Fisheries Subsidies Under International Law

Author: Chen-Ju Chen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642156939
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Subsidies to fisheries have been in existence for centuries. However, these remained outside the spotlight of the international community until the turn of this century when the negative effects that fisheries subsidies have on international trade, the environment and sustainable development became increasingly clear. As a result the Doha Round Negotiations set the parameters for an effective fisheries subsidies regime. WTO Members thus embarked in intensive negotiations with the collaboration of various international organizations. These negotiations culminated with publication of the legal text of the Chairman of the Negotiating Group on Rules in 2007 which reflects to a large extent the mandates of the Ministerial Conferences and reconciles the diverse interests of the negotiators. The EU as a major WTO Member and with its own Common Fisheries Policy which has been in effect for a number of years can serve as the basis for comparison and improvement of the proposed regulations.

South China Sea Lawfare

Author: Fu-Kuo Liu
Publisher: South China Sea Think Tank
ISBN: 9869282830
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South China Sea Lawfare: Post-Arbitration Policy Options and Future Prospects is the second of two reports in the series published by the South China Sea Think Tank. Published shortly after the tribunal issued its final award in the Philippines v. China arbitration case in July 2016, the report is the result of a collaborative effort by an international team of authors and incorporates the diverse perspectives of claimants and non-claimant stakeholders in the South China Sea maritime territorial disputes.

Maritime Policy Of The European Union And Law Of The Sea

Author: Peter Ehlers
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3825804933
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In June 2006 the European Commission published its so-called 'Green Paper' under the title: 'Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union. A European vision for the oceans and seas.' In February 2006, looking ahead to this emerging vision, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Ehlers and Prof. Dr. Rainer Lagoni organised a seminar on 'Law of the Sea and Maritime Policy of the EC'. Participants were graduate scholars of the International Max Planck Research School for Maritime Affairs (IMPRS) at the University of Hamburg and graduate students. Their papers published here cover various legal and policy issues ranging from the maritime policy of the European Union relating to the 'Erika III Package', EMSA, security for ships and port facilities, the failed Port Package II, different aspects of fisheries management and law to sanctioning violations of MARPOL through criminal law.

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Human Trafficking In Thailand

Author: Siroj Sorajjakool
Publisher: Silkworm Books
ISBN: 163102194X
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Few subjects elicit greater moral outrage than human trafficking. Media reports of dehumanizing practices such as slavery, abduction, child prostitution, and torture, along with shocking statistics, form the basis of public knowledge. Those who work closely with victims acknowledge the complexity of the issue, and it is this complexity, rather than loose statistics and conjecture, that deserves our attention. With sensitivity and candor, this book addresses the reality of human trafficking in Thailand, dissecting studies, presenting facts, and dismissing stereotypes. It focuses on the areas of fishing, agriculture, domestic work, sex work, and the trafficking of children, weaving individual narratives and official studies into the wider history of Thailand’s changing economy and labor situation. It also details how the Thai government has addressed the issue, reflects on the roots of human exploitation, and suggests a way forward. This book raises much-needed awareness of commonly held misconceptions and clarifies what we know and what we have yet to discover about the trafficking of persons to and from Thailand. Highlights • Concise and accessible study of the reality of human trafficking in Thailand • Thorough critical analysis of current policies and public discourse on trafficking • Details relevant Thai and international laws • Discusses the relationship between the modern economic system and exploitation • Analyzes the changing face of the Thai labor market and the impact of industrialization on the Thai population

The Hamburg Lectures On Maritime Affairs 2011 2013

Author: Jürgen Basedow
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642551041
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In 2007, the International Max Planck Research School for Maritime Affairs together with the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), both based in Hamburg, decided to establish an annual lecture series, the "Hamburg Lectures on Maritime Affairs" - giving distinguished scholars and practitioners the opportunity to present and discuss recent developments in this field. The present volume - the third in the series - collects the lectures held between 2011 and 2013 inter alia by Andrew Dickinson, Yvonne Marie Dutton, Bevan Marten, Andreas Maurer, Irini Papanicolopulu, Časlav Pejovic, Juan L. Pulido, Andrés Recalde Castells, Thomas J. Schoenbaum and Rüdiger Wolfrum.

Fish To 2020

Author: Christopher L. Delgado
Publisher: WorldFish
ISBN: 089629725X
Size: 36.19 MB
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Fishing For Answers

Author: Yumiko Kura
Publisher: World Resources Inst
Size: 24.85 MB
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Allows consumers make links between what they eat and the effect on the ecosystem and fishers globally. Stimulates dialogues among environmentalists, fishing industry, consumers.