Audible Empire

Author: Ronald Radano
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822374943
Size: 40.24 MB
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Audible Empire rethinks the processes and mechanisms of empire and shows how musical practice has been crucial to its spread around the globe. Music is a means of comprehending empire as an audible formation, and the contributors highlight how it has been circulated, consumed, and understood through imperial logics. These fifteen interdisciplinary essays cover large swaths of genre, time, politics, and geography, and include topics such as the affective relationship between jazz and cigarettes in interwar China; the sonic landscape of the U.S.– Mexico border; the critiques of post-9/11 U.S. empire by desi rappers; and the role of tonality in the colonization of Africa. Whether focusing on Argentine tango, theorizing anticolonialist sound, or examining the music industry of postapartheid South Africa, the contributors show how the audible has been a central component in the creation of imperialist notions of reason, modernity, and culture. In doing so, they allow us to hear how empire is both made and challenged. Contributors: Kofi Agawu, Philip V. Bohlman. Michael Denning, Brent Hayes Edwards, Nan Enstad, Andrew Jones, Josh Kun, Morgan Luker, Jairo Moreno, Tejumola Olaniyan, Marc Perry, Ronald Radano, Nitasha Sharma, Micol Seigel, Gavin Steingo, Penny Von Eschen, Amanda Weidman.

Mammals Of The Eastern United States

Author: John O. Whitaker
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801434754
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"The authors have done a superb job of distilling a vast amount of information on the biology of the terrestrial mammals of the eastern United States in a style that will not only satisfy the expert's need for accurate data but will also appeal to students and others interested in natural history." —James N. Layne, Archbold Biological Station In their definitive work on eastern mammals, John O. Whitaker, Jr., and W. J. Hamilton, Jr., vividly convey their sheer delight at the variety and abundance of mammalian life. They have brought together a wealth of biological information and applied a biological subspecies concept to the mammals of the eastern United States. Their research extends "from the high reaches of Mount Katahdin in northern Maine, where water shrews and moose hold company," to the unglaciated hills of southern Indiana, where pygmy shrews (each weighing less than a dime) lived undetected until 1981. From there, they reach to "the cypress swamps of lower Florida, where the spoor of the mountain lion may be seen."*Describes the animals, their behavior, and dispersion in all 27 states east of the Mississippi River.*Almost entirely rewritten, this edition provides an abundance of scientific information in combination with anecdotes, field notes, and an underlying reverence for the fragile diversity of animal life. *Illustrations include 110 range maps, 167 black-and-white photographs, and 92 color images.*Covers 121 species, 17 more than in the previous edition. *Uses a biological subspecies concept, showing the results of evolution through differentiation. *Provides keys to orders and genera, anatomical line drawings. *Summarizes information on endangered and threatened species for each of the eastern states. *Lists state mammal books in the literature section.

Fire Ice

Author: Patrick Morelli
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 161468104X
Size: 39.16 MB
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In a 21st Century world ravaged by violence and greed United States Attorney, Giovanni Mastriano, and his beautiful, sophisticated, and aristocratic Italian born wife, Contessa Maria Garibaldi, a naturalized American citizen, fight relentlessly to protect their family and their beloved city of New York from the assaults of terrorists and organized criminal gangs who conspire to assassinate the President of the United States and his father, the former President. The conspirators, in the following week, launch numerous terrorist attacks, nationally, as a fanatical statement of revenge against the United States, and a calculated plan to siphon billions of dollars from Federal, anti-terrorism appropriations. “Gio” and the Contessa are the “thinking man’s” and the “thinking woman’s” hero and heroine--intelligent and courageous, yet vulnerable and deeply human. Their patriotism and noble ideals compel them to engage in deadly confrontations and dangerous missions, worldwide, to defeat evil men and women who are determined to destroy America and the American way of life. From its glamorous beginning to its exciting conclusion “FIRE & ICE” is a contemporary, epic story of heroic men and women confronting and prevailing against ruthless, sinister, and mortally dangerous criminals. It is a story told with an expert and engaging use of language, vividly created original characters, psychological depth, emotional intensity and an exciting plot worthy of the finest, literary fiction combined with the pace, sexuality, and humor of the most enjoyable and accessible works of popular fiction. Patrick Morelli, a graduate of Duke and Syracuse Universities, is an internationally acclaimed visual artist who created two major works of public art—the ten-foot bronze Behold father-and-infant monument overlooking the tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the King National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia and the Eagle Rock September 11th Memorial overlooking the former site of the Twin Towers—the latter under review for designation as a National Historic Site. Fire & Ice is the author’s second novel. His first novel—a humorous, imaginative, and original work of comic fiction, The Doodle Letters—is available through his literary website, or in e-book format through Amazon. His internationally-acclaimed monuments and designs can be viewed on his visual arts website.

Cross Current

Author: Kenn Sherwood Roe
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1434359425
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Cross Current combines historical facts with real-life experiences to weave a tale of friendship, war, and family. Set on the northern coast of California, Cross Current centers around two 14-year-old friends, Brick Burton, who is white, and Toby Yamoto, who is Japanese-American. Early in world War II, the Japanese Empire attempted to bring the conflict closer to America, through probing subs, floating explosives, and later, incendiary balloons, which created fear and suspicion. Brick and Toby?s relationship has to weather storms of turmoil and discrimination towards the native Japanese living in the community. The two boys witness the demise of a romance between Toby?s sister, Rose, and their white neighbor, Mike Hamilton. When Mike joins the military, and asks Rose to marry him, they are condemned by the community, and their families are in an uproar. Toby and Rose?s father, Shiro Yamoto, a successful rancher and prize-winning photographer, becomes a hate target, rumored as a possible spy. Rose breaks off her engagement to Mike and loses her job because of her race. Meanwhile, Brick?s parents are on the verge of divorce and his family is beginning to dislike the Yamoto?s in reaction to the spreading racism. Armed, Mr. Yamoto ultimately resists interment to a relocation camp.


ISBN: 9780810381681
Size: 76.44 MB
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