Diversity Programming And Outreach For Academic Libraries

Author: Kathleen Hanna
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1780632738
Size: 66.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1340
This book outlines issues surrounding diversity among students, faculty, and staff and how one urban university library is working to embrace and celebrate the diversity found in its building, on campus, and in the local community. This book illustrates how universities are uniquely situated to engage students in discussions about diversity and how academic libraries in particular can facilitate and ease these discussions. A Diversity Council and the projects and programs it has developed have been instrumental in this work and may serve as an inspiration and launch pad for other libraries. Diversity Programming and Outreach for Academic Libraries details anecdotal experiences, and provides practical suggestions for developing diversity programs and forming collaborations with other campus units, regardless of size, staff, or focus of the academic library. Written by three academic librarians currently active in university level diversity initiatives Provides real-world examples of diversity programming and events for academic libraries Indicates how to find commonalities in the range of diversity issues at universities internationally

The Special Collections Handbook

Author: Alison Cullingford
Publisher: Facet Publishing
ISBN: 1783301260
Size: 33.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This comprehensive and no-nonsense guide to working with special collections and rare books is an essential day-to-day companion. Working with special collections can vary dramatically from preserving a single rare book to managing and digitizing vast mixed-media archives, yet the role of the information professional is always critical in tapping into the potential of these collections, protecting their legacy and bringing them to the attention of the wider public. This book offers up-to-date guidance which pulls together insights from best practice across the heritage sector to build innovative, co-operative and questioning mind-sets that will help them to cope in turbulent times. The Handbook covers all aspects of special collections work: preservation, developing collections, understanding objects, emergency planning, security, legal and ethical concerns, cataloguing, digitization, marketing, outreach, teaching, impact, advocacy and fundraising. New to this edition: coverage of new standards and concepts including unique and distinctive collections (UDCs), The Leeds Typology, Archive Accreditation, PD 5454:2012 and PAS 197 discussion of the major changes to laws affecting special collections including UK copyright law relating to library/archive exception and orphan works and forthcoming changes to data protection in the EU exploration of new trends in research including the rise of digital humanities, open access, the impact agenda and the REF updates to the sections on marketing, audience development and fundraising to include social media, customer journey mapping and crowdsourcing and more consideration of impact and indicators, digitization and new skills frameworks from CILIP and RBMS. This is the essential practical guide for anyone working with special collections or rare books in libraries, archives, museums, galleries and other heritage organizations. It is also a useful introduction to special collections work for academics and students taking library and information courses.

Making Library Websites Accessible

Author: Laura Francabandera
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1538108232
Size: 55.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book will cover the basics of accessibility, foundational ethics and the current accessibility laws and regulations. It details the types of disabilities and challenges that patrons may face when accessing online information and can serve as an essential resource for testing any library website for accessibility.

Evaluating Demand Driven Acquisitions

Author: Laura Costello
Publisher: Chandos Publishing
ISBN: 9780081009468
Size: 44.84 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6318
Evaluating Demand-Driven Acquisitions examines recent research in demand-driven acquisitions in an effort to develop an evaluation framework specific to demand-driven programs. The chapters in this volume focus on the criteria and methods that are used to evaluate the results of demand-driven programs in research. Case studies and pilot programs from all types of libraries-including interlibrary loan to purchase programs, catalog integrated strategies, and evidence-based collection development-help illuminate the current best practices and benchmarks for demand-driven evaluation. This book helps librarians and practitioners evaluate their existing demand-driven programs and make adjustments that could decrease costs or expand existing strategies. It is also suitable for librarians with new or emerging demand-driven programs to use as a framework for developing ongoing assessment programs or evaluating pilot programs. Provides a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of demand driven acquisitions research Separates research findings by evaluation criteria for ease of use Serves as a reference for diverse libraries, including academic, public, and corporate libraries Synthesizes the most current research on this increasingly popular library strategy

Innovative Solutions For Building Community In Academic Libraries

Author: Bonnand, Sheila
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466683937
Size: 79.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 7509
The library has always been an essential part of the collegiate experience, providing students with access to knowledge and literature. However, as virtual services and online learning become more prominent within collegiate environments, the ways students conduct research and access resources has been altered. Innovative Solutions for Building Community in Academic Libraries examines new methods librarians use to engage both on-campus and online users in library services, taking into account the significant impacts of online learning on students’ interaction with library resources. Focusing on various outreach practices, techniques of literacy instruction, and the utilization of library spaces, this research-supported book is a pivotal reference source for distance educators, program planners, academics, and library professionals interested in new ways to attract users to library services.

Beyond Article 19

Author: Julie Biando Edwards
Publisher: Library Juice Press, LLC
ISBN: 1936117509
Size: 53.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5999
Beyond Article 19: Libraries and Social and Cultural Rights addresses the subject of libraries and cultural rights, a topic that has received relatively little attention in the past, but which librarians and others concerned with human rights are beginning to recognize and talk about. Librarians have long been concerned with individual rights and have worked tirelessly - indeed making it a basic tenet of the profession - to protect and preserve those rights. Little has been written about the role that libraries can play in protecting and promoting group rights, specifically cultural rights. This book examines this shortfall by exploring the relationship between libraries, cultural rights, and community life and identity.

Virtual Research Environments

Author: Robert N. Allan
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 178063014X
Size: 21.94 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7617
Virtual Research Environments examines making Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) usable by researchers working to solve “grand challenge problems in many disciplines from social science to particle physics. It is driven by research the authors have carried out to evaluate researchers’ requirements in using information services via web portals and in adapting collaborative learning tools to meet their more diverse needs, particularly in a multidisciplinary study. This is the motivation for what the authors have helped develop into the UK Virtual Research Environments (VRE) programme. They illustrate generics with specific instances of studies carried out comparing portal technologies and evaluating usability. This work, and further development of collaboration and Webbased research tools has been carried out with international collaborators, in particular using the Sakai framework and other recent Java-language based portal programming frameworks and associated standards. The book is divided into a number of chapters providing motivation, illustrations, comparisons of technology and tools, practical information about deployment and use and comments on issues and difficulties in ensuring uptake of e-Science and Grid technology by already practicing researchers. Definition of Virtual Research Environments and e-Research with analogies to Virtual Learning Environments Compilation about how e-Research is carried out with reference to work in UK and USA on portals and services for collaborative learning, shared information services and repositories and their application for multi-disciplinary research Description of Science Gateways to distributed research resources (Grid computing, data and Web 2.0 style collaboration tools) and their relevance to the grand challenges facing research requiring large teams

Instructional Strategies And Techniques For Information Professionals

Author: Nicole A. Cooke
Publisher: Chandos Publishing
ISBN: 9781843346432
Size: 14.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7586
Suitable for all librarians, library staff, and library school students, this guide is designed to assist those professionals to deliver training, instructional sessions and presentations.