Die Boodskap Eboek

Author: Jan van der Watt
Publisher: Christelike Uitgewersmpy
ISBN: 143161114X
Size: 47.40 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5128
DIE BOODSKAP is ’n Bybel wat in moderne Afrikaans geskryf is met ’n enig-in-sy-soort-fokus. Uitstaande kenmerke van DIE BOODSKAP: - Dit kommunikeer die onveranderlike Woord van God in ’n taal en idioom wat elke Afrikaanssprekende kan verstaan. - Beide die Ou en Nuwe Testament is vanuit die oorspronklike Grieks en Hebreeus vertaal. - Dit bevat versnommers vir maklike naslaandoeleindes en memorisering. - Dit bied ’n nuwe perspektief op die Waarheid van God soos dit deur die eeue behoue gebly het.

Waarom Soveel Bybelvertalings Eboek

Author: Jan van der Watt
Publisher: Christelike Uitgewersmpy
ISBN: 1431612197
Size: 58.93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3545
Daar is deesdae soveel Bybelvertalings – ook in Afrikaans – dat gelowiges tereg kan vra: Hoekom is daar soveel vertalings? Watter vertaling is rég? WAAROM SOVEEL BYBELVERTALINGS? help lesers verstaan waarom Bybelvertalings verskil. Jan van der Watt vertel die verhaal agter die Bybel: • dat die Bybel oorspronklik in Grieks en Hebreeus geskryf is; • watter faktore in ag geneem moet word by die omskakeling uit die oorspronklike taal; en • hoekom Bybels verskil. Boonop word dit toegelig met interessanthede, soos foto’s van antieke geskrifte, voorbeeldtekste uit Bybelvertalings, en hy vergelyk selfs sekere verse met mekaar soos dit in verskeie Bybels verskyn. In hierdie boek kry jy antwoorde op vrae soos: • Waarom verskil Bybelvertalings? • Is daar ʼn regte en verkeerde vertaling? • Wie het besluit watter boeke in die Bybel moet kom? WAAROM SOVEEL BYBELVERTALINGS? bring elke leser onder die besef van wat ’n groot voorreg dit is om die Bybel in jou eie taal te kan lees.

Mentje Kind Van Die Pas Opkamp

Author: Irma Joubert
Publisher: LAPA Uitgewers
ISBN: 0799385948
Size: 66.61 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7679
sy is so verskriklik eensaam. so verskriklik bang. haar hart is verskriklik stukkend. mentje, 'n nederlandse oorlogswesie, beleef die tweede wereldoorlog in al sy genadeloosheid in 'n geheime kamp. terselfdertyd sluit 'n suid-afrikaner by die britse leer aan. mentje red sy lewe by die slag van arnhem.

The Bible In 40 Days For Women Ebook

Author: Jan van der Watt
Publisher: Christian Art Publishers
ISBN: 1432102680
Size: 69.34 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4764
THE BIBLE IN 40 DAYS FOR WOMEN gives women an overview of the gripping stories and stirring message of the Bible. Over a period of 40 days, readers will get to know the content and message of each book of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, where God is waiting for His children in the New Jerusalem. THE BIBLE IN 40 DAYS FOR WOMEN consists of the following sections: - The Story of the Bible in a Nutshell - The Story of the Bible in 40 Days - Discover God’s Plan for Your Life: 10 Life-Changing Truths - Wisdom from the Word. THE BIBLE IN 40 DAYS FOR WOMEN is ideal for anyone who wants to get an overview of the life-changing biblical message intended for the whole world.

An Introduction To The Johannine Gospel And Letters

Author: Jan van der Watt
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567521745
Size: 42.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4431
This accessible guide to the Gospel and Letters of John introduces readers to key issues arising from historical, literary, and theological approaches to the Johannine literature, also discussing the methodological rationale underlying each of these approaches. After introducing the reader to the development of the narrative structure of the book, the message (theology) is discussed in detail, with the aim of introducing the reader to the interrelatedness of the multiple theological ideas in this Gospel. Similarities, but also differences between the Gospel and Letters are constantly considered. Familiar with the content of the Gospel, readers are then confronted with questions about the origin, development and socio-cultural nature of the Gospel and letters. In each case the scholarly field is briefly reviewed and major solutions are discussed. Thorough discussions on different issues are presented in different chapters, each time referring to the relevant methodological approaches. How do the Gospel and Letters relate to the synoptics, or the Old Testament? Do we have a Gospel composed of multiple sources or is it a seamless document. How was this influential document written and where do the ideas found in the Gospel come from? Since the aim of this book is to form a solid and comprehensive basis for future study of the Johannine literature, readers are placed firmly within the scholarly currents and streams of the Johannine literature. In terms of a metaphor: after reading the book, explorers will know what is out there and why. Now they can start to dig deeper for themselves without feeling lost in an uncharted land.

