Homemade Organic Skin And Body Care

Author: Carmen Reeves
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781522708537
Size: 16.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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100% Cruelty Free & Vegan - Body Butters, Essential Oils, Natural Makeup, Masks, Lotions, Body Scrubs & More Learn how to create your own beautifying and nourishing skin care products with simple, effective recipes and tips using plant-based and toxin-free ingredients! If you are on a journey to make healthier skincare choices, allow this book to be your comprehensive guide. You will discover how to eliminate toxins from your skin care regimen and replace them with pure, organic and cruelty-free ingredients. These recipes will not only leave your skin feeling pampered and nourished, but you will also feel the economic benefits of making low-cost body care products right in your own home (while knowing that you are contributing to a healthier planet by using organic ingredients). Once you have tried and tested these formulas and begin to feel the positive effects of natural ingredients on your skin, you will never want go back to expensive and toxic commercial products. If you are ready to reap a radiant glow with the purest of ingredients and simplest of recipes, I invite you to read this book today! Why This Book is Essential * This book helps you take body care into your own hands while removing toxic ingredients from your shelves. * This book will teach you on how to use plant-based organic materials to make skin care products. * This book will help you reap the benefits of an all-natural beauty care product with organic ingredients and gentle formulas. * This book gives you a comprehensive guide to using essential oils. * This book will show you how to use plants like beets, rose petals, flax seeds and many, many more to make luxurious body care products. * In this book you can start right away on making your own all natural beauty care products with ingredients sourced from your organic kitchen. * This book gives numerous DIY tips for all natural beauty care. The Benefits You Will Receive from Homemade Organic Skin & Body Care include: * The glamorous feel of all natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Bananas, Oats and many more. * The economic benefits from making your own spa-worthy products right in your kitchen. * Information specific to oily, dry and sensitive skin. * Nutrient packed skin care recipes like Rejuvenating Rosemary Bath Salts, Beautiful Beet Root Lip Gloss and Exhilarating Coffee Scrub. * Information on how to perform a patch test. * Learning many new effective recipes that benefit your skin and body. * Recipes to beautify, relax, pamper and nourish. * The peace of mind that goes with using organic, animal-cruelty-free body care products. * Many luscious reasons to give yourself that extra care that you so deserve. * Skin care formulas designed for your specific skin type. * The satisfying knowledge that your healthy and all-natural skin care products were made by you, sourced by you, and lovingly lavished on yourself. * Gives you numerous specific ways to stop the toxic cycle that dominates the commercial skin care industry. * Knowing the many benefits of using all natural and organic ingredients on your skin. Interested in learning more about making your own skin care products with organic ingredients? Purchase this book today to start reaping the benefits of non-toxic products, a pampered feel, and healthy glowing skin!

