Getting Started With Sap Businessobjects Design Studio

Author: Xavier Hacking
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 9781592298952
Size: 17.12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6170
Introduce yourself: installation and configuration, the IDE, usage scenarios Acquaint yourself: the design process, components and properties, scripting Advance yourself: design principles, visualization methods, full application examples If SAP business intelligence is your game, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is your next challenge. Are you an expert in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards? A wizard with BEx Web Application Designer? Or maybe you re a newbie to both? Whatever your answer, this book has the information you need to get to the next level. Installation and Configuration You can t paint a picture without the proper supplies. Find the information you need to download the right files, install the right pieces, and configure the right parts. The Application Design Process Although application design is a creative endeavor, there are some general steps you have to follow. From assigning your data sources to testing your application, get the big picture. Components, Properties, and Methods Get a comprehensive description of all the building blocks of Design Studio. Choose your palette, and then make your canvas come alive.End-to-End Application Examples Start with a simple calculator and end with a complex sales dashboard. Follow along with step-by-step instructions and code to build your first complete Design Studio applications. Downloadable Files Let the book's downloadable files serve as your sketchbook use the sample code to start building your own work. Highlights Design Studio vs. Dashboards and BEx WAD Installation and configuration Usage scenarios Data sources Script Editor Layout Editor Content Assistance Components Properties Methods Chart types DuPont analysis application Sales dashboard application

Sap Lumira Essentials

Author: Dmitry Anoshin
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785285629
Size: 34.29 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2462
Discover how to make your business data more interactive and engaging with SAP Lumira About This Book Create a powerful data discovery experience with the advanced capabilities of SAP Lumira Find business insights in your data through data blending, wrangling, transformation, and visualization A fast-paced guide packed with hands-on practical examples, real-world solutions, and best practices to get you started with SAP Lumira Who This Book Is For If you are a SAP user, business analyst, BI developer, or a junior data engineer who wants to use SAP Lumira to build creative visualizations, this book is for you. You should have a reasonable level of knowledge of SAP Business Objects and its components. What You Will Learn Deploy SAP Lumira on your computer and learn more about the SAP Lumira interface Extract data from different sources using SAP Lumira's data connecters Prepare, filter, clean, and format your data Discover visualization techniques and data discovery methods Administrate and customize SAP Lumira to get basic knowledge of its SDK Create various charts to deliver fantastic data visualizations Connect to SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and SAP HANA to extract, prepare, and visualize data In Detail SAP Lumira allows you to combine data from multiple sources into a single view and create engaging visualizations quickly and easily. It is a reporting platform that helps users access data and independently perform analysis. With the increasing interest in data discovery, self-service BI, and visualization around the world, tools like SAP Lumira help to eliminate the complexities of analyzing and discovering data. Learn data discovery techniques, build amazing visualizations, create fantastic stories, and share your visualizations through an electronic medium with one of the most powerful tools around—SAP Lumira. You will begin with an overview of the SAP Lumira family of products. You will then go through various data discovery techniques using real-world scenarios of an online e-commerce retailer through detailed recipes on the installation, administration, and customization of SAP Lumira. Next, you will work with data, starting from acquiring data from various data sources, then preparing and visualizing it using the rich functionality of SAP Lumira. Finally, you will present data via a data story or infographic and publish it across your organization or on the World Wide Web. Style and approach This is a step-by-step guide to learning SAP Lumira essentials packed with examples on real-world problems and solutions.

Integrating Sap Businessobjects Bi With Sap Netweaver

Author: Ingo Hilgefort
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 9781592299232
Size: 27.27 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6441
Learn how to run SAP BusinessObjects BI tools on top of SAP data Understand your data connectivity options for integration Get up to speed on SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP Lumira 3rd edition updated and expanded You know what SAP BusinessObjects BI can do for a business now make it happen. With this detailed, click-by-click guide, learn how to connect SAP to the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 platform. From data connectivity to server-side and client-side configuration to creating reports, you ll find the information you need to get your systems talking. Installation and Configuration Begin at the beginning get SAP BusinessObjects BI set up quickly and in the right way. With detailed instructions and screenshots, you ll get started on the right foot. Data Connectivity Universes, BI Consumer Services, and more: Find out what you need to know about data connectivity for SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP NetWeaver. Report Building Consider this your crash course in report development. From SAP Crystal Reports to SAP Lumira, get hands-on experience with every tool. Troubleshooting and Tips Learn from an expert who knows all the tricks of the trade.Find what you need to know to get everything working together. Updated and Expanded 3rd Edition Discover new features of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, as well as new SAP business intelligence solutions like SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP Lumira.

Sap Businessobjects Bi System Administration

Author: Greg Myers
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 9781493210008
Size: 74.52 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1995
As a system administrator, you know that users like to keep you on your toes. Don't worry This guide to BOBJ administration helps you stay one step ahead. From sizing to troubleshooting, it offers you the background you need to administer a system that does what it's supposed to do.