John Calvin As Teacher Pastor And Theologian

Author: Randall C. Zachman
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 080103129X
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Offers a comprehensive understanding of Calvin and the scope of his work and writing in a clear, accessible fashion.

John Calvin

Author: Williston Walker
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
ISBN: 9781845501044
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Learn of a man whose theological stance and political philosophy has sharpened modern Western culture and continues to influence millions of people in the 21st century.

With Calvin In The Theater Of God

Author: John Piper
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 9781433524462
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John Calvin saw this world as God’s theater where his glory is always on display. Just as “day and night pour forth speech,” the universe and history are not silent either; they tell the glory of God. Reflecting on over 500 years of Calvin’s legacy, John Piper and this book’s other contributors invite us to join Calvin in the theater of God. Stemming from the Desiring God 2009 National Conference, this volume includes chapters by Julius Kim, Douglas Wilson, Marvin Olasky, Mark Talbot, Sam Storms, and John Piper. It touches on topics such as Calvin’s life, the Christian meaning of public life, sin and suffering, the joy of the last resurrection, and Jesus Christ as the dénouement of God’s story. Editors John Piper and David Mathis, along with the contributors, make John Calvin’s Christ-exalting perspective on the glory of God accessible to today’s readers. Both Calvinists and other evangelicals interested in the life and work of Calvin will find these essays refreshing and instructive, leading to a robust understanding of the world as the theater of God.

The Mentoring Church

Author: Phil A. Newton
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 0825444640
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Themelios Volume 42 Issue 2

Author: D. A. Carson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532640161
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Themelios is an international, evangelical, peer-reviewed theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Themelios is published three times a year online at The Gospel Coalition ( and in print by Wipf and Stock. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well. Themelios began in 1975 and was operated by RTSF/UCCF in the UK, and it became a digital journal operated by The Gospel Coalition in 2008. The editorial team draws participants from across the globe as editors, essayists, and reviewers.

Encountering The History Of Missions Encountering Mission

Author: John Mark Terry
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 1493406221
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This new addition to a highly acclaimed series portrays the sweep of missions history, revealing how God has fulfilled his promise to bless all the nations. Two leading missionary scholars and experienced professors help readers understand how missions began, how missions developed, and where missions is going. The authors cover all of missions history and provide practical application of history's lessons. Maps, tables, box inserts, sidebars, and discussion questions add to the book's usefulness in the classroom.

Calvin S Doctrine Of The State

Author: Mark J. Larson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606080733
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Contemporary treatments of Calvin's political views often imply that he embraced a theocratic civil polity and that he was committed to holy war doctrine. On the basis of the primary sources, the first half of this volume argues that neither position is correct. Calvin, in his political thought, maintained the superiority of a republic as a civil polity. In addition, he placed himself firmly within the medieval just war tradition that was established by Augustine of Hippo and later reaffirmed by Thomas Aquinas. In terms of his commitment to classical just war teaching, Calvin stood in continuity with Martin Luther, even while he distanced himself from the holy war perspective of the Zurich Reformers Henry Bullinger and Peter Martyr Vermigli. In the thinking of Calvin, a war could only be authorized by the state, not the church. War had to be prosecuted with humanity and restraint, and not in the tradition of the medieval crusade. The second half of the book sets forth what Calvin actually believed on the matter of government and war. Here we examine his teaching on parliamentary resistance to monarchical tyranny and the full dimensions of his commitment to justice of war categories. Unlike Luther and Bullinger, Calvin provided a parliamentary remedy for the perennial evil of tyranny. With Vermigli and Theodore Beza siding with Calvin on this right, a body of Reformed doctrine was established to which succeeding generations could appeal for teaching, direction, and justification for taking up arms. It is clear that Calvin's political legacy is profoundly evident in the American Revolutionary War and in the constitutional determination for a republic in the United States of America. Calvin's ecclesiastical republicanism, as it came to fruition in Presbyterian church government, was a powerful impetus toward the creation of republican institutions in civil government.

John Calvin

Author: W. Robert Godfrey
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 1433521504
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An introduction to the essential life and thought of one of history's most influential theologians, who considered himself first and foremost a pilgrim and a pastor. July 10, 2009, marks the five-hundredth anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. As controversial as he was influential, his critics have named a judgmental and joyless attitude after him, while his admirers celebrate him as the principal theologian of Reformed Christianity. Yet his impact is unmistakable-a primary developer of western civilization whose life and work have deeply affected five centuries' worth of pastors, scholars, and individuals. What will surprise the readers of this book, however, is that Calvin did not live primarily to influence future generations. Rather, he considered himself first and foremost a spiritual pilgrim and a minister of the Word in the church of his day. It was from that "essential" Calvin that all his influence flowed. Here is an introduction to Calvin's life and thought and essence: a man who moved people not through the power of personality but through passion for the Word, a man who sought to serve the gospel in the most humble of roles.

The Reformation Of Rights

Author: John Witte
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521818427
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Calvin's teachings spread rapidly throughout Western Europe shaping the law of early modern Protestant lands.