Hidden Currents

Author: Christy Barritt
ISBN: 9780999834503
Size: 18.84 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5555
You can take the detective out of the investigation, but you can't take the investigator out of the detective.A notorious gang puts a bounty on Detective Cady Matthews¿s head after she takes down their leader, leaving her no choice but to hide until she can testify at trial. But her temporary home across the country on a remote North Carolina island isn¿t as peaceful as she initially thinks. Living under the new identity of Cassidy Livingston, she struggles to keep her investigative skills tucked away, especially after a body washes ashore. When local police bungle the murder investigation, she can¿t resist stepping in. But Cassidy is supposed to be keeping a low profile. One wrong move could lead to both her discovery and her demise.Can she bring justice to the island . . . or will the hidden currents surrounding her pull her under for good?

Long Walk To Freedom

Author: Nelson Mandela
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 9780759521049
Size: 58.60 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4509
The book that inspired the major new motion picture Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Nelson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time: an international hero whose lifelong dedication to the fight against racial oppression in South Africa won him the Nobel Peace Prize and the presidency of his country. Since his triumphant release in 1990 from more than a quarter-century of imprisonment, Mandela has been at the center of the most compelling and inspiring political drama in the world. As president of the African National Congress and head of South Africa's antiapartheid movement, he was instrumental in moving the nation toward multiracial government and majority rule. He is revered everywhere as a vital force in the fight for human rights and racial equality. LONG WALK TO FREEDOM is his moving and exhilarating autobiography, destined to take its place among the finest memoirs of history's greatest figures. Here for the first time, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela tells the extraordinary story of his life--an epic of struggle, setback, renewed hope, and ultimate triumph.

Homoseksualiteit En Die Bybel Eboek

Author: Jan du Rand
Publisher: Christelike Uitgewersmpy
ISBN: 143161680X
Size: 45.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1726
Wat sê die Bybel régtig oor selfdegeslagverhoudings? Is die Bybel verkeerd vertaal of verstaan ons nou skielik verkeerd? En hoe gemaak met homoseksuele persone in die kerk? HOMOSEKSUALITEIT EN DIE BYBEL is gebore uit die navorsing deur twee behoudende Bybelwetenskaplikes wat vra wat die Bybel oor selfdegeslagverhoudings en -intimiteit sê. Proff Jan du Rand en Marius Nel neem die leser op ’n reis deur die Ou en Nuwe Testament, en selfs in die breër gemeenskap waarbinne Israel en die eerste kerk geleef het, om te probeer verstaan wat die Bybel oor selfdegeslagverhoudings leer. Hulle ondersoek hoekom ons na die Bybel moet luister en ook hoe die heersende denke die verstaan van die Bybel beïnvloed. HOMOSEKSUALITEIT EN DIE BYBEL is ’n eerlike en opregte soeke na Bybelse antwoorde en sal lesers opnuut bewus maak van God se liefde en genade.

Paul As Benefactor

Author: Stephan Joubert
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161473463
Size: 47.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6433
Stephan Joubert offers a new theoretical angle of incidence to Paul's collection by distinguishing between the basic interpretative framework within which the collection was conceptualised, and the various theological reflections on this project.

The Bible Made Easy For Kids Ebook

Author: Dave Strehler
Publisher: Christian Art Kids
ISBN: 1432116053
Size: 14.26 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3985
The Bible is a big Book, and we are blessed to have such a collection of inspired writing – the Word of God – at our finger tips. Yet, due to its sheer volume, fine print and writing style, children usually find it difficult to pick up and read a standard version of the Bible. THE BIBLE MADE EASY – FOR KIDS by Dave Strehler is aimed at helping children make sense of the Bible by engaging them in practical ways to make learning about the Bible fun and interesting. THE BIBLE MADE EASY – FOR KIDS guides children through the Bible by: • answering some of the most common questions they have about the events and characters in the Bible • providing interesting facts to stimulate them and get them excited • offering visual descriptions of what they read to help them remember • drawing modern-day comparisons to certain Bible concepts/traditions and putting it into context • word definitions • Question and Answer sections that assess whether they can remember what they’ve read. Included are hyperlinks to make navigating through stories a breeze. Just click on the links provided in the text to jump to the relevant story.