Decision Support Systems For Sustainable Development

Author: Gregory E. Kersten
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0306475421
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In recent years, much work has been done in formulating and clarifying the concept of sustainable development and related theoretical and research issues. Now, the challenge has shifted to designing and stimulating processes of effective planning and decision-making, at all levels of human activity, in such a way as to achieve local and global sustainable development. Information technology can help a great deal in achieving sustainable development by providing well-designed and useful tools for decision makers. One such tool is the decision support system, or DSS. This book explores the area of DSS in the context of sustainable development. As DSS is a very new technique, especially in the developing world, this book will serve as a reference text, primarily for managers, government officials, and information professionals in developing countries. It covers the concept of sustainable development, defines DSS and how it can be used in the planning and management of sustainable development, and examines the state of the art in DSS use. Other interested readers will include students, teachers, and analysts in information sciences; DSS designers, developers, and implementors; and international development agencies.

Resources Services And Risks

Author: Mathew Kurian
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319287060
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This book discusses the role of observatories in supporting evidence-based decision-making. The book focuses on issues of data accessibility, monitoring frameworks and governance processes with regard to environmental resources – water, soil and waste. This publication highlights challenges related to policy-implementation measures and examines current monitoring approaches, and illustrates how the UNU-FLORES Nexus Observatory seeks to overcome concerns related to data, monitoring and governance of water, soil and waste resources. In particular, given that extreme weather events such as droughts and floods are predicted to become more frequent in the future, it discusses the need for improved hazard risk monitoring. It proposes risk indices for drought and floods, which measure exposure and vulnerability to the phenomena through a multitude of bio-physical, socio-economic and institutional indicators. Furthermore, the potential for using openly accessible data made available through observatories in decision-making aimed at improving food security is also discussed. It acknowledges governments as key players in environmental resource management, and recognizes that decentralization reforms, as well as the emergence of information and communication technologies, have significantly changed the role of governments in promoting sustainable development. The book is particularly relevant for decision-makers, donor agencies, practitioners and students with an interest in environmental management who are also keen followers of discussions on the post-2015 monitoring agenda.

Decision Support Systems In Agriculture Food And The Environment Trends Applications And Advances

Author: Manos, Basil
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1615208828
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As national and international concern over sustainable resources becomes more prevalent, the need for decision support systems (DSS) increases. The applicable uses of a successful system can assist in the sustainability of resources, as well as the efficiency and management of the agri-environment industry. Decision Support Systems in Agriculture, Food and the Environment: Trends, Applications and Advances presents the development of DSS for managing agricultural and environmental systems, focusing on the exposition of innovative methodologies, from web-mobile systems to artificial intelligence and knowledge-based DSS, as well as their applications in every aspect from harvest planning to international food production and land management. This book provides an in depth look into the growing importance of DSS in agriculture.

Sustainable Urban Development Volume 3

Author: Ron Vreeker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134354304
Size: 21.96 MB
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The third volume of the Sustainable Urban Development Series outlines the BEQUEST toolkit that helps link protocol with the assessment methods currently available for evaluating the sustainability of urban development. It details the decision support mechanisms developed for users of the system to guide them in selecting the appropriate assessment methods for a variety of evaluations. This book provides case studies drawn from locations across Europe, and also provides best practice examples demonstrating those protocols that planners, property developers and design and construction professionals have followed, and how they have selected the assessment methods they need to best evaluate the sustainability of cities, districts, neighbourhoods and buildings.

Trees Are Company

Author: Great Britain. Forestry Commission. Forestry Research Co-ordination Committee. Conference
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Environmental Modeling For Sustainable Regional Development System Approaches And Advanced Methods

Author: Olej, Vladimír
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1609601580
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Understanding the advancement of sustainable development is critical to managing human activities to avoid the overexploitation of resources and pollution of the environment beyond tolerable levels. Sustainable development involves not only preservation and care of the environment, but also recognition of the complex relations between economic, social and living systems. Environmental Modeling for Sustainable Regional Development: System Approaches and Advanced Methods presents processing methods and their applications, which are practical for decision making and task management at the regional level as well as for scientific studies in sustainable development assessment. This book serves as a reference guide for post-graduate students in the field of management as well as a critical guide for managers, government officials, and information professionals.

Handbook Of Sustainable Development Planning

Author: M.A. Quaddus
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 0857932160
Size: 44.70 MB
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Acclaim for the first edition: ŠThe book Handbook of Sustainable Development Planning is perfect for readers in different professions who deal with planning and development management. It contains interesting theoretical considerations, provoke