Homemade Beauty Products Collection

Author: Eva Warren
ISBN: 9781974581061
Size: 39.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Homemade Beauty Products Collection: Over 100 DIY Organic, Toxic-Free Scrubs, Lotions and Soaps Recipes for All Skin Types Book 1 Body Scrubs: 35 Natural DIY Scrubs for Body and Face for Radiant and Youthful Skin You have seen many scrubs in the store for your body and face. You have seen the results of using them, but the problem you would like to save money by making your own. You've looked all over the internet to find information on how to make scrubs on your own, but the flood of information is difficult to parse and find just what you are looking for in order to get started. In this book, I use my over twenty years of natural health experience to walk you through everything you will need to get started and eventually make your own. I will teach you the basics and leave you feeling like you can start making your own recipes and using them. By purchasing this book, you are ready to get started on a new way to take care of your skin and your body. This book will walk you through the steps and show you: What scrubs are and the different types What essential oils are and how to use them The best ways to combine the essential oils Recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to make and store the scrubs I will present the information in a fashion that is easy to understand without leaving you with more questions. I will walk you through every step of the process. Book 2 Homemade Organic Lotion: 39 Best Natural Lotions Recipes For All Skin Types I would like to thank and congratulate you for downloading "Homemade Organic Lotion". You are certainly going to learn that.The skin is the largest organ and it requires a lot of attention in order to stay healthy. One of the biggest threats is represented by dehydration, which becomes an even bigger issue to consider during the cold winter season. When the skin suffers from dehydration, it becomes dry and has an aged-aspect. Preparing homemade lotions and body butters is not as complicated as you might expect. All homemade lotions & body butters recipes have a basic pattern and, once you grasp that, you can customize your recipes as you desire. First and foremost, it is highly important that you use the correct quantities, as this will ensure a stable product. The texture of the lotion/body butter depends on the quantity you have used for each of the chosen ingredients: it is also influenced by the chosen emulsifier, co-emulsifier and essential oils. In some recipes, it is possible to use a number of additional ingredients, such as glycerin or fragrances. This is what you will find in the book: Understanding Skin types Base ingredients of the lotion Lotions for Dry Skin Lotions for Normal Skin Lotions for Oily Skin Sunscreen Lotions Secrets to making natural lotions Importance of a natural skin lotion Thanks again for downloading this book. It is my sincere hope that it will answer all your questions on Homemade Organic Lotion. Book 3 Homemade Soap Making: 35 Best Organic Soap Making Recipes You're on your way...You are ready to start making your soaps. By purchasing this book, you will be introduced to a new hobby that is economical and puts you in control of what goes in your soap. This book has been written to walk you through: The tools you need to get started. The different oils and lye you will need to make the soaps. General cautions for the soap making process. The three different ways to make soap. How to make your own laundry detergent and other house hold soaps. Recipes to get you started on your way to making soaps.

365 Days Of Skin Care

Author: Jamie Stewart
ISBN: 9781537657769
Size: 63.95 MB
Format: PDF
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365 Days of DIY Skin Care Hacks - Essential Oils, Natural Soaps, Homemade Face Masks, DIY Natural Beauty RecipesPut yourself on your priority listAnd make some time to try the awesome:* Essential Oils* Natural Soaps* Homemade Face Masks* DIY Natural Beauty RecipesMost of us do our best, particularly for the items we use every day, to use perfect beauty products. There are thousands of different types of cosmetic products such as soaps, creams, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, face masks, and so on. It may seem difficult to choose the right products, particularly for things we use on our skin because it is body's largest and very important organ. Skin protect us, it is body's first line of defense. Furthermore, youthful and beautiful skin can indicate the condition of our whole body. How to take care of our precious skin? The majority of commercially prepared beauty products are made with a lot of chemical ingredients that can be harmful to our skin and our overall health. Further, it can be a big problem for people who suffer from allergies to certain products, especially scented products. Children's skin is especially sensitive to chemicals in cosmetic products. The solution is simpler than you think - you can make your own beauty products! The great news is that you can control the ingredients that go into your homemade products. You can be sure that your soaps, creams and lotions are safe for everyone to use. Enjoy these safe beauty trends!

Pure Soapmaking

Author: Anne-Marie Faiola
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1612125344
Size: 45.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The pure luxury of soaps made with coconut butter, almond oil, aloe vera, oatmeal, and green tea is one of life’s little pleasures. And with the help of author Anne-Marie Faiola, it’s easy to make luscious, all-natural soaps right in your own kitchen. This collection of 32 recipes ranges from simple castile bars to intricate swirls, embeds, and marbled and layered looks. Begin with a combination of skin-nourishing oils and then add blueberry puree, dandelion-infused water, almond milk, coffee grounds, mango and avocado butters, black tea, or other delicious ingredients — and then scent your soap with pure essential oils. Step-by-step photography guides you through every stage of cold-process soapmaking.

