Electricity Magnetism And Light

Author: Wayne M. Saslow
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 008050521X
Size: 78.84 MB
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A very comprehensive introduction to electricity, magnetism and optics ranging from the interesting and useful history of the science, to connections with current real-world phenomena in science, engineering and biology, to common sense advice and insight on the intuitive understanding of electrical and magnetic phenomena. This is a fun book to read, heavy on relevance, with practical examples, such as sections on motors and generators, as well as `take-home experiments' to bring home the key concepts. Slightly more advanced than standard freshman texts for calculus-based engineering physics courses with the mathematics worked out clearly and concisely. Helpful diagrams accompany the discussion. The emphasis is on intuitive physics, graphical visualization, and mathematical implementation. Electricity, Magnetism, and Light is an engaging introductory treatment of electromagnetism and optics for second semester physics and engineering majors. Focuses on conceptual understanding, with an emphasis on relevance and historical development. Mathematics is specific and avoids unnecessary technical development. Emphasis on physical concepts, analyzing the electromagnetic aspects of many everyday phenomena, and guiding readers carefully through mathematical derivations. Provides a wealth of interesting information, from the history of the science of electricity and magnetism, to connections with real world phenomena in science, engineering, and biology, to common sense advice and insight on the intuitive understanding of electrical and magnetic phenomena

Introduction To Understandable Physics

Author: Will Winn
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452015902
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Will Winn has written Introduction to Understandable Physics with the goal of presenting physics in a building-block fashion. Accordingly, Volume III. Electricity, Magnetism and Light requires a knowledge of Volume I. Mechanics and Volume II. Matter, Heat and Waves. Volume III begins with a study of electric charges, their electric fields/forces, and subsequently their motion as electric currents. These currents are shown to produce magnetic fields/forces, where electromagnets are studied as models for understanding permanent magnets. Next, The reverse process where magnetic fields produce current is examined and applied for generating electricity. AC and DC circuits exemplify further applications. Finally, electric and magnetic fields are found to produce electromagnetic waves that move at the speed of light. The study of light begins with historical measurements of its speed and then examines its electromagnetic power intensity, light spectra, human response and color perception. Next, light reflection and refraction are applied to mirrors, lenses, rainbows, eyeglasses, telescopes and microscopes. Subsequently, The text examines the wave nature of light, As exhibited by its diffraction and interference phenomena. Furthermore, when the electric field amplitudes of waves are oriented along one dimension, light is polarized. Polaroids filter out such "glaring" light when used in sunglasses. Finally, various light experiments provided early clues for discovering relativity and quantum mechanics, which are examined in Volume IV. Near the end of each chapter a Simple Projects section suggests experiments and/or field trips that can reinforce the physics covered. Some experiments are simple enough for students to explore alone, while others benefit from equipment available to physics instructors. Also optional text sections provide students with a deeper appreciation of the subject matter; however these are not required for continuity. Some of these optional topics can be candidates for term projects.

A Student S Guide Through The Great Physics Texts

Author: Kerry Kuehn
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319218166
Size: 67.14 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book provides a chronological introduction to the electromagnetic theory of light, using selected extracts from classic texts such as Gilbert’s De Magnete, Franklin’s Experiments and Observations on Electricity, and Huygens’ Treatise on Light. Particular attention is given to the works of Faraday, Maxwell and Heaviside, scientists who unified the formerly separate disciplines of electricity, magnetism and light. Their electromagnetic theory—developed during the 19th century—would lead to the invention of modern radar, electrical power grids, and telecommunication networks. Each chapter of this book begins with a short introduction followed by a reading selection. Carefully crafted study questions draw out key points in the text and focus the reader’s attention on the author’s methods, analysis and conclusions. Numerical and laboratory exercises at the end of each chapter test the reader’s ability to understand and apply key concepts from the text. Electricity, Magnetism and Light is the third of four volumes in A Student’s Guide through the Great Physics Texts. This book grew out of a four-semester undergraduate physics curriculum designed to encourage a critical and circumspect approach to natural science while at the same time preparing students for advanced coursework in physics. This book is particularly suitable as a college-level textbook for students of the natural sciences, history or philosophy. It can also serve as a textbook for advanced high-school or home-schooled students, or as a thematically-organized source-book for scholars and motivated lay-readers. In studying the classic scientific texts included herein, the reader will be drawn toward a lifetime of contemplation.


Author: Duane Emerson Roller
Publisher: Holden Day
Size: 24.14 MB
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Vol. 2.

A Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism

Author: James Clerk Maxwell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108014038
Size: 36.79 MB
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Volume 1 of Maxwell's 1873 influential contribution to physics covers the first elements of his electromagnetic theory: electrostatics and electrokinematics.


Author: Paul Fleisher
Publisher: Lerner Books [UK]
ISBN: 1580134831
Size: 28.84 MB
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13 yrs+