Fine As Wine

Author: Cristina Grenier
ISBN: 9781631560521
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Sela McBride and Cosimo Martinelli are from two different worlds. Sela is a stay-at-home mom whose husband died unexpectedly eighteen months before she meets a dashing Italian. Her freelance writing allows her to care for her son, but she isn't swimming in money. Cosimo is a billionaire, coming from old Italian money, made in his family's Piedmont vineyards. He is a force of nature, declaring his love for her before she is ready to feel anything but fear of him and his alpha male ways. Sela's late husband had been demanding, and she refuses to be trapped in another domineering relationship. Yet she also can't seem to control her desires around him, and he sweeps her off her feet every time they are together. The urgency and potency of his desire for her unnerves her...she has never had any man so totally focused on her pleasure, and on opening her up to her own unexplored sexuality. Her son Jeremy loves him, and Sela prays she can protect him from heartbreak, if things don't go well between her and Cosimo, as they may if she refuses to marry him. She knows he will leave and she will never see him again. Can she bear to lose him, though she is afraid to love him?

Author: Ονορέ ντε Μπαλζάκ
Publisher: Bookstars
ISBN: 6185015609
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"Μπορούσε να δει το άπειρο κι αυτό δεν του επέτρεπε να αντιλαµβάνεται τα ανθρώπινα πράγµατα όπως οι άλλοι άνθρωποι. Οι απερίσκεπτοι που εύχονται να είχαν τη δύναµη των δαιµόνων, την κρίνουν σύµφωνα µε την ανθρώπινη σκέψη, χωρίς να µπορούν να προβλέψουν ότι θα φορτωθούν και τη σκέψη του δαίµονα αποκτώντας τη δύναµή του, ενώ θα παραµείνουν άνθρωποι ανάµεσα σε πλάσµατα που δε θα µπορούν να τους καταλάβουν. Ο φανταστικός Νέρωνας που ονειρεύεται να κάψει το Παρίσι για να διασκεδάσει, δεν υποψιάζεται ότι το Παρίσι θα γίνει γι' αυτόν, ό,τι είναι για ένα βιαστικό ταξιδιώτη η µυρµηγκοφωλιά δίπλα στο δρόµο." Εσείς θα πουλάγατε την ψυχή σας στο διάβολο; και αν ναι, με τι αντίτιμο;