All Natural Chemical Free Self Care Collection

Author: Carla Hamilton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781544295701
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Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. All-Natural Chemical-Free Self-Care Collection: Over 300 Recipes for DIY Self-Care Book 1. Anti-Aging Essential Oils: 25 Homemade Remedies Book 2. DIY Deodorants: 35 Refreshing Non-Toxic Homemade Deo and Body Spray Recipes to Help You Stay Fresh 24/7 Book 3. Homemade Organic Sunscreen: 20 Natural Non-Toxic Sun Lotions Recipes + After-Sun Moisturizer and Tan-Activator Book 4. Natural Cosmetics: 15 Non-Toxic, 100% Organic Makeup Recipes Book 5. Soap Making For Beginners: Simple Recipes Of Organic And Natural Hand Made Soaps Book 6. Essential Oils for Children: 40 Essential Oil Recipes for Your Kids' Health Book 7. Essential Oils: 30 Best Anti-Aging Homemade Beauty Products for Skin Care Book 8. Homemade Lotions: 40 Organic Lotion Recipes. 100% Free of Toxic Chemicals Book 9. Essential Oils: 20 Safe and Easy Essential Oil Recipes for Your Pets! Book 10. Homemade Oral Care: 40 Natural Herbal Recipes to Take Care of Your Teeth and Oral Cavity Book 11. Natural Skin Care: 30 Homemade Recipes for Skin Care Made of Herbs and Essential Oils Book 12. Natural Care: 20 Easy Made Recipes to Protect Your Skin and Hair When It's Cold Book 13. Organic Lotion Bars: 30 Easy To Make, Natural Lotion Bars Recipes Book 14. Healing Salve: 25 Homemade Herbal Salves Recipes for Health and Healing Book 15. Homemade Salves for Pain Relief: 30 Natural Recipes Download your E book "All-Natural Chemical-Free Self-Care Collection: Over 300 Recipes for DIY Self-Care" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Making Natural Beauty Products

Author: Sally Trew
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101198141
Size: 16.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A natural treasure for every body. Whether it's about saving money, living greener, or treating sensitive skin, The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Making Natural Beauty Products has everything the hobbyist will need to create organic, natural beauty products. ?Includes everything from face creams to mineral makeup to shampoo and more ?Each formula is clearly presented in recipe style, with notes on prep time, storage, and uses ?All products are made from natural ingredients which will appeal to people going green as well as to people with sensitive skin

Green Beauty Recipes

Author: Julie Gabriel
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781482364415
Size: 19.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Learn which vegetable oils, herbs, floral waters, essential oils, plant-based emulsifiers, and natural preservatives to use, how to pack and label your own beauty products, and how to store them safely.

Organic Beauty With Essential Oil

Author: Rebecca Park Totilo
ISBN: 9780982726426
Size: 29.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Looking for that perfect all-natural bath product? One that will keep your skin looking great, is appealing to smell, has actual therapeutic benefits, and doesn't break the bank? Well, here it is! Sweep aside all those harmful chemically-based cosmetics and make your own organic bath and body products at home with the magic of potent essential oils! In this book, you'll find a luxurious array of over 400 Eco-friendly recipes such as Exotic Patchouli Massage Oil, Zesty Banana-Lemon Foot Cream and Jasmine Bath Bombs filled with breathtaking fragrances and soothing, rich organic ingredients satisfying you head to toe. Designed with the naturalist in mind, each formula draws from essential oils' well-known skin rejuvenating effects, showing you how to best care for your unique skin and hair type using all-natural botanicals. Included you'll find helpful tips and customizable recipes - all with step-by-step instructions - so you can have the confidence knowing which essential oil to use and how much when creating your own body scrub, lip butter, or lotion bar! Discover how easy it is to make bath treats like fragrant shower gels, dreamy bubble baths, luscious creams and lotions, deep cleansing masks and facials for literally pennies using only a few essential oils and ingredients from your own kitchen with Organic Beauty with Essential Oil.

Making Aromatherapy Creams And Lotions

Author: Donna Maria
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1580172415
Size: 80.83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Enter the world of aromatherapy creams and lotions with Donna Maria, and learn how easy it is to craft natural skin-care products that rival those salons. With a simple five-step method you can create personalized facial creams, body rubs, moisturizers, lip balms, and more with all-natural ingredients-- including some of the world's most exotic aromatic oils....