I Survived The Nazi Invasion 1944 I Survived 9

Author: Lauren Tarshis
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 054563380X
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In one of the darkest periods in history, one boy struggles to survive... In this gripping new addition to the bestselling I SURVIVED series, a young Jewish boy escapes the ghetto and finds a group of resistance fighters in the forests of Poland. Does he have what it takes to survive the Nazis -- and fight back?

I Survived The Nazi Invasion 1944

Author: Lauren Tarshis
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN: 9780545459389
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In one of the darkest periods in history, one boy struggles to survive... In this gripping new addition to the bestselling I Survived series, a young Jewish boy joins the resistance "partisan" fighters outside Warsaw the ghetto. Does he have what it takes to survive the Nazis -- and fight back?

We Survived

Author: Eric H. Boehm
Publisher: Basic Books
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An updated version of the classic 1949 book revisits the fourteen testimonies that made the original a powerful document of the Holocaust. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

Warfare And Armed Conflicts

Author: Micheal Clodfelter
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476625859
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Reviews of Previous Editions: "the scope is far broader than many...recommended"--Choice "Recommended...significantly revised and updated...more overall coverage [than the competition]...excels in modern coverage...useful"--Booklist "Masterful...excellent"--C&RL News "Most helpful"--College & Research Libraries "Belongs in the reference collection of almost every library...very well-organized...recommended"--ARBA "In scope, readability, and detail, this volume is one of the finest references to warfare and conflict"--Journal of Peace Research "Massive amounts of data...complete a picture as ever published of the tremendous toll that war has exacted upon modern man...recommended"--Reference Reviews "A comprehensive compendium...no conflict is left out...statistical masterpiece"--VFW In its revised and updated fourth edition, this exhaustive encyclopedia provides a record of casualties of war from the last five centuries through 2015, with new statistical and analytical information. Figures include casualties from global terrorism, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fight against the Islamic State. New entries cover an additional 20 armed conflicts between 1492 and 2007 not included in previous editions. Arranged roughly by century and subdivided by world region, chronological entries include the name and dates of the conflict, precursor events, strategies and details, the outcome and its aftermath.

The Making Of The Modern Refugee

Author: Peter Gatrell
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199674167
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Offers a comprehensive history of global population displacement in the twentieth century, and provides a new analytic approach to the subject by exploring its causes, consequences, and meanings

The Overlord Effect

Author: Michael David Pierce
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481783882
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The Overlord Effect is a historically based leadership review that combines the accounts of Veterans of the Normandy Campaign of World War II and presents a conversation about their experiences with the leadership theories that have become part of today"s conversation on the subject in the military, academics, and business. The Normandy Invasion was one of the most complex and successful military campaigns in history. The preparation for this event took years of planning and training. It required leaders at every level to demonstrate exemplary leadership in a compressed space and time that called for decisions to be made in an instant, for leaders to act with courage and character, and for both followers and leaders to accomplish any mission regardless of the personal cost. The Overlord Effect takes the snapshots of the critical experiences of leaders at every level of the Allied Invasion Force and reviews their actions and places them into understandable, thought provoking insights that will help leaders in any discipline respond better to challenges. The work also presents Dr. Pierce's theory on Emergent Leadership During Crisis(ELDC), and discusses ways that the leaders and professionals of today can use it to help themselves understand their own leadership experience, as well as to develop future leaders in the workplace.


Author: Dorothy Schwieder
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 9781587296765
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In this engrossing history of the Hawkeye State, Dorothy Schweider reveals a place of fascinating grassroots politics, economic troubles and triumphs, surprising cultural diversity, and unsung natural beauty. Above all, this is the history of the people of Iowa and the lives they have led—the accomplishments of both ordinary and not-so-ordinary Iowans.

The Struggle For Soviet Jewish Emigration 1948 1967

Author: Yaacov Ro'i
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521522441
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In this important 1991 study of Soviet Jewry, Yaacov Ro'i examines the cultural, social, political and international context of the movement for emigration, from the establishment of the state of Israel to the outbreak of the Six Day War. A discussion of the lives of Soviet Jews, based upon oral testimony, shows how Jewish self-awareness arose as a product of the Holocaust, of the founding of the State of Israel, and of popular antisemitism and Soviet policy, and how local groups developed in clandestine conditions to sustain Jewish cultural interests. The author also analyses the campaign conducted in the West on behalf of Soviet Jewish rights as a whole and emigration in particular. By 1967 Soviet Jewish efforts to maintain even a minimal Jewish existence seemed doomed to constant frustration, and most nationalistically minded Jews accepted that the only way of fulfilling their aspirations was to emigrate to Israel.

Spanish Carlism And Polish Nationalism

Author: Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412834933
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While both Spain and Poland developed genteel cultures grounded in Catholic religion, and experienced periods of growth followed by long decline, it is also the case that large differences in political economy and military structures also existed. Thus while Spain merely declined in power, Poland was partitioned by three powerful and rapacious neighbors. The Catholic and conservative elements that have been strong in both Poland and Spain have often been portrayed as obscure nativist and racist and even fascist. The purpose of this volume is to move beyond the simplistic vision this created about both countries into a more balanced and careful appraisal of tradition and development. Puncturing this stereotype, Eugene Genovese wryly notes that "as every schoolboy knows, Europe's Catholic Right has consisted of reactionaries who began in the service of residual feudal landowners and ended in support of big capital's exploitation and oppression of the masses. Still, the totalitarian horrors of the twentieth century proved prescient....the warnings of the Catholic traditionalist Right about the consequences of radical democracy and cultural nihilism. These splendid essays, as readable as they are scholarly, launch a long overdue assessment of vital political events." Ewa Thompson, professor of Slavic Studies at Rice University, writes. "The fall of Communism facilitated growth of research in areas previously difficult to access. One such area is Polish interest in Spain, the history of the Catholic Right in Europe. This pioneering volume explores both narratives and succeeds in showing that they are related. The similarities have to do with the symmetrical positions of Poland and Spain asfrontiers of Europe against invasions from Islam. The present collection of papers explores recent history developing against this background."

Abortion Ii

Author: Lawrence Lader
Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)
ISBN: 9780807021811
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