related To Both Sociology And Philosophy. There Could Not Be A More Fundamental Approach To The Various Problems Of Education Than The One That The Learned Author, Who Is A Doyen In The Field Of Education, Has Made In This Book.The Book Deals With The Study Of As Many As Twenty-Four Most Well-Known And Paramount Issues In Education That The Students And Researchers In Educational Philosophy And Educational Sociology, Often Seek And Find Great Difficulty In Locating From Most Of The Literature Available In The Market.The Book Would Be Found Highly Useful By Students Of Philosophy And Sociology Of Education.

Knowledge Curriculum And Equity

Author: Brian Barrett
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351618822
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In 2008 the first in a series of symposia established a ‘social realist’ case for ‘knowledge’ as an alternative to the relativist tendencies of the constructivist, post-structuralist and postmodernist approaches dominant in the sociology of education. The second symposium focused on curriculum, and the development of a theoretical language grounded in social realism to talk about issues of knowledge and curriculum. Finally, the third symposium brought together researchers in a broad range of contexts to build on these ideas and arguments and, with a concerted empirical focus, bring these social realist ideas and arguments into conversation with data. Knowledge, Curriculum and Equity: Social Realist Perspectives contains the work of the third symposium, where the strengths and gaps in the social realist approach are identified and where there is critical recognition of the need to incrementally extend the theories through empirical study. Fundamentally, the problem that social realism is seeking to address is about understanding the social conditions of knowledge production and exchange as well as its structuring in the curriculum and in pedagogy. The central concern is with the on-going social reproduction of inequality through schooling, and exploring whether and how foregrounding specialised knowledge and its access holds the possibility for interrupting it. This book consists of 13 chapters by different authors working in Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. From very different vantage points the authors focus their theoretical and empirical sights on the assumptions about knowledge that underpin educational processes and the pursuit of more equitable schooling for all.

Language Knowledge And Pedagogy

Author: Frances Christie
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Size: 76.78 MB
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This book explores the nature of knowledge, language and pedagogy from the perspective of two complementary theories: systemic functional linguistics, and Bernstein-inspired sociology. Bernstein's sociology of knowledge makes a distinction between horizontal and vertical discourses as ways in which knowledge is transmitted in institutional settings, with teachers as agents of symbolic control. Systemic functional linguists have explored educational discourse according to similar hierarchies, and by bringing the two perspectives together this book shows the impact of language on knowledge and pedagogy. The contributors examine the different structures of knowledge and the flow of information within the school context, but also according to language in early childhood, literacy, English, the social sciences, science and mathematics. The result is a progressive and dynamic analysis of knowledge structures at work in educational institutions. Language, Knowledge and Pedagogy makes a major contribution to linguistics, applied linguistics and educational theory. It will be of interest to researchers working in these areas.

Sociology And Music Education

Author: Ruth Wright
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754668015
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Sociology and Music Education addresses a pressing need to provide a sociological foundation for understanding music education. The music education community, academic and professional, has become increasingly aware of the need to locate the issues facing music educators within a broader sociological context. This is required both as a means to deeper understanding of the issues themselves and as a means to raising professional consciousness of the macro issues of power and politics by which education is often constrained. The book outlines some introductory concepts in sociology and music education and then draws together seminal theoretical insights with examples from practice with innovative applications of sociological theory to the field of music education. The book concludes with an Afterword by Christopher Small.

Towards A Sociology Of Pedagogy

Author: Basil B. Bernstein
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9780820455853
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-Basil Bernstein was both the most interesting and important British sociologist of recent times, internationally better known for longer than any other ...]. His ideas offer the most developed grammar for understanding the shape and character of our current educational practice. At its various points, his emerging corpus has offered a combination of connectedness and openness. He was a constant reviser of his ideas, arguing always that this was necessitated by the relationship between the empirical and the theoretical. <BR> This volume is replete with cameos of various aspects of his corpus that the individual researchers represented have regarded as particularly important both for themselves and their analyses. They celebrate a joint dedication to 'developing a more systematic and general language of description'. ...]. This book also contains a paper by Bernstein and a video conference.- (Brian Davies, From the Introduction)"