Feminism Community And Communication

Author: Betty Mackune-Karrer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317956915
Size: 39.41 MB
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. . . from the minds of therapists on the cutting edge! This informative, innovative collection brings together the work of a group of “scholar-therapists,” all women, who have met regularly for ten years to discuss family therapy, gender, and postmodern ideas. The major themes--feminism, community, and communication--are taken in new directions. Feminism, Community, and Communication rethinks therapy, research, teaching, and community work with a renewed emphasis on collaboration, intersubjectivity, and the process of communication as a world-making and identity-making activity. The issues of gender, culture, religion, race, and class figure prominently in this book. In Feminism, Community, and Communication you'll find descriptions of: communal perspectives for therapists that stress listening and understanding over interpreting and knowing the power of love and spirituality in relation to organizational consultation to an agency beset by racial division research on anorexia and what it means a mentoring project for rural girls the Bar/Bat Mitzva as therapy an ethnographic study of Lebanese women Feminism, Community, and Communication takes an exciting, fresh look at these three intertwined concepts, representing a way of thinking and doing therapy, research, community work, and training that highlights the ethical dimension of each. The book takes the position that human beings are meaning-makers in a common world, and not simply objects to be scrutinized or assessed by “experts.”

Communication And Community

Author: Gregory J. Shepherd
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135672725
Size: 51.34 MB
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This distinctive volume combines synthetic theoretical essays and reports of original research to address the interrelations of communication and community in a wide variety of settings. Chapters address interpersonal conversation and communal relationships; journalism organizations and political reporting; media use and community participation; communication styles and alternative organizations; and computer networks and community building; among other topics. The contents offer synthetic literature reviews, philosophical essays, reports of original research, theory development, and criticism. While varying in theoretical perspective and research focus, each of the chapters also provides its own approach to the practice of communication and community. In this way, the book provides a recurrent thematic emphasis on the pragmatic consequences of theory and research for the activities of communication and living together in communities. Taken as a whole, this collection illustrates that communication and community cannot be adequately analyzed in any context without considering other contexts, other levels of analysis, and other media and modes of communication. As such, it provides important insights for scholars, students, educators, and researchers concerned with communication across the full range of contexts, media, and modes.

A Matter Of Discourse

Author: Amós Nascimento
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing
Size: 55.14 MB
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Having the conception of communication in discourse theory as point of departure, this text offers an account of pragmatism, communitarianism, feminism, postmodern discourse and liberation ethics and their positions in their dialogue with discourse theory.

Communities And Law

Author: Gad Barzilai
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0472030795
Size: 69.96 MB
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Offers an alternative approach to liberalism and to communitarianism, with an empirical focus on Israel

In Love And Struggle

Author: Margaretta Jolly
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231510756
Size: 30.37 MB
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Winner of the 2009 Feminist and Women's Studies Association Book Prize Do you think I can be a feminist mother? Did I make you and your kisses up in my mind? Will you join our military protest at the gate? Will you feed the kids when I'm in prison? Are you able to forgive me for breaking off this correspondence because you are a man? During the women's movement of the 1970s and 1980s, feminists in the United States and Britain reinvented the image of the woman letter writer. Symbolically tearing up the love letter to an absent man, they wrote passionate letters to one another, exploring questions of sexuality, separatism, and strategy. These texts speak of the new interest women began to feel in one another and the new demands& mdash;and disappointments& mdash;these relationships would create. Margaretta Jolly provides the first cultural study of these letters, charting the evolution of feminist political consciousness from the height of the women's movement to today's e-mail networks. Jolly uncovers the passionate, contradictory emotions of both politics and letter writing and sets out the theory behind them as a fragile yet persistent ideal of care ethics, women's love, and epistolary art. She follows several compelling feminist relationships sustained through writing and confronts the mixed messages of the "open letter," which complicated political relations between women (such as Audre Lorde's "Open Letter to Mary Daly," which called out white feminists for their implicit racism). Jolly recovers the unsung literature of lesbianism and feminist romance, examines the ambivalent feelings within mother-daughter correspondences, and considers letter-writing campaigns during the peace movement. She concludes with a discussion of the ethical dilemma surrounding care versus autonomy and the meaning behind the burning or saving of letters. Letters that chart love stories, letters stowed away in attics, letters burnt at the end of romances, bittersweet letters written but never sent... this fascinating glimpse into women's intimate archives illuminates one of feminism's central concerns& mdash;that all relationships are political& mdash;and uniquely recasts a social movement in very emotional terms.

Feminist Communication Theory

Author: Lana F. Rakow
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761919805
Size: 34.21 MB
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Feminist Communication Theory is a book "of" and "for" feminist communication theorists, providing the potential to help individuals understand the human condition, name personal experiences and engage these experiences through storytelling, and give useful strategies for achieving justice. Lana F. Rakow and Laura A. Wackwitz examine the work of feminist theorists over the past two decades who have challenged traditional communication theory, contributing to the development of feminist communication theory by identifying its important contours, shortcomings, and promise.

Feminist Interventions In International Communication

Author: Katharine Sarikakis
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742553057
Size: 45.64 MB
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Critiques global mediascape through feminist perspectives, highlighting concerns of policy, power, labor, and technology. Starting with the state of international communications, this work covers cases on online news, pornography, democracy, policies for women's development, violence against women, information workers, print media and telecentres.

Gender In Applied Communication Contexts

Author: Patrice M. Buzzanell
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761928650
Size: 53.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Gender in Applied Communication Contexts explores the intersection and integration of feminist theory as applied to four important areas: organizational communication, health communication, family communication, and instructional communication. This collection of readings links theoretical insights and contributions to pragmatic ways of improving the lives of women and men in a variety of professional and personal situations. Gender in Applied Communication Contexts is recommended for upper-division and graduate-level courses in gender and communication, feminist theory, organizational communication, health communication, instructional communication, and applied communication. This anthology is also recommended as a research resource for scholars in Women’s Studies, Family Studies, and Business and Management.

Out Of The Ivory Tower

Author: Andrea Martinez
Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press
ISBN: 1894549244
Size: 31.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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As this innovative collection demonstrates, feminist scholars are producing a rich and diverse body of knowledge within their universities today. Often they work in isolation from one another and often their knowledge is not disseminated to the broader community. From its inception, the goal of this collection has been to publicize the work of feminist research across the disciplines and to foster an open and inclusive communication between academic and community feminists. These fourteen essays bring to the fore a constellation of concerns that are linked to the broader women's movement and to global feminism, ranging from recovering histories to the rise of global connectivity. The essays together create a complex and dynamic interconnection of voices that speak to feminists both in academia and in the wider world.