Hope S Horizon

Author: Chip Ward
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781610910866
Size: 12.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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At a time of widespread environmental pessimism, Hope's Horizon goes on an inspirational offensive. In this entertaining and thought-provoking book, author Chip Ward tells of his travels among a new generation of activists who are moving beyond defensive environmental struggles and advocating pioneering, proactive strategies for healing the land. Chip Ward's three-year odyssey took him behind the scenes of efforts to reconnect fragmented habitats and "re-wild" the North American continent; the campaign to drain Lake Powell and restore Glen Canyon to its natural state; and the struggle to keep nuclear waste off Western Shoshone ancestral lands and, ultimately, to abolish all nuclear power and weapons. These movements, and the practical visionaries leading them, challenge readers with a new paradigm in which land is used in a spirit of collaboration with natural systems rather than domination of them. Broad in its sweep, Hope's Horizon uses its topical subjects as springboards for exploring how we can redefine our place in the world while restoring damaged habitats, replenishing lost diversity, and abandoning harmful technologies. Lively, literate, and free of the grimness that characterizes so much environmental writing, Hope's Horizon will change the way readers see the world. It makes complicated concepts and issues accessible, and wild ideas compelling. And while the book's starting point is a hard-nosed indictment of humanity's failed stewardship of the earth, the stories that follow tell of catalytic optimism and ecological wisdom in the face of self-destructive habit and blind pride.

The Landscape Of Home

Author: Jeff Lee
Publisher: Big Earth Publishing
ISBN: 9781555663933
Size: 45.13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An anthology of some of the most evocative writing focusing on our vast natural heritage, along with pieces that address pressing land issues facing the West. This collection not only paints a vivid portrait of life in the Rocky Mountains, it also presents some of the finest nonfiction writing to be found in America today. This is a perfect selection that is bound to sink reader's roots deeper in the landscape of home.

Hope In The Dark

Author: Rebecca Solnit
Publisher: Canongate Books
ISBN: 1847676839
Size: 62.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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At a time when political, environmental and social gloom can seem overpowering, this remarkable work offers a lucid, affirmative and well-argued case for hope. Hope in the Dark traces a history of activism and social change over the past five decades – from the fall of the Berlin Wall, to the worldwide marches against the war in Iraq. Following in the footsteps of the last century’s thinkers – including Woolf, Gandhi, Borges, Benjamin and Havel – Solnit conjures a timeless vision of cause and effect that will light our way through the dark, and lead us to profound and effective political engagement.

Alternative Publishers Of Books In North America

Author: Byron Anderson
Publisher: Library Juice Press, LLC
ISBN: 1936117223
Size: 33.11 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3743
This directory is a unique reference tool that gathers information on significant alternative presses--126 U.S. presses, 19 Canadian, and 18 international presses having either a North American address or distributor. Thirty-three presses are new to this edition.

Voices Of The American West

Publisher: Fulcrum Pub
Size: 51.29 MB
Format: PDF
View: 634
Photographs and narratives profile a wide range of prominent figures in the West, including Stewart Udall, Katie Lee, and Terry Tempest Williams.

Stony Mesa Sagas

Author: Chip Ward
Publisher: Torrey House Press
ISBN: 1937226867
Size: 43.59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Pursued by a mad assassin after their arrest for chaining themselves to a mining site gate, Luna Waxwing and Hip Hop Hopi seek refuge in the remote village of Stony Mesa. Immersed in the diverse cultures and conflicts of the contemporary West, the young couple struggles to understand the wild lands that surround them, while trying to understand one another. There are many versions of how that Fourth of July celebration in Stony Mesa, now known as the Apple Days Riot, unraveled but all agree that it started when Otis Dooley hit Bo Hineyman square in the back with a fresh horse turd. Splat! And the rest is history. After living for four years in wilderness, Chip Ward moved to the edge of an environmental sacrifice zone, where he organized and led several campaigns to make polluters accountable. He co–founded HEAL Utah and served on the board of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for several years. Starting as a bookmobile librarian, Ward ended his library career as the assistant director of the Salt Lake City Public Library. He is the author of two books, Canaries on the Rim: Living Downwind in the West and Hope's Horizon: Three Visions for Healing the American Land. He writes regularly for Tomdispatch.com. His essay about homelessness, "How the Public Library Became the Heartbreak Hotel," is the inspiration for the movie The Public, now in production.


Size: 73.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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U S Environmental Policy And Politics A Documentary History

Author: Kevin Hillstrom
Publisher: CQ Press
Size: 22.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2924
U.S. Environmental Policy and Politics: A Documentary History explores the many ways in which environmental concerns have interested with issues of energy production and consumption, government regulation, private property rights, conservation, economic growth, and lifestyle choices throughout American history. Organized around major policy eras from the colonial period to the twenty-first century, the book provides a comprehensive analysis of the significant environmental issues and policy responses in the United States. Carefully selected primary source documents follow each chapter's narrative, including introductions that provide important background information. These documents---numbering more than 150---include speeches, writings by conservationists, federal and state legislation, court opinions, testimonies, policy briefs, and more. Topics covered include: A timeline of major events from the colonial era to the present provides an overview of U.S. environmental history, while illustrations and a comprehensive index further supplement this title. A thematic table of contents makes finding documents by subject fast and